Thursday, October 17, 2019

Recap: Shall We Dance?

In Louisville, Chad and Erin brings Trace to Eric and Emily's home to design a baby nursey. Erin says that when the couple works together, they are in their element. The couple is planning to put together a cute practical nursery.

Zach thinks that his sister could bite off more than what Chad can chew.

The couple returns to the house a few weeks later to reveal the room to the couple and they are so happy.

Nathan and Katie are at Campbell County Airport where Nathan reminds Katie how to do a pre-flight inspection. Katie reveals that she loves to learn and is always to do everything. Nathan has encourage his sister to get a pilot license. She has been working on it and with doing cosmetology and everything else.

Most of the family agree that Katie is not the best driver on the road and are nervous about her in the sky.

Katie praises her brother about being patient and having confidence in her.

Katie gets off the ground and then goes over the procedures for a stall and ends up doing a flip in the sky. Katie loves flying but it's more complicated then driving a car. It's also hard work.

Gil and Kelly take Evan, Carlin, Chad and Erin to the dance studio for a group lesson. Gil tells the new couples that they are going to love it and have fun.

Gil says that he was nervous at first about dancing and doesn't want to open a can of worms however says a daddy/daughter dance, husband/wife can be sweet, sentimental and romantic.

Bobby and Tori head over to Kelton and Josie's apartment for a visit. Both Kelton and Bobby are working together and encourage the girls to go out for dinner. Bobby and Kade show Kelton the ropes of being a dad. Kade is a calm baby. He shows him how to change a diaper and Kelton jokes that it's down his line of work.

Josie gives an update on her pregnancy saying that she is in her second trimester and is no longer sick.

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