Thursday, October 10, 2019

Recap: A baby grand plan

Carlin brings Kelly, Kim,  Erin, Carson and Everly back to Castleton Farms since it's the wedding venue that Carlin has picked for her wedding. The venue owners were able to make out a price which the Bates could afford.

Kelly reveals that her biggest question is always one that Carlin doesn't want her mother to ask. Kelly asks about a backup plan in case that it rains and the woman giving the tour says that they have two indoor spaces in case that it rains. Kelly is most excited of making her little girl's dream come true.
Gil and Kelly are helping Tori and Bobby pack up their Nashville apartment. Tori reveals that she has missed her family so much and can't wait to move back. Kelly reveals that her dream has always been that her children move closer to home. She is looking forward to more one on one time with her grandson.

Bobby reveals that the year that they have been in Nashville has been incredible. His goal has always been to do everything for his wife and family.

Gil brings a 16-foot truck that the couple has reserved and many of the family think that it's too small although others think that it will have a lot of space. Gil has become a master packer due to his time working at UPS. Gil is the secret weapon according to his son-in-law. Gil starts to doubt himself however is successful and fits things barely.

Gil and the kids show off the building which is almost ready for service. Music has been a big part of the family and the piano is one of his number one.

Everyone is thrilled about the baby grand that Gil has chosen for the church. It has been on their prayers for six years. Callie ends up playing a beautiful song and Gil comes up with tears and leads the kids in prayer so that they can use it as his glory.

Erin has been the church pianist but now that she plays for another church. Carlin stepped up and took over for her sister. Kelly hopes that she will pass it to Callie one day.

Carlin brings some of the girls to go to Kentucky to have Renee alter her dress for the wedding. Whitney says that when a girl finds her dream dress that it would be prefect but it comes with alterations and fixing and changing a few things.

Zach says that they can take the same statement and change dress for husband. He reveals also get ready for Evan.

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