Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Counting down the hour to the new year

Can you believe that the new year starts in a few minutes???

This will be the last blog of the year!

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New header!

Bates family has 19 kids. Zach, Erin, and Alyssa are all married. Michaella is in a courtship. Bates have a new generation going with one grandbaby and counting. New show starting on January 1st!


 We are so thankful for all the hard work Johnson Marketing and Media has put into updating and redesigning our website. We look forward to being able to keep you updated on our family’s news through this website. One change to the site includes a new homeschool blog, in addition to the family blog.

   We are also grateful to UP TV for wanting to put more family shows on that are uplifting and wholesome. We are also grateful to Figure 8 Films, along with Matt Hightower and his wonderful crew, for the many hours they’ve spent with our family- through the noise, the chaos, and all the fun memories! We hope the show will be an encouragement to other families who are just striving to make ends meet and to have a happy home! Tune into UP TV on New Year’s Day at 9 pm eastern time for the premiere of Bringing Up Bates and to Good Morning America New Year’s morning for a glimpse of  home life Bates style! God Bless and Happy New Year!

Header Summary explain!

We have been asked this a lot in the past few weeks about why the blog summary talks about Erin's first pregnancy and that it ended in a miscarriage. Children are a blessing no matter how long or shot their lives are. They still bring in impact to the family.
I hope that explains it. We normally change it every few months. In fact we are about to change it again.

Chad & Erin: update!

We just recently found out that Chad and Erin have gone through three miscarriages. Chad and Erin are praying for a successful pregnancy. We pray that they will welcome their first child in the new year.

Bringing up Bates starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow the Bates new show starts at 9pm!

Family photos 2014

New website!

We are so excited to announce that the Bates family has a new website. We will have not only their family updates but also their homeschool updates and how it works for their family! 

Click here to see their new family website: Family blog

Chad and Erin's interview part 2

OkMagazine: Have the Duggars given you advice on how to handle the fame?
Erin: We learn from many people. The Duggars have certainly been an example for their family and have encourage them to be real.
OkMagazine: Do you appreciate the comparisons to the Duggars or do you wish people would see you different?
Erin: There is a lot of similarities with the family since they both 19 kids and homeschool. They are conservative and work hard on family and faith.
OkMagazine: What is the difference between the shows Bringing up Bates and 19 kids and counting?
Erin: the difference between personalities, and the chores.
OkMagazine: Will the Duggars be on your show and vice versa?
Erin: Since both families are close friends and see each other a lot. There is wedding bells keep ringing. As for them being on the show and Bates being on 19 kids and counting, you will just have to watch
OkMagazine: What can we expect from your family in the new year?
Erin: We are looking for Alyssa's baby to be born in April. I am working on a new CD. There might be wedding bells for Michaella and Brandon and there are more adventures with the family

New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chad and Erin on miscarriage and Bringing up Bates part one!

With Bringing up Bates starting this week, the viewers will have a chance to find out what happen after Chad and Erin's miscarriage.
Ok maganzie gave an interview about what to expect in their first season as Chad and Erin learn to deal with their first miscarriage and what is the difference between 19 kids and counting and Bringing up Bates.
Ok Magazine asked "For people who may not be familiar with the show yet, How would you describe it?"
Erin answered the show focuses on their family and faith. She is sure that you would see strugles and working through things. They try to build relationship and work together. You wll also see them working to get family get togethers. Plus you will see Zach, Alyssa and herself learning how to go from a busy house to an new home with just two people.
Ok Magazine asked: We learned in the first episode about the scarriage.
Erin reveals that it was hard to live through the experience and it was hard to share. They prayed about it and saw that it would be easy to use their story to help others.
Ok magazine asked: In that same episode you went to Zach and Whitney's baby shower and how did you get through it?
Erin responded that it was hard to deal with the baby shower since she was due the week before Zach and Whitney. Erin revealed that she wanted to show them that she was excited about her nephew.
Ok Maganize asked: Now that your brother and your sister are married and who do you think will be the next to start courting?
Erin thinks that it will be one of her brothers since they are the oldest available Bates and right now that there is no news about a new courtship.
Ok Maganize: How do you think that the show will change everday life for you and your family?
Erin: Her parents work hard to make sure that their family goals keep first. She did admit that the filming has brought a new time pressure and challenge to their schedule and to keep their focus on those things.
Be sure to check tomorrow's blog to see what else was said in the interview!

Happy Birthday to Michelle

Hey guys,

I am sure that Michelle who pretty much owns and runs this blog on a normal basic will be happy to see this blog is enjoying her birthday. She pretty much shares her birthday with Zach. We did not want her to feel left out!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Zach Bates

Happy Birthday Zach!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

All about Bradley: Second month of life!

Bradley is two months old today! It's so hard to think that in ten months he will be a year old. Whitney recently revealed that Bradley doesn't get mad every often and he is a very chill baby.

This month he celebrated his parents first year of marriage anniversary and his very first Christmas! 

We will see you for month three of Bradley's updates! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bringing up Bates: First episode!

Here is what we should expect on the first episode of Bringing up Bates!

Gil and Kelly Bates, and their 19 kids, are buzzing about the latest addition to their family; the first Bates grandchild! As the girls prepare to throw a huge baby shower to celebrate, Alyssa gives the family some surprising news of her own and an accident leaves the family shaken.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

Bringing up Bates countdown!

We only have 6 more days until the new show starts! 

25 weeks pregnant

Merry Christmas everyone! 

We are back with another pregnancy week update! It's hard to believe that there is only 15 more weeks until the baby should be here. We still don't know the gender but that is okay. I can't wait for April to get here. 

John and Alyssa have two more weeks until they are in their final trimester!  

This is our last pregnancy update until 2015!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

John and Alyssa's first Christmas!

It's hard to believe that it's John and Alyssa's first Christmas as a married couple. They are not the only ones that are celebrating their first Christmas. Bradley is celebrating his first Christmas along with Derick and Jill Dillard (Duggar family) and Ben and Jessa Seewald (Duggar family) are celebrating their first Christmas as husband and wife.

Bradley's first Christmas!

Today is Bradley's first Christmas!

Kelly's blog: Merry Christmas!

Please take time to watch this short 5 minute video to encourage your family during this special holiday season! Join David & Priscilla Waller as they share the Christmas story, while Brandon Keilen’s drawings make the story come to life… This will be a great way for your family to pause and meditate on the REASON for the SEASON and to make sure that our focus is on Christ in Christmas (To watch, click on the link below or copy and paste in your browser)
photophoto (37)
MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Bates Family!web pic

One week to go!

 In just one short week, Bringing up Bates will be starting for 13 episodes. We are so excited for the new show to start!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

John and Alyssa's seven months of marriage!

John and Alyssa have been married for the past seven months. They are currently six months pregnant with their first child.