Thursday, August 20, 2015

Recap: The Quest for the Dress

Michaella has so much to do on her list before the wedding. Both Michaella and Kelly headed over to meet with Aunt Kim to talk about the flowers for the wedding. Kim owns a flower shop Gallery Florist which is located in Mebane, North Carolina. She has done flowers for Kelly, Zach, Erin, Alyssa and now Michaella’s wedding. Michaella would like the flower cherry blossoms but since they aren’t in the season, she has to settle for silk flowers.
Kelly’s mom adopted two daughters. One of the girls, Beth, are due to be married about a month before Michaella so the girls meet up with the family to head to the wedding shower. Michaella and Beth are only a year apart in age and are close friends.
During the shower, the guest divide into teams to make a toilet paper wedding dress. Gil decides that he wants to gather all the leftover toilet paper to take home so they could save money.
Chad and Erin are heading to get Carson’s newborn photos done. Nathan did not know that anyone would want to take photos of new babies but when they want to take the clothes off and put them in a bucket or something.
Michaella gathers all of the girls to head to White Lace and Promises to find the prefect dress for the big day. Michaella wants a simple gown that makes her look skinny and has a train and sleeves.
Michaella is surprised by how many dresses there. Josie reveals that they are not scared to say what they think however Whitney doesn’t do that. Whitney knows that it’s good to be honest but you have to do it in a loving way.
Tori and Carlin are the family biggest critics. Michaella starts to feel discourage right after trying on a bunch of dress. She started to think that they should have elope or have a small wedding.
Michaella finally finds the right dress but the dress needs a lot of work. They have to remove the poof and add capped sleeves but everyone agrees that the dress is her.
With all the changes, it will cost nearly $2,000 which is over the budget that Brandon and Michaella set aside for their wedding. She decides to pray about the cost and then make the final choice in a few days.

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  1. Carson is so very cute. Michaella looked really great in a lot of those dresses.
    Would you be able to list all of Gil and Kelly's siblings and their families? Or is there a place that lists all of Gil and Kelly's siblings and their families? Thanks.


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