Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Recap!

The family celebrated three birthdays! Click here to see who they were! 

Bobby and Tori announced that they are due around November 24th!

The family released new photos of the grandbabies, Chad and Erin's family, John and Alyssa's family, Zach and Whitney's family, the couples, John and Alyssa's girls, and family photos.

The family also celebrated Fourth of July. 

Bringing Up Bates continued to air throughout the month of July.

Monday, July 30, 2018

All about Everly: Four Months old

Everly Hope is now four months old and we have some news about her birth episode to share with you all. It will air next week on Bringing Up Bates!

 Everly recently celebrated her first Fourth of July with her family. 

 Chad and Erin recently shared new photos of the family and a group photo with her brother, sister, and cousins that we recently shared.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bobby and Tori: Seven months of marriage

Just five more months until Bobby and Tori will celebrate their first year of marriage. 

The couple learned that they will be getting a new brother-in-law when Josie marries Kelton very soon.

The couple also announced their due date as November 24th which is one month before their first wedding anniversary.

They also celebrated their first Fourth of July. They also released two new photos.

August birthdays and anniversary cover

We are so excited to share our newest birthday and anniversary cover for the month of August.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

New photos of the Paine family!

We are so excited to share some new photos of Chad and Erin with their three little ones! 


All about Zoey: Four Months Old

Zoey Joy is now four months old and we have some news about her birth episode to share with you all. It will air this week on Bringing Up Bates!

 Zoey recently celebrated her first Fourth of July with her family.

John and Alyssa recently shared new photos of the sweet baby girl with her family and sisters. There was also a new photo of her and other grandbabies that we shared.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Grandbaby #9: due date revealed

Back in May 2018, Bobby and Tori made a special announcement that they were expecting their first child in November 2018.

A few weeks later, they announced a little boy and the name of the little boy. They planning to call Cade.

The couple announced that they were expecting to the family during tonight's Bringing Up Bates and revealed their due date to be around November 24th!

Tori is currently approaching her 23rd week of pregnancy.

We can't wait to meet the little boy in a little over four months.

Recap: One week, Three Babies?!

Gil and Kelly are working to figure how they can be on hand to meet Everly Hope and Zoey Joy the moment they arrive. Kelly admits that this will be the biggest dilemma that the couple has ever face since their schedule is crazy and very busy.

Lawson and Trace are about to leave for the rodeo that they were invited leaving Carlin in charge of the youngest children. Kelly reveals that she is torn about leaving because she promised to be there at every game, recital and event that the kids had.

The boys head for a practice run so Trace can work through his practice. Zach reveals that any time that the family has something really cool going on, Lawson tags along since he is single, young and available.

Jackson has been working with Chad on construction projects as of right now they are working on a nobel metals job where Bobby has been working on. Jackson reveals that he has learned that Chad never quits at any time of the day. Jackson is learning in the morning.

Bobby admits that his brother-in-law is a very good teacher and is patient. Jackson is hard worker which equals to good team.

Zach and Whitney invites the family over to their home for dinner and fellowship. Bobby sneaks in a little announcement which is that he and Tori are expecting their first child. Everyone is happy about the special news. Zach jokes that two babies aren't enough that someone needed to add in a third.

During their family time, Tori is only six weeks along and is due around November 24th. Bobby is excited about the news but is nervous since he is going from school to husband and a father within eighteen months. He doesn't think that it's going to hit him until the baby arrives.

The family knows that the couple is moving to Nashville within the next few weeks. Luckily the drive is only about a few hours from home but they are still going to miss them terribly. Zach jokes with his sister and brother-in-law as it could be their last supper. He also jokes that they are going to write them off just like the other two girls that left. What's their names?

Updated photo of Webster family

As promised on All about Lexi: 18 month old post,We have a new photo of the Webster family thanks to a recent photoshoot.
John and Alyssa have a three year old daughter, Allie Jane, a eighteen month old daughter, Lexi Mae, and almost four month old daughter, Zoey Joy.

All about Lexi: 18 months old

Lexi Mae is now 18 months old. The family recently shared a new photo of her with her sisters and cousins. We will soon be sharing a new family photo of the Webster family so stay tune for that.

Lexi Mae celebrated her second Fourth of July with her family and friends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

August monthly Preview

The new month is coming very quickly and that means that it's time for a new monthly preview. Bringing Up Bates has another month of episodes.

A Bundle of Joy and a Rodeo Show
August 2, 2018
KJ heads to Florida to be by Alyssa's side on her due date; Lawson and Trace head to Indiana to participate in their first rodeo variety show performance and demonstrate their trick riding skills while engaging in some brotherly competition.

Labor Paines
August 9, 2018
Now that Alyssa's given birth to her third child, Erin's up next; before her big due date, the Bates sisters treat her to a pedicure; later, Erin's strong contractions have Chad rushing to the hospital.

Chaperoning Do's & Don'ts
August 16, 2018
Now that the older girls are coupling up, Gil and Kelly Jo decide to give the younger kids a lesson on being perfect chaperones; the clock is ticking for Tori and Bobby's big move to Nashville, Tenn., and they go apartment hunting in the city.

Milestones and New Chapters
August 23, 2018
Tori desperately needs cooking lessons, so Erin volunteers to give her a few pointers; it's time for the middle boys to get schooled on the Bates Family Tree business, learning to cut and climb trees.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Preview: One Week, Three Babies?!

Gil and Kelly Jo gear up to be on hand for the birth of Erin and Alyssa's third child; Lawson and Trace prepare for their upcoming rodeo performance; Jackson helps Chad with a construction project at Noble Metals.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Josie and Kelton's one month engaged

It's been one month since Josie and Kelton announced their engagement. The couple has yet to announce their wedding date but it should take place before the end of the year.

It has been announced that the couple actually got engaged on Kaci's second birthday.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

New photo of the little Bates family

As many of you know that the family recently had a photoshoot and we have been sharing them quite a bit. Here's a new photo of Zach and Whitney's growing family.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Recap: Just a Little Off the Top, Please...

Josie is in love with her new job at Ross the boss and co. salon. She reveals that the family has been helping her which is amazing since the salon requires the newbies to have some models. Trace doesn't want her touching his hair. Trace finally gives in and gets his haircut. After he is done, he loves the outcome and has a special announcement. Trace has been invited in a weekend rodeo with Lawson.
Bobby and Tori are having dinner with Gil and Kelly to share about their plans on moving to Nashville. Tori reveals that she hates moving but Gil hates even more since that means that his baby girl is moving away. Tori will be the third child to move away. Gil reveals that he is happy that his daughter and Bobby are following God's call for them.
The reason Bobby and Tori are moving to Nashvile is that Bobby has a new job as a youth pastor in Henersonville. He plans to serve as a chaplain at a local Christian school. Tori plans to use her teaching degree at the school as well.
Bobby and Tori are excited to share some more news with Gil and Kelly. Tori reveals that they are going to need a babysitter after their move and Kelly is confused. Bobby and Tori are going to share the exciting news next week to the rest of family.
One night, Chad arrives home early and reads a bible story to Brooklyn and Carson. Gil reveals that the children are like a big sponge and are always learning things. The four of them pray over Erin's delivery and for baby Everly's arrival.
Gil and Kelly gather the children to make their own shuffleboard game on their basketball court. The younger ones lose interest so Trace has them play a game of waffle ball while Gil and Zach finish the project.
Now the family needs discs and sticks so Gil grabs push brooms and small tree tucks to improvise. The game goes pretty well and Zach and Trace beats Gil and Warden by a few points.

A new family photo

We have a new family photo for you all to see. We hope you enjoy it.
With all the special someones and grandbabies.

New Bringing Up Bates TONIGHT!

It's Thursday night and that means that there is a new Bringing Up Bates episode! Be sure to check out our Tuesday's post.
Be sure to stay tune for our recap later tonight.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bates/Balka Wedding Guesses: Colors?

Josie and Kelton are about to celebrate their one month engagement and today we want to do another wedding guesses. We want to see what you think their colors will be?

Updated photo of GrandBates

With the Bates family expecting their ninth grandchild in November 2018. The family decided to do an updated grandbabies.
Top row: Brooklyn, Carson, Allie, Bradley,  Kaci, Lexi
In front: Everly and Zoey

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Preview: Just a Little Off the Top, Please...

After graduating from cosmetology school, Josie lands a new job at a salon; Trace stops by for a trim; Tori and Bobby meet up with Gil and Kelly Jo to discuss their plans to move to Nashville, Tenn.; Erin and Chad spend time with Carson and Brooklyn.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Bates/Balka Wedding Guess: Wedding Party

In a few days, Kelton and Josie will celebrate their one month engagement anniversary. The couple has yet to announce their wedding as of yet.

Who do you think will be in their wedding party?

Come back on Wednesday for our last Bates/Balka Wedding Guess. Be sure to check out yesterday's Bates/Balka Wedding Guess.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bates/Balka Wedding Guesses: Wedding Date?

In a few days, Kelton and Josie will celebrate their one month engagement anniversary. The couple has yet to announce their wedding as of yet.

When do you think their wedding will be?

Come back tomorrow for our second Bates/Balka Wedding Guess.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Zach and Whitney vow renewal photos

We have four new photos of the little Bates family. We hope that you enjoy them.
At the time, Bradley was three years old while Kaci was about to celebrate her second birthday. The vow renewal took place just six days before Kaci's second birthday.
Zach and Whitney updated their family photo. The kids have gotten so big.
Whitney ended up sharing a very personal story on her instagram about how she made peace with her parents and how much they mean to her now.
 Be sure to stay tune for more updates on Zach and Whitney's little family.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Bates/Balka Wedding Guesses: Introduction

As we are waiting for the wedding of Josie Bates and Kelton Balka, we have decided to play a few wedding guesses games that will be posted within the next few days.

We hope that you enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Recap: Lions, Tigers and Bates, oh my!

Nathan says one of the most exciting places to go is to Brandon and Michaella's new home. Ellie, Addee, and Callie are heading to Chicago for a visit with the Keilens. Brandon and Michaella take the girls to Brookfield Zoo. Michaella loves the zoo and has a membership.

Through the Animal Ambassador program, the girls and Brandon are able to see a porcupine, an African wildcat, a sloth and an anteater up close. The girls were nervous about the wildcat but enjoy feeding the sloth and anteater.

The next day, Michaella teaches the girls how to sew. Michaella learned how to sew around their age. Zach says that his sister is naturally wonderful around children.

The other children said that they are thrilled for their sister to share her sewing wisdom with the younger sisters since they have stacks of clothing that need repairs and alteration whenever Michaella comes into town.

They decide to make a baby blanket for Zoey. Brandon and the girls head to Ceramic Art Café in La Grange, Illinois to do some art project. If you did not know that the last time that the couple had been in the shop was before they got engaged.

Ellie had chosen a horse figurine while Addee paints a jewelry box with unicorn. Callie makes a coffee cup for her older sister, Alyssa. Brandon reveals that it is cute watching his sister-in-law, Callie. She was very intent.

Michaella reveals that it is always refreshing to see her siblings and is sad to see them go home
Bobby and Tori head to the church to make sure that the church is clean is service. The couple is planning to move to Hendersonville where Bobby will be a youth pastor at the local church.

While most of the family is out of the house, Gil gathers the younger boys (Judson and Jeb) to build a seesaw. Gil is able to keep the boys on task before they lose interest of building it. They are thrilled with the outcome.

Gil reveals that he rather buys the tools and things they can do then buying toys for them to play with. Kelly is proud of their handiwork however decides to come up with some rules after Jeb nearly falls off of seesaw.

Zach reveals that if you see an unintended use disclaimer label on something, the Bates family is responsible for it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Preview: Lions, and Tigers, and Bates, Oh My!

Now that Michaella and Brandon have more spacious digs, it's Addee, Ellie and Callie's turn to visit their big sister in Chicago; Michaella gives the girls their first sewing lesson, then they paint ceramics at a pottery studio and visit the zoo.

Grandbaby #9: Four months to go

We are counting down the months until Cade is here! We can't wait to meet this little man. The couple has not announced the due date of the little one.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Carlin and Evan: Engagement coming soon?

Many have noticed that there is a rumor going around on Carlin's instagram that she is engaged and getting married in October 2018.

We headed to the courting couple to find out if those rumors are true and are ready to shared them with you.

Evan and Carlin are not engaged as of right now and are not planning to wed this year. We will of course keep you updated on it.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

New Photo of Paine Girls

We have a new photo of Brooklyn and Everly Paine. Brooklyn is almost two years old while Everly is three months old.

Friday, July 6, 2018

All about Brooklyn: 23 months old

Chad and Erin's middle child is just one month away from celebrating her second birthday. This past month she celebrate both her second Father's Day and her second Fourth of July. She learned that her aunt (Josie) is getting married to Kelton Balka.

Tomorrow we will be sharing new photos of the little girl and her baby sister so stay tune.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Most asked Question

Q: When did Josie and Kelton become engaged?
A: June 20th

Q: When is their wedding?
A: It will mostly take place in the late summer/early fall

Q: When will Carlin and Evan become engaged?
A: Soon

Q: When did Josie and Kelton meet?
A: Kelton and Josie met a few years ago at Kelton's sister's piano recital, as Erin Paine was the instructor.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fourth of July

We hope that you have a safe Fourth of July! 

Papa Bill's birthday

We want to wish Papa Bill a very happy birthday. He shares a birthday with his soon to be great-grandson-in-law, Kelton