Thursday, October 31, 2019

October Recap

The family celebrated four birthdays and one anniversary. Bobby and Tori announced that they were expecting their second child. Carlin and Evan announced that they were having a little girl while Bobby and Tori announced that they were having a little boy.

October Recap

The family celebrated four birthdays and one anniversary. Bobby and Tori announced that they were expecting their second child. Carlin and Evan announced that they were having a little girl while Bobby and Tori announced that they were having a little boy.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Recap: New Beginnings

There has been alot of talk of the Bates ladies starting their own boutique for quite some time, Carlin decides that it is a go. Erin and Whitney have been eager to join in.
Chad and Zach join the girls to discuss their new business adventure. They have applied for a business license and has been working on a website. The girls talk about a return policy and Erin admits that she wore a dress only to return it.
One of Erin's biggest things is to help other women find dresses that are affordable, comfortable and stylish. She believes that Carlin and Whitney are more stylish then she is. She is more about comfort.
Kelly takes her youngest daughters Addie, Ellie and Callie to Ijams Nature Center. Kelly has been busy with the wedding planning and just wants to spend time with her youngest daughters. She admits that she is not very adventurous but will do anything for her kids.
Lawson says that there a lot of things that could describe his mom but adventurous is not one of them.
The girls do amazing on the easy course. Kelly notices that Callie was getting nervous and the other girls encourage her to push through and enjoy. Kelly starts to freak out and the girls are patient with their mom.
All of the kids love their mom's can do attitude and says that it's fun when their mom takes them somewhere and doesn't sit back. Gil is proud of his wife of doing things with her kids.
Evan and Carlin are about to celebrate their wedding shower at the new building. The parents and grandparents are happy to give the couple advice about marriage. Kelly encourages them to continue to hold hands, hugs and kisses even when they are married.
One of the gifts are very thoughtful and it's from one of Carlin's piano students which is a picture from the lighthouse where Evan proposed. Carlin was thankful for everyone being there to invest in their lives.
There is a dedication service for the church and Kelly says that their hearts are overflowing with gratefulness. Evan's family is there and sings for the congregation before Gil begans to preach. Gil says having a building for his flock to call home is a dream for Gil.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Bates grandbabies

As many of you know that the Bates family currently stand at seven girls and three boys!
They also have four grandbabies on the way! Three of them are baby girls and one is a boy!

We are so excited for the Bates family and can't wait to meet all the grandbabies that are on the way!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Four grandbabies and counting

The Bates family is expecting four grandbabies from November to April 2020! Here's a recap for you all.

Zach and Whitney are due to welcome their third child in November.
Chad and Erin are due to welcome their fourth child in December.
Evan and Carlin are due to welcome their first child in February 2020.
Bobby and Tori are due to welcome their second child in April 2020.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

November birthdays and anniversary cover

We are so excited to share our November birthdays and anniversary cover.
Now if you are confused about John and Alyssa picture, please know that their birthdays are in the same month!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Baby Smith #2 is on the way!

This just in! We are so excited to announce that the Bates family is expecting their 14th grandchild and it's a boy!
The couple will welcome their second child in April 2020 and will name him Kolter Grey Smith! Kade and Kolter will be 17 months apart.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Recap: Shall We Dance?

In Louisville, Chad and Erin brings Trace to Eric and Emily's home to design a baby nursey. Erin says that when the couple works together, they are in their element. The couple is planning to put together a cute practical nursery.

Zach thinks that his sister could bite off more than what Chad can chew.

The couple returns to the house a few weeks later to reveal the room to the couple and they are so happy.

Nathan and Katie are at Campbell County Airport where Nathan reminds Katie how to do a pre-flight inspection. Katie reveals that she loves to learn and is always to do everything. Nathan has encourage his sister to get a pilot license. She has been working on it and with doing cosmetology and everything else.

Most of the family agree that Katie is not the best driver on the road and are nervous about her in the sky.

Katie praises her brother about being patient and having confidence in her.

Katie gets off the ground and then goes over the procedures for a stall and ends up doing a flip in the sky. Katie loves flying but it's more complicated then driving a car. It's also hard work.

Gil and Kelly take Evan, Carlin, Chad and Erin to the dance studio for a group lesson. Gil tells the new couples that they are going to love it and have fun.

Gil says that he was nervous at first about dancing and doesn't want to open a can of worms however says a daddy/daughter dance, husband/wife can be sweet, sentimental and romantic.

Bobby and Tori head over to Kelton and Josie's apartment for a visit. Both Kelton and Bobby are working together and encourage the girls to go out for dinner. Bobby and Kade show Kelton the ropes of being a dad. Kade is a calm baby. He shows him how to change a diaper and Kelton jokes that it's down his line of work.

Josie gives an update on her pregnancy saying that she is in her second trimester and is no longer sick.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Recap: A baby grand plan

Carlin brings Kelly, Kim,  Erin, Carson and Everly back to Castleton Farms since it's the wedding venue that Carlin has picked for her wedding. The venue owners were able to make out a price which the Bates could afford.

Kelly reveals that her biggest question is always one that Carlin doesn't want her mother to ask. Kelly asks about a backup plan in case that it rains and the woman giving the tour says that they have two indoor spaces in case that it rains. Kelly is most excited of making her little girl's dream come true.
Gil and Kelly are helping Tori and Bobby pack up their Nashville apartment. Tori reveals that she has missed her family so much and can't wait to move back. Kelly reveals that her dream has always been that her children move closer to home. She is looking forward to more one on one time with her grandson.

Bobby reveals that the year that they have been in Nashville has been incredible. His goal has always been to do everything for his wife and family.

Gil brings a 16-foot truck that the couple has reserved and many of the family think that it's too small although others think that it will have a lot of space. Gil has become a master packer due to his time working at UPS. Gil is the secret weapon according to his son-in-law. Gil starts to doubt himself however is successful and fits things barely.

Gil and the kids show off the building which is almost ready for service. Music has been a big part of the family and the piano is one of his number one.

Everyone is thrilled about the baby grand that Gil has chosen for the church. It has been on their prayers for six years. Callie ends up playing a beautiful song and Gil comes up with tears and leads the kids in prayer so that they can use it as his glory.

Erin has been the church pianist but now that she plays for another church. Carlin stepped up and took over for her sister. Kelly hopes that she will pass it to Callie one day.

Carlin brings some of the girls to go to Kentucky to have Renee alter her dress for the wedding. Whitney says that when a girl finds her dream dress that it would be prefect but it comes with alterations and fixing and changing a few things.

Zach says that they can take the same statement and change dress for husband. He reveals also get ready for Evan.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Preview: A Baby Grand Plan!

Carlin needs to start nailing down all the wedding details; her wedding dress arrives but needs major alterations; Tori and Bobby's moving truck is no match for all of their belongings; lucky for them, Gil is a master packer.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Katie and special friend Travis

Many of you know that Katie is 19 years old today and we are sharing a new photo of her aan her special friend, Travis Clark.

Double celebration

It's a double celebration for the Bates family. Katie is turning 19 years old and Balkas are celebrating their first Wedding anniversary

Granddaughters continue

We are so excited to share that Evan and Carlin have announced that they are having a baby girl!
They are planning to name her Layla Rae!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Baby Stewart's Gender Reveal party

Evan and Carlin recently found out if they are going to have a boy or girl. Do you think it's a boy or girl? 

Stay tune for the announcement.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Recap: A Dance With Dad & A Wedding to Plan

The girls are looking for the prefect wedding venue for the couple. They are planning for 800 guests with a chance to have 1,000 guests. They head to Whitestone Inn which holds a special place for Erin. Carlin loves it and wants to book it. They later visit Castleton Farms and starts imagining her wedding there.
Back at the house, Gil has some of the kids set up the dog house for their new dog Johnny Jr. The project only takes 35 minutes to put together and the dog loves his new home.
Gil and Carlin head for their dance lesson. Erin says that she doesn't know how her sister convince her father to do dance lessons since the Bates family don't dance. Fun fact about Gil that he was the prom king in high school. Kelly reveals that they have avoided dancing however Carlin wants it to be wholesome dancing. Zach reveals that the family didn't do dancing while growing up.
Kelly comes with Gil and Carlin at Dance Tonight and she is picturing and calls it Ginger Rogers. Kelly ends up dancing with the instructor while Gil and Carlin dance. Gil says that he doesn't have a lot of rhythm but stays with it.
Brandon and Michaella are visiting a rental house with her parents. It's owned by a family friend and is located in Norris. The home is a lot smaller than their place in Chicago. Brandon says it's a downsize but cute. The couple wants to move in May and only has a few months to find a new place. Kelly is excited to have her daughter close by.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Preview: A Dance With Dad & a Wedding to Plan!

Carlin's wedding budget may cause delays when it comes to securing the venue of her dreams; Gil, Zach, Nathan, and the kids work on building a dog house for the puppy; Michaella and Brandon check out a rental property in Norris, Tenn.

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