Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Recap

January has been a little busy for the Bates family as they celebrated Gil, Michaella, Lexi and Mama Jane’s birthdays.

The family celebrated the return of Bringing Up Bates on January 3, 2019.

Recap: The Maine Event

It is time for the big event so Carlin, Evan and their parents head to Portland Maine for a weekend gateway. Their first job is to pick up lobster at the Lobster company. Evan is eager to try the lobster roll while Carlin orders a cheeseburger. Evan holds a live lobster and gets Carlin to touch it.

Kelly is okay with Carlin and Evan being alone for a little bit while they ride bikes. She tells him that the people that are around are their chaperones and so is God. The couple takes a trail by the water and gets lost. Gil thinks that they might have ran off without them. They finally get back together with their parents. They sit down and enjoy lunch and Carlin tries a piece of lobster but doesn’t care for it.

During their lunch date, Evan asks his girlfriend if she has a fancy outfit for the activities that he has planned. Carlin knows that the engagement is only a few hours away. They head back to the rental house to change while Carlin’s parents and Evan’s mom head out to the lighthouse to set up the big event. Carlin and Evan are picked up by a limo that drops them off at the lighthouse.

Evan says that he was going in blind faith and has Carlin thinking that he has it under control. He is not sure where they have set up the big event. The couple makes it to the cite and the cellist starts playing while Evan reads the poem “My One” that he wrote.
Evan shares his speech with Carlin “I could list a million reasons why you’re the one for me and a million reasons more why I love you tenderly. From your hair to your smile to your heart that’s made of gold, I love every part of you with a love that won’t grow old…I need you in my life cause you’re the very air I breathe…I thank my God above that I’m as blessed as a man could be cause out of every guy on earth, He made you just for me. Now as I’m standing here with my love so strong and true, I have a special question I’ve been meaning to ask you. It’s just five simple words, but they’re filled with much romance. So Carlin Brianne Bates, may I have this dance?”

Carlin starts laughing and crying when she reveals that she doesn’t know how to dance but they managed to pull it off. After the dance is done, Evan asks her the most important question and she says yes. They hug and he puts the ring on her finger. 

Kelly says that it was prefect to do photos of the engagement! Be sure to click here to see the photos and the engagement announcement.

Evan’s parents say that they love Carlin and she fits in perfectly with the family and they aren’t just gaining a daughter but the entire Bates family!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

All about Everly: Ten months old

We are getting so close to Everly’s first birthday. This past month, she celebrated her first New Years.

We all know that you guys are waiting for her first birthday cover and it’s coming in late February 2019.