Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Special Thank you!

Gil and Kelly Bates are so thankful for all of you that tune in for the first season of Bringing Up Bates. They are currently filming their second season. 
 The second season's premiere date has not been release yet. We do know that it's going to be sometime in June. We will keep you updated on the premiere date.

What do you expect to see in the second season?

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April birthday cover photo

It's time for a new birthday cover photo! 
Who is excited to see it?


Season 2!

Bringing Up Bates will return in June (the air date has not been confirmed yet) and will air for 13 more episodes.

Baby watch: 38 weeks and two days

Alyssa only has less than two weeks until Allie is born. This photo was posted on Thursday. 

Alyssa and John are really excited about their daughter's arrival! 

Photos: Mexico trip!

Recap: A Birthday to remember

This is the season finale of the first season. There will be a second season in June!

Gil had decided to play tennis with his dad on his 50th birthday and won. Now his son, Nathan, wants to do something special with his father on his 50th birthday. Gil and Nathan decided that they want to do professional wrestling attire but end up resolve to wear T-shirts and jeans to make sure that they keep modest. Nathan thinks that he is going to be the winner however the family thinks Gil will be.
Next Lawson challenges Gil but his dad won.
Nathan had been planning his father's surprise party for the past several months. Kelly takes many of the older kids to Zach and Whitney's to talk about the party so that way they keep it a secret. The kids invited the family and friends to the party. The kids are excited to celebrate their father's birthday.
Kelly decides that she wants to take her husband for a one night getaway to celebrate his birthday and so their kids could put the past touches together.
"You have been such a good husband because you have made our marriage a priority," Kelly tells Gil that evening.
"I don't know what's in the future, but I know Who holds the future, and I'm looking forward to what He's going to deliver," says Gil.
Tori and Carlin were getting the shopping done and the kids pay with the gift cards since their dad checks their bank balance and might find out about the party.
Carlin decides to come up with a few skits and wants to highlight some of her father's special moments. Lawson decides that he wants to write a song.
The kids want to clean and decorating with their guests arriving from all over. Gil and Kelly head to the house and Kelly blindfolds her husband so he can be surprise. The guests surprises Gil
"Where did y'all come from?" Gil exclaims. He starts tearing up right away. 
The kids decided that they wanted to do something like acting out their first date. Zach had wrote a letter for his dad and later Lawson preforms a song that he wrote for his father. Gil is happy that his kids had planned this out and their family and friends show up and celebrate his 50th birthday.

Friday, March 27, 2015

38 week update

It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, we found out that Alyssa was expecting her first child and now she is due in two weeks with Allie.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alyssa's blog: A Bates style bash

Every Bates kid has special talents and strengths, and when you put them all together, they can throw one super party.  We were brought up knowing the importance of teamwork and just watching everyone come together to make my dad’s celebration come to life was really special.  They make it look easy because they have so much fun in the process. I used to get to be in charge of some of the party prep work that I see younger siblings doing now, and it’s really neat to see them growing up and enjoying those moments. I was so sad to miss out on this special celebration, because parties are a huge part of my family’s lives! This party was obviously extra special since it was celebrating my dad’s 50th birthday; I really hope you know how much I love you, dad! I still love calling you and talking over things with you, because you’ve always had such wise, comforting words that leave me feeling happy to say I’m you’re little girl! Thank you for being there for me through my growing years; I miss you!

Lawson's blog: Not enough time to make it rhyme

I really wanted to do something special for dad, so I thought about putting some of his old sayings and qualities into a song. It’s really hard to get words to fit into a song based on things he has said and done, especially on short notice! I loved the tune, but wasn’t real comfortable with the song, so I was gonna scrap the whole idea…but my siblings reminded me that the thought that was put into it would really touch dad’s heart! So, there you go…I pulled an all nighter! It definitely isn’t something I’d put on an album as undeveloped as it is because of the mad rush to get it done in time  lol, but it really made all of us stop and think about the things that make dad special. If I could pick who I’d hope to be like, It’d be you, Dad! And that’s the name and message of the whole song: “It’d Be You, Dad!”

Zach's blog: One big, happy family

Being able to share a letter with my dad was really important to me.  Now being a father myself, I repeatedly think of things my dad has taught me and things I want to teach Bradley.  I have quite a role model in my dad and I hope to be half the man he is as a father. Seeing how much dad has influenced and impacted other people’s lives from his childhood days was an inspiration to us. Dad has always taught us that investing in the lives of others is one of the greatest ways we can spend our time. So, it was extra special for us and all of his old friends to get to play a p

Kelly's blog: One busy year

From wedding bells, to babies, this has been quite a year.  Memories that we’ve made will last a lifetime and I’m so grateful for all of them. The kids did such an amazing job putting together the surprise party for Gil.  It made us both feel very special when we learned the sacrifices and hard work that went into the preparation and planning. It also made me proud that they pulled it off all by themselves, without me overseeing the project. It really was a gift from their heart to their Dad that he will never forget! There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, and it was so special to share that day with old friends that have meant so much to us throughout the years. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the season. We thank each of you for inviting our family into your homes each week through UP TV.

Family blog: 50 doesn’t seem that old anymore lol!

Nathan has been dreaming up the idea of this surprise party for a year! We have a lot of big parties at our house, but Nathan wanted this one to be really different and special. He wanted it to focus on old friends from Gil’s early childhood and college days. It took so much coordination and planning to keep it a surprise and still work out all the details. We are so grateful for all of the kids creativity, help, and love that was so evident.  It really was a birthday to remember and a great way to end the first season of Bringing Up Bates. We hope you enjoyed sharing in our memories.

Season finale!

The season finale airs tonight. Don't forget to check out our blog this weekend for the recap and blogs of the family.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Preview: A Birthday to Remember

Gil is turning 50 and the kids want to surprise him with a huge party! Kelly Jo whisks Gil away for a romantic overnight stay while the kids get to work planning the festivities. When the big surprise is revealed, a teary-eyed Gil basks in the warm glow of being surrounded by so many family and friends.

Ten months of marriage!

John and Alyssa have been married for ten months of marriage. They are due in about a month with their first child. They are super excited about their family is growing.
Its hard to believe that their first year anniversary is just two months away!

Monday, March 23, 2015

37 weeks and 4 days pregnant

Has Allie Jane arrive?
Many of the fans have been asking if Allie has arrive and she is not here yet. Alyssa is due in two weeks on Thursday!

29 weeks pregnant

Chad and Erin are 29 weeks pregnant with their son Carson. They are so excited about their son's arrival in the next 11 weeks.

Chad and Erin are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers on Carson's arrival and Erin's pregnancy. 

Chad and Erin are due on June 8th with their son. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What is Baby Watch?

We are excited about sharing this blog's new adventure until Baby Allie arrives.

What is Baby watch?
We will be doing little updates around the 37th week of the pregnancy now that it's safe for Allie to be born. Don't worry Carson will be part of baby watch when Erin reaches 37 weeks pregnant.

Speaking engagments

Gil and Kelly have upcoming speaking engagements and we are so excited to share all the important details

On April 21 to 24
Gil and Kelly  head to Big Sandy Texas to speak at the 2015 family conference.
Click here to register

On May 26 to 29
Gil and Kelly are heading to Nashville to speak at 2015 family conference
Click here to register

On June 30 to July 3rd
Gil and Kelly are heading to Sacramento, CA to speak at the 2015 family conference.
Click here to register
They will be joined by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (video) and David and Priscilla Waller

On July 21 to 24
Gil and Kelly head to Twin Cites, MN to speak at the family conferences
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Allie's baby room!

Alyssa posted that she finished getting the final touches for Allie's baby room.

Alyssa is currently 37 weeks and one day pregnant with Allie and is due on April 10th!

Spring 2015!

Happy First day of Spring everyone! 

37 weeks pregnant

John and Alyssa are 37 weeks pregnant and have three more weeks until their due date. We are so excited and can't wait until Allie is born. Tomorrow we are starting a new blog series called baby watch which tomorrow we will explain what it's all about. 

John and Alyssa are consider to be full term at 37 weeks pregnant!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Family blog: You Asked and We Answered!

So much happens behind the scenes, that it was a treat to share some of the footage this week. We LOVE getting questions from viewers and to have the opportunity to answer some of them.

Kelly's blog: Bringing Up MORE Bates?!

It was a surprise to find that so many are be curious if we would like to have more children! I’m sure you can tell by now, but we would love to add to our family, if that is what God has planned for us. Each child has been a blessing and I believe the children share our excitement and love for children! It looks like that love is going to be spread to grandbabies, at present, and we are grateful God is growing our family in this way!

We so enjoyed answering questions as a family.  Although we don’t always agree on the answers, I think it’s safe to say that we had fun debating them.

And how about that baby game? I think the baby pictures brought so many memories and joy for us all, but I think we were all a little baffled trying to match names and faces!

Zach's blog: The Dating Game

My favorite moment from tonight’s episode was Michaella’s answer about getting engaged. She definitely has the right frame of mind to know that it doesn’t matter HOW you get engaged, just that it happens.  She and Brandon have a loving and blessed future ahead of them, and I couldn’t be happier for my sister.

Erin's blog: Questions!

When you grow up in a family as large and as adventurous as my own, people are naturally going to have questions, so this show focuses on some of the main questions that we are asked! It is hilarious to see how each child usually has a different answer, even though we grew up in the same home. =) This also reveals an up-close look at the different personalities in the family, and I have to say we were all surprised when Lawson said he likes to clean! ;)

Lawson's blog: Bates Debate

The toughest question we had to answer? I’d say it was “who is the most outgoing,” because ALL the Bates are outgoing in their own ways. Whether it’s Carlin and Tori with their enthusiasm, or Nate’s sense of humor….the answer is still being debated!

Alyssa's blog: Bates Behind the Scenes

Although I wasn’t able to participate in tonight’s Q&A episode, I really enjoyed watching my parents and siblings relive memories and laugh together. We are big family with even bigger personalities, as I’m sure you could see tonight. It’s hard to believe the first season of Bringing Up Bates is almost over and we have all enjoyed sharing a bit our lives with you.

Recap: All about the Bates

The family sits down for the first questions and answers by the fans.
The first question: Do the kids want more brothers and sisters?
The kids answer yes. They want more brothers and sisters.
The second question: Do Gil and Kelly want more children?
Their answer is We would love more children," says Kelly. "I think that I'm getting a little too old, I guess, because we're trying and nothing's happening."
The next question is about courting. How old do the kids have to be to court?
Gil and Kelly have an age of 18 on the courting limit
Tori: But honestly, for some kids it should be older because they ain't very mature.
What about Brandon and Michaella's courtship?
The kids feel that its time for Brandon to propose to Michaella. Michaella feels that she doesn't care if they get engaged as long as they get married that is what matters.
Will there be a Duggar/Bates wedding in the future? "Absolutely yes" "There has to be out of 19 of them." Says Nathan
Which kids are most outgoing? Tori and Nathan
Who has the best style? Josie and Alyssa.
Have the parents become less strict in their age? Everyone says yes but the parents call it grandparent syndrome.
What about disciplining kids? Gil reveals that you should avoid getting angry because you could create a huge wall between you and your child. Gil and Kelly hope that other parents to talk through things with their kids.
Planning meals? Kelly creates a meal plan for the week before
One of their family recipe is sauteed chicken where they cut boneless chicken breast into nugget-sized piece and saute them in olive oil,  chopped onion, garlic, butter, salt, and pepper until golden brown. Then they add honey mustard and spicy mustard and serve with potatoes.  
    Can the Bates identify baby pictures of all the children? Nope.
    Do the Bates have any hidden talents? Carlin can yodel.
    Is there anything Chad can't do? Everyone says no. "We are still discovering all the talents of Chad," says Nathan.
The kids decided that it's time to give the viewers a tour of their family home. On the first floor is their main living space. On the second floor is the master bedroom, laundry room which also holds their family closet and the girls room. They have trundle beds to keep extra space however they have a bunk bed for Judson and Jeb and an elliptical. The boys live on the third floor.
Next week marks the season finale! There will be a second season of the show!

Chad's blog: Our little boy

Chad posted: You probably know by now....but if you don't, we are so happy to share with everyone that we are expecting a little BOY!!
Our hearts are full of joy! It almost seems like a dream that's all to good to be true! The reality of it is still sinking in for us!
Now that I know that a little fella is on the way, I can't help but try and imagine what he's going to be like! I often wondered what it would feel like to be a dad, to have all that responsibility, to provide for a family, to teach my children, to be the very best dad that I could be! Now that reality of being a dad is here and it's truly inspiring! I can't wait till our little boy arrives! Erin and I are absolutely thrilled!! =)
God has been truly good to the three of us ( I love saying the three of us! =).
Erin....I have to talk about my Erin...my lovely, precious, beautiful inside and out, bubbly, amazingly sweet wife, Erin. She is the hero behind this little boy...she is the courageous, loving, ever caring mother who has been so brave these past 26 weeks. I wish I could share all the ins and out of this pregnancy...but I believe it would fill an entire book if I tried. Pushing through 20 weeks of extreme nausea, having a complete lack of appetite, and receiving daily injections, Erin has patiently bore these hardships with a dedication and love that brings tears to my eyes. I can honestly say I have never seen a more dedicated women in all the world! I can't wait to tell our little boy about how much his mommy loves him! I am so grateful for Erin and all that she means to me! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Erin will make the very best mommy! It makes me so happy just thinking about it! =')
If you are wondering what we are planning on naming our little fella, you will have to check Erin and I's instagram! Erin shares the little guy's name and tells the story behind it here.
Thank you for praying for us! God has answered so many prayers! Looking back at our last post I wince at how long it has been since I have written and how many comments . I can't promise more posts soon, but I will do my best to try and keep you updated!

New Bringing Up Bates tonight!

Don't forget to watch the new episode of Bringing Up Bates tonight. 
The family sits down and answers questions from the fans! 

Will there be a Duggar/Bates wedding?
Guess you will have to watch the show and find out!