Sunday, September 30, 2018

Goodbye September!

This month, they celebrated Brandon, Judson, and Whitney's birthdays. They also had Bringing Up Bates season finale.

Bobby and Tori only have two more months until they welcome their son, Kade, into the world. Kelton and Josie have one more week until they get married.

All about Everly: Six months old

Yesterday, we shared a new photo of Everly Hope! We can't believe that it's been six months since we announce her birth.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

New photos of Zoey and Everly!

I was going to share new photos of Carlin and Evan but decided to change it to Everly and Zoey! Both of the girls are about celebrate their sixth month milestone
Zoey Joy

Everly Hope

Friday, September 28, 2018

All about Zoey: Six months old

Zoey is now six months old. Zoey is starting to crawl right now and eating baby food. 

Countdown to Wedding: One week to go

We can't believe that we are about to announce another Bates wedding! Josie and Kelton announced yesterday that they got their marriage license.

We made our first wedding announcement in November 2013 when Chad and Erin said I do and most recently announced the wedding of Bobby and Tori in December 2017.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Recap: A monumental Proposal

Before we get started on tonight’s recap, Be sure to check out the recent announcements for Season 8 and Carlin/Evan’s engagement.

Josie ends up rushing home to pack for a surprise trip to Utah with her parents and Kelton. When they arrive, they are amazed by the scenery. Kelton reveals that he was nervous about this trip since the start of it. The couple has rented a cabin for their stay and Kelton gives her the first packet which marks the best friend stage. It also has a letter and pictures. It also has a best-friend charm for the bracelet. Kelly reveals that she was amazed by the thoughtfulness.

The next day they head to Eklecticcafe and the server brings out the coffee, he gives her another packet that repents the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. The packet has another letter with more photos and another charm.

As the engagement unfolds, Kelly is filming the highlights of it with her phone and sending the videos to rest of the family. Kelton has a sightseeing tour with 4x4 vehicle. Michael and Kelton had arranged for the navtec expedition employees to place two more packets in two different locations for their arrival.

Kelly starts freaking out when the road gets bumpy. Kelton notice that the drive would just keep making it worse every time.

At Double Arch, Josie receives the third packet repressing their courtship with a bridge charm and another letter and even more pictures. Kelly is excited to seeing her daughter being so happy. She has been counting down the days for this to happen.

The couple arrives at their final destination, Tower Arch, Kelton becomes more nervous and she begins to expect that the big moment has arrived. The final pack is sitting at the proposal spot. Josie looks at the infinity charm while Kelton gets down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Josie says yes.

Josie is amazed by all the work that has gone into the proposal and thinks that he did amazing job. She is excited to get married.

Kelly reveals that once they check one thing another ten more things are adding. It feels like the calendar keeps getting bigger as the family grows.

During the time of the proposal, Carlin and Erin have decided to do a huge cleaning and redecorating the house which will be a surprise. They repaint both the living and dinning room. They also decide to get rid of a lot of items since they know that their father would not do it. They put up the new decorations and family photos on the wall.

Zach and Whitney head to sit down with the owner of the Hunter Valley Farm which will host their vow renewal. They talk decorations and logistics. Whitney says that there are two reasons that they are doing this. She wants to show Zach how much she still loves him and wants to honor her parents because they missed out on her wedding in December 2013.

Whitney reveals that her husband is all about the food and when everything falls apart and if they have good food, they will be okay.

Season Finale Tonight!

Tonight marks a special night for Josie and Kelton as they get engaged. The couple is currently eight days from their October wedding! 

Have you heard the big news? Evan and Carlin are engaged and UP TV announced Season 8 will start on January 3rd!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New photos of Josie and Kelton!

We are a little over a week until Josie and Kelton say I do! 

All about Lexi: Twenty months old

Lexi Mae is now twenty months old and is four months away from her second birthday. She is about to have a new uncle in about a week when Josie marries Kelton.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Season eight update!

We have another exciting announcement to share.
Just a day after we announced that Carlin and Evan are engaged to be married. The network announces that Bringing Up Bates will return on January 3rd!

Bates Wedding #7: Coming soon

In case that you have missed the news: Evan and Carlin have gone from courtship to engagement. We are so excited for them but this means that it's the seventh wedding that we get to announce for the Bates family! 
Click here to read Evan and Carlin's engagement news and photos! We do have more photos of the engaged couple that we wish to share with you so stay tune for our monthly updates until their wedding. We will be adding more each month!

Preview: A Monumental Proposal

Kelton plans to pop the question to Josie at her dream destination; Zach and Whitney meet up at the flower shop to discuss final details for their vow renewal.

Monday, September 24, 2018

More engaged photos

This morning we announced that Carlin and Evan are engaged to be married and now have some new photos with you all.

A new Bates engagement

This just in! Carlin and Evan are engaged to be married. The wedding will mostly take place in December 2018 or January 2019.

Photo credit: People Magazine

Grandbaby #9: Two months to go

Bobby and Tori are just eight weeks from their November due date for their first child. We recently shared a new bump photo of Tori Smith.

 Tori recently shared that she is planning to have the baby at the hospital's birthing center.

Bobby and Tori's 9th month anniversary

Bobby and Tori have been married for the past nine months (almost ten). They are about to welcome their first child right around Thanksgiving.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

October Birthdays and anniversary

We are so excited to share our October Birthdays and anniversary cover. As many of you know that Josie and Kelton are getting married on October 5th which also happens to be Katie's birthday.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

New photos of Zach and Whitney

We have two new photos of Zach and Whitney Bates. For those that know that the couple will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary and have two little ones. They also have one waiting for them in heaven.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Recap: Pink or Blue, what do you think?

Erin revealed that when she learned that her sister was expecting, she wanted to plan the gender reveal party because she loves parties. The expected couple arrives to the event and everyone was there at a local park. The gender will be revealing soon, and the family keeps trying to get the news from Bobby and Tori.

Unlike with the grandbabies, Gil and Kelly chose to wait until their babies were born to find out if it was a boy or girl. After the family eats their lunch, they divided into two groups by their guesses. Bobby and Tori fill a balloon with blue power. Tori pitches the balloon to her husband and Bobby hits it with a bat. Both Bobby and Tori admitted that they wanted to have a son. They are planning to name him Robert Ellis Smith IV but will call him Kade. Bobby reveals that it means fourth generation in Latin.

Zach and Whitney are talking about their plans for their upcoming vow renewal with the kids during breakfast. Both Bradly and Kaci like Honey Nut Cheerios. Zach reveals that his family always ate off-brand everything but Honey Nut Cheerios.

Kelton sits down with his father, brothers, and sisters to talk about his proposal plans for Josie. He feels that it’s a huge relief that things are coming together and getting them locked down. He is so excited that he gets to propose to her in Utah. Josie shares that they have an idea of when they will get married and she doesn’t have a ring which needs to change and hopefully they are in the making.

On the big day, Kelton heads to pick up Pink roses and head over to Josie’s work. Kelton reveals that he was nervous heading up to her work. Josie sees him and asked why he is there. He reveals that he has some good and bad news to share. He reveals that the bad news is that her next client is not going to show up since it’s a fake appointment, but the good news is that they are going on a trip and it’s a place that she has always wanted to go and they are leaving right now.

Josie reveals that she is not one for surprises but has come to enjoy Kelton’s surprises. Gil and Kelly show their daughter a cake with graham crackers and cactus to see if she can guess where they are going, and she does.

On the start of their trip, Kelton gives her a charm bracelet and an airplane charm. On the way there, he adds more charms to it:
·         A heart that says best friends
·         A symbolize the start of their relationship
·         A cup of coffee
·         A bridge
·         An infinity symbols