Saturday, June 30, 2018

June Recap!

We have a big month to recap so let's get started! 

Zach and Whitney celebrated their daughter's second birthday! Zach and Whitney also renewed their wedding vows. Bobby and Tori announced that they are having a baby boy. Josie and Kelton announced their engagement. The Bates celebrated Father's Day. 

All about Everly: Three months old!

Everly Hope is now three months old! 

This past month, Erin revealed that her daughter loves to cuddle and be held by anyone. She also celebrated her first Father's Day. Bobby and Tori announced that she will be having a little boy cousin come November 2018. Josie announced that she is getting married to Kelton! 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Recap: Hit the Road, Jack

Jackson recently celebrated his 16th birthday and so Gil takes him over to the DMV for a driving test. Gil reveals that he is just going to stand here and pray for them as they leave the building. Nathan reveals that finding a car with everything working the way should be is a challenge however the car has both the lights and breaks working. The siblings reveal that Jackson is a cautious driver but manages to pass the test.
Jackson heads to Zach and Whitney's house to talk about future plans. Zach and Jackson have been very close and have many the same hobbies. Zach reveals that he is proud of his brother and just wants him to know that he is away there for him.
Chad and Erin are preparing the kids room to add Everly Hope this spring. They know that their hands will be full with three little ones but are happy to have her join their family.
Chad adds that he is nervous about Erin and the baby since of Erin's blood disorder. There has been a lot of thoughts coming across his mind. The couple cuts out photos of the kids and add them on a large open-back frame.
Erin reveals that her husband is more than a functional guy but she needs the room to look good. She doesn't want it to look like they crammed three children in the room. Erin decides that she wants the frame pink. She feels that she has worked her husband too hard and he assures her that she hasn't and it's fun.
Nathan and Trace are going for a flight lesson so Trace can figure out if he wants to be a pilot. Nathan wants to reach people and save them. At the end of it, Trace just wants to do it from the ground and is extremely nervous but Nathan is impressed on how well he does during his flight.

All about Zoey: Three months old

Zoey Joy is now three months old! 

This past month, she celebrated her first Father's Day. She also learned that her baby cousin will be a boy. She also will have a new uncle when her aunt (Josie) marries Kelton.

New Bringing Up Bates tonight!

We know that many of you are waiting for Thursday nights to watch brand new episodes of Bringing Up Bates. Tonight marks a new night.

Be sure to check out our blog for the recap and hopefully tomorrow we will have the live chat.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Message from Josie and Kelton!

On Friday night, we announced the engagement of Josie Bates and Kelton Balka. The couple shared some sweet messages on their instagrams. 

Josie's message to Kelton:
I cannot wait to marry the love of my life. Couldn't have dreamed of a more sentimental engagement. Kelton put so much time into planning and making sure every little detail was perfect and it felt like a dream. can't wait to do forever with you, babe.

Kelton's message to Josie: 
I proposed to the love of my life at her dream destination and she said yes! cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you, baby girl.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

All about Lexi: 17 months old

John and Alyssa's middle child is now 17 months old!

This month she celebrated her second Father's day with her father. She learned that her new baby cousin will be a boy and that her aunt is getting married to Kelton Balka.

Preview: Hit the Road Jack!

To celebrate his 16th birthday, Jackson heads to the department of motor vehicles to take his driver's test; Erin and Chad Paine prepare for the arrival of baby number three, Everly Hope; Trace gets a flying lesson from brother Nathan.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Engagement photos

On Friday night, we announced Josie and Kelton's engagement and you all have been asking for a few more photos.


All about Kaci: 24 months old

We still can't believe that Kaci Lynn is now two years old. 

This past month, she celebrated her second Father's Day 2018. She also found out that her new baby cousin will be a boy! She also learned that her aunt (Josie) is getting married.

We can't believe that this is our final All about Kaci! 

When do you think she will become a big sister? 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Bates/Balka engagement

We are so excited to share that Josie Bates and Kelton Balka are engaged. The couple has not announced their wedding date but stay tune.
You can check out their engagement announcement by clicking here. You can also check out their engagement photography by clicking here

July episode preview

It's time for a brand new list of episodes of Bringing Up Bates! We hope that you enjoy it.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bates, Oh My!
July 12, 2018
Now that Michaella and Brandon have more spacious digs, it's Addee, Ellie and Callie's turn to visit their big sister in Chicago; Michaella gives the girls their first sewing lesson, then they paint ceramics at a pottery studio and visit the zoo.

Just a Little Off the Top, Please...
July 19, 2018
After graduating from cosmetology school, Josie lands a new job at a salon; Trace stops by for a trim; Tori and Bobby meet up with Gil and Kelly Jo to discuss their plans to move to Nashville, Tenn.; Erin and Chad spend time with Carson and Brooklyn.

One Week, Three Babies?!
July 26, 2018
Gil and Kelly Jo gear up to be on hand for the birth of Erin and Alyssa's third child; Lawson and Trace prepare for their upcoming rodeo performance; Jackson helps Chad with a construction project at Noble Metals.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Recap: Seas the day

Gil and Kelly currently have nine children that are in homeschool. Katie is currently finishing up her senior year while Jeb is currently in first grade. Carlin has decided to help with the homeschool and many of the kids are saying that she is so fun.

Gil and Kelly gather a few of their children to go visit Mama Jane's sisters at Myrtle Beach. They end up renting a home with a in-ground pool. The family ends up riding their bikes to Mama Jane's beach home. Since the family is not wearing their helmets, UP TV wants to encourage riders to wear their helmets and be safe.

Gil is so excited to introduce his aunts and uncles to a few of the kids since most of them have never met them. Erin reveals that her father was beaming. The family heads to enjoy a meal at Dockside Seafood house which was a nex experience for the family since they do not like seafood and can't stand the smell of it. Judson reveals that he ate it since he normally sees food on his plate and will eat it. The family also tries shrimp and oysters and are not huge fans of them.

Even through that it's February and a bit cool outside, the family still wants to see the sunset on the beach. Since, Carlin has her boyfriend there, she wants to take photos. Warden reveals that they finally got him out of there.

Since the boys are playing football, Carlin has a chat with Papa Bill. She reveals that she is currently working on her bachelor's degree for education and has been taking music classes that will help her teach. Carlin reveals that once she and Evan get married, she is moving to Nashville.

The next day, the family heads for a walk. Gil remembers his aunts were walking machines. Gil is pretty sure that his aunts could still walk out his kids.

Gil takes a few of the children to go fishing at Cherry Grove Fishing Pier. The Pier is known for being a record-breaking shark being caught. Gil remembers that he spent a lot of time of his childhood there however today's weather was not in their favor and they called it a day without any fish.

Since February 17th is Jackson and Addallee's birthdays, the family gathers to celebrate it. Gil reveals something that is special for him is hearing the kids say something special about their siblings.

As many of you know that Addee stopped breathing when she was a newborn and is lucky to be alive. Kelly shares with Addallee that she can remember that day since Jackson had conviced himself that you were his birthday present. Kelly reveals that they were crying in fear but Jackson was worried that they were stealing his birthday present.

Grandson #3 or Granddaughter #7?

Are the Bates family going to have their third grandson or their seventh granddaughter?

Bobby and Tori have announced that they are going to be having a little boy in November 2018 and he has a name already. His name will be Robert Ellis "Cade" Smith IV.

As many of you know that the Bates family last welcomed a grandson back in May 2015.

Congratulations to the family.

New episode TONIGHT!

We are so excited that it's finally Thursday night and that means that it's time for a new Bringing Up Bates. Don't forget that there is a special announcement on the live show that the family will be sharing. We will be sharing it as soon as we can.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Preview: Seas the day

Now that many of the older girls have moved out of the house, it's Carlin's turn to tutor her younger siblings; Gil and the family head to Myrtle Beach, S.C., so the children can meet Mama Jane's side of the family for the first time.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Baby Games: Birth Stats Guess

It's time for the last baby games to be played. On June 11th, we asked if the baby is a boy or girl. On June 13th, we asked when the baby would make it's grand debut. Today we are wondering how big and how long the baby will be! 

How long in length do you think the baby will be? How much do you think the baby will weigh at birth? 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

Happy Father's Day!

 As many of you know that Bobby and Tori Smith are expecting their first child and this time next year, they will have almost five month old. Gil Bates is celebrating his 30th father's day. Chad, Zach and John are celebrating their third father's day.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bobby and Tori's six month of marriage

Bobby and Tori are about to celebrate their six month anniversary! They are due to welcome their first child by their eleven month anniversary.They are currently setting into their new home in Nashville.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Live show: June 14th!

We are so excited to share this special live show from Zach and Whitney's vow renewal ceremony. Lawson also revealed that there will be a special announcement in next week.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Recap: Eye Love you day

Kelly recently had vision correction surgery and homeschool needs to be done. Carlin is in charge of it and boy does she run a tight ship. She wakes the kids up earlier than normal and the ones, that don't get out of bed, get water sprinkled on their faces. Jackson admits that he is normally not awake until she dumps water on him.
Gil loves to pamper Kelly Jo and since he gets her all to himself. Michaella comes into town to cook and help with the children.
Just one week following, Kelly is up and going. She is about to start planning the annual I love you day (Valentine's Day). This year, they are going with a Growing Old Together. Kelly wants to give prizes to those with the best costumes. They want to honor Gil's parents (Mama Jane and Papa Bill) and Kelly's mother and stepfather (Meema and Tom). They also want to express hope to their married children to stay together. Kelly reveals that her prayer is that they will grow old together.
Kelly takes a few children to the Thrift Store to find outfits for the party. Erin reveals that it was neat to see how people envision what an older preson looks like.
While shopping for her outfit, Kelly finds something that she wants to wear on a regular basic. Her kids pick on her and she doesn't mind it.
Erin reveals that Valentine's Day is the biggest family holiday for the Bates family. John and Alyssa arrive with Allie and Lexi in tow. The girls decide to help the younger kids make some gifts like bath scrub and body wash for the gift exchange.
As many of you know that both Erin and Alyssa are pregnant with their third babies. The girls discuss their pregnancies. Erin feels successful to be in her third trimester while Alyssa is finished with her pregnancy.
Carlin and Evan begin talking about engagement and timing. Erin reveals that it's sweet to watch her sisters go through the courtship.
Gil doesn't want to talk about his daughter getting married since they are done with enough people getting married. Alyssa replies that he should not have so many girls. Gil adds that he can't give away any of the boys while everyone wants the girls.
The night before the party, the Websters and Paines decorate a big table at the local lakeside restaurant for the couples that are married or couple. They also invited the grandparents to come. Kelly reveals that this is not any old date night but it's special.
Lawson reveals that he feels excluded from the good food and fun and it needs to change. He arrives there in a suit but Kelly reveals that he is only welcome if he has "got a girl".
Lawson reveals that he has someone special that he wants to introduce to the family. Gil is very surprised. He brings out his special friend and it's Nathan who is wearing a nightgown and a gray wig. The room erupts in laughter since they know that the boys will do anything for a good dinner. Kelly reveals that if Lawson was dating anyone so she would know.
During their dinner date, everyone gives their first impression significant others. Kelly reveals that she was attract to his athleticism and his strut.
Brandon reveals that he kept thinking that whoever married Michaella will be a very bless. He did not think that he had a chance but he is super bless.
The next day comes and every shows up. Two of the couples go out in their customes. The grandparents dress as young people for the contrast. The winners are Evan and Carlin for best adult male and female costume. Chad and Erin win best dress couple while little Judson wins best child costume.
The family plays a few games before the gift exchange. Tori reveals that the best thing about I love you day is watching the other person open the gifts that you picked out for them.
Jackson manages to get his gift delivered since it's pizza. He also got her ramen noddles and a pair of shoes. Katie is thrilled but she is only able to eat one piece before the siblings eat the rest.

Zach and Whitney renew vows

During tonight's live chat, Lawson announced that Zach and Whitney have decided to renew their wedding vows.

The couple will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary this December and have two little ones Bradley, who will turn 4 this October, and Kaci Lynn, who will turn 2 in about six days! 

The wedding was filmed and will be featured soon. 

New Bringing Up Bates Tonight!

The moment that you have been waiting for! It's Thursday night and that means that it's time for a new Bringing Up Bates episode! Be sure to check out the recap that will be posted tonight if not tomorrow morning. Be sure to stay tune for the live chat post this weekend.

Tonight's episode will feature the Valentine's Day now that the family has a newly married couple and two courting couples. We have a promo for tonight's episode to share with you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Baby Games: Birthdate Guesses

For thoses that don't know that Bobby and Tori are expecting their first child in November 2018. They had announced on May 10th episode of Bringing Up Bates! We recently started our baby games. On Monday, we asked if you thought that the baby is a boy or girl. Well today, we are guessing when the baby will make it's big debut. 

When do you think baby will be here?

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Preview: Eye Love You Day!

Tori and Bobby’s wedding might be behind them, but Kelly Jo isn’t slowing down! She’s finally getting eye surgery to correct her vision. But how will the Bates household hold up while she’s in recovery mode? Meanwhile, tis the season for love, as the family preps for this year’s “I Love You Day” festivities. Will the “growing old together” theme lead to some unexpected costumes? And will the single Bates boys finally secure a seat at the table for the couples’ dinner?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Baby Games: Boy or Girl

The family is expecting their ninth grandchild in November 2018. We are excited to share our first baby game for this grandchild! There are more coming soon so check out our introduction.

Do you think that the baby is a boy or a girl?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Grandbaby #9: Five months to go

Just one month ago, we share very exciting news about the Bates family. The family is expecting their ninth grandchild in November 2018.

As many of you know that this will be Bobby and Tori's first child and is due in November 2018. The couple has yet to announce the due date of the sweet baby. Tori is about to be four months pregnant with her first child.

We are about to start our baby games tomorrow that will be going for a few days so make sure that you stay tune for that. If you want to know when all the baby games will be posted be sure to check out our introduction to the games.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Baby Games introduction

As many of you know that Bobby and Tori are expecting their first child in November 2018 and this month, we are doing some baby games! 

Our first baby game will be out on June 11th so make sure that you stay tune for that one! 

Our second baby game will be out on June 13th so make sure that you stay tune for that one! 

Our last baby game will be out on June 18th so make sure that you stay tune for that one!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Recap: A Heavenly Honeymoon & A Courtship Countdown

Now that the wedding is over, the newly married couple heads to their honeymoon in California. They fly to San Francisco and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to view the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. They stopped at the Natural Bridge State Beach for a lunch break. Bobby says that for the first few days of their marriage, they felt that they snuck off and about to get caught at any second.

Carlin and Josie discuss how weird it is to be the oldest sisters living at the house currently. Carlin and Josie recently shared her courtship in January 2018.

Bobby and Tori are heading for a private boat ride in Monterey Bay. They sail past a big group of sea lions. After they are finished their boat ride, the couple face times Gil and Kelly who have been having a hard time since Tori got married.

Since Tori's birthday was a few days after the wedding, the couple heads to Yosemite Valley. Bobby has set up a sleigh ride to celebrate her birthday which could not be completed without a nice hot apple cider. Tori reveals going from courting and being engaged, you have to be careful that you are not too close then one second later you are married and can do whatever you want. It's a big difference. Bobby ends her birthday celebrate with her favorite meal which is steak.

Kelton is getting ready for the whole courtship proposal with Josie so he meets his father to discuss the plans. The plan is to spend the day in Gatlinburg. When Kelton was 13, his mother passed away while welcoming his sister, Kerstin, into the world. Kelton reveals that it was a very difficult time for their family. Kelton revealed that his father had made it his passion to be dedicated to his siblings and him. Kelton reveals that his father is carrying out his mother's wishes for him.

Kelton is getting ready for the big day and manages to get permission from the city to put up lights on Emerets Cove Covered Bridge in Sevierville. His father and brother Carson helped him with putting them up.   

It's time to put the courtship proposal into motion so he heads over to the house with roses to throw Josie off. He was super nervous about walking up since he has never been in a courtship.

Josie, Kelton, Gil, Kelly and Michael head over to Gatlinburg. They take the aerial tram up to the mountain to the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Area. The couple goes ice skating and he jokes about getting down to one knee. Josie reveals that he could skip the courtship stage and go to propose. Kelton adds that it would have been in his pocket then it would happen but since he did not have it. Josie knows that it's coming and it should be soon.

After skating, they head over to the covered bridge where the couple walks under the bridge. The parents stay back to give them space.

Kelton has a few heart-felt words for his lady which are  “You know that I have had very strong feelings about you for a long time, and today one of the things that I love most about you is that you absolutely are my best friend. I love your sweet spirit and your tenderness for other people. I love your diligence and even your determination to succeed, that those who don’t know you well might not even see. I really love your green eyes though, and I love this little beauty mark that you try to tell me that you hate because it’s beautiful. But above all, I love your heart. I want to make a commitment to you tonight to pursue your heart, and I brought you a gift tonight to help remind you of my commitment to pursue your heart. I love you, Josie Bates. Can I have your heart?”

Kelton brings out a diamond heart necklace and the two of them share a romantic hug.

The parents are so happy for the newly courting couple. Twenty-five years and two days ago, Kelton parents got married and came to Gatlinburg for their honeymoon and it was amazing how things just lined up like that it seems somewhat surreal that it did for Josie and Kelton.

Kelton revealed that his parents were in truly and deeply in love with each other. Kelton was told  that his father's prayer and dream was that he would find someone that would mean so much to him as his mother was to his father. Kelton reveals that Josie is the one that means that much to him and doesn't know how anyone else could.

New episode tonight!

Tonight marks a brand new episode of Bringing Up Bates and we will be back with a brand new episode recap tonight.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

All about Brooklyn: 22 months old

Brooklyn is twenty-two months old! 

We are just two months away from celebrating Brooklyn's second birthday and ending her All about Brooklyn updates! 

We have a new photo of the little girl that we would love to share with you all!

It's hard to believe that Chad and Erin were just two months away from welcoming their daughter in June 2016.

She celebrated her mother's birthday. She also celebrated her second Mother's Day! 

Just a few days after her last monthly update, her uncle and aunt announced that they are expecting a new grandbaby which is set to arrive in November 2018.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Preview: A Heavenly Honeymoon & A Courtship Countdown!

After a picture-perfect wedding ceremony, Tori and Bobby head out for their Honeymoon. Upon arriving in California, the newlyweds take a romantic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and set sail for a picturesque boat ride on the Monterey Bay. But after Tori has a video chat with her Mom and Dad, will she feel homesick for TN? Meanwhile, the courtship countdown is on! Now that Gil and Kelly Jo have granted Kelton permission to officially ask Josie to Court, he begins to put his plan in motion. After taking Josie on a scenic tram ride and ice skating adventure in Gatlinburg, TN, will Kelton finally take a leap of faith and ask her the “Big Question?” And later, Tori and Bobby continue their Honeymoon adventures in Yosemite National Park.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Live Show: May 31st!

Many of our readers would love to see the live chats and UP Tv usually shares them on youtube a few days later. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

New photos of Zoey and Everly

Both girls are now two months old. Both Alyssa and Erin have shared new photos of the girls.
Everly Hope




Saturday, June 2, 2018

Update on Girls Courtship!

As many of you know that Josie and Carlin had announced that they were in a courtship back in January 2018 with their respective suitors. Today we have a few updates.
Carlin and Evan have been officially courting for the past ten months. They are approaching their first year of courtship in two months. Many have asked if they are engaged and they currently are not.

Kelton and Josie have been courting for the past five months. Many have asked if they are engaged and they are currently not engaged.

We will keep you updated! 

Photos: Taryn Yager Photography, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart, Josie Bates and Kelton Balka

Friday, June 1, 2018

Oh Hello June!

The Bates family only has one birthday this month and be sure to check out the June birthday cover to find out who it is.

Bringing Up Bates will return on June 7th for brand new episodes.

Bobby and Tori will celebrate their sixth month wedding anniversary. They will have five months until their baby arrives. We will have baby games this month.

The family will also celebrate Father's Day! Be sure to check out our newest father's day cover that we shared on May 27, 2018.

We have updates for Carlin and Josie's courtships.

We will be ending All about Kaci's updates this month as the little girl will celebrate her second birthday.

All about Grandbabies will have Kaci's 24th month update, Brooklyn's 22nd month update, Lexi's 17th month update, Zoey's 3rd month update, and Everly's 3rd month update.