Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Recap

This month, the family celebrated Jeb, Trace, Bobby, Jackson and Addallee’s birthdays. They also celebrated Valentine’s Day. We celebrated our seventh anniversary of our blog.

Kelton and Josie announced that they are expecting a baby in July 2019 and found out the gender of their child. Josie announced that she was 17 weeks pregnant with baby #1 on February 18, 2019.

Carlin and Evan only have three months until their wedding. 

Bringing Up Bates aired the wedding of Kelton and Josie Balka on Valentine’s Day. 

Erin recorded a new cd in late February 2019.

Recap: A Latte Love

Josie can’t believe what happen as they were driving away by themselves. Kelton and Josie are spending a few nights in Asheville before heading to their honeymoon. Kelton reveals that it felt incredible to wake up next to Josie.

The first day, they head to Summit Coffee Co. to learn how to make espresso. Josie is a coffee fanatic but figures out that she is not a fan of espresso. She wants espresso to have milk which means a latte. She and Kelton make latte art which means that you have to design it with milk in the espresso. The couple heads to tour a chocolate factory.

The next morning, they hike up to Chimney rock which has a breathtaking view. Kelton reveals that Asheville is a romantic location which makes for the perfect place to break in being alone.

Since Tori, Michaella, and Alyssa are still in town, they gather to throw a baby shower for Kade. They decorate the table with things that Tori can use such as shampoo bottles and diaper cakes. Bobby says a prayer before the guests eat their food.
Judson reveals that the boys do not like to go to showers and things like that. They rather be doing something like sports or jumping off the mountain with wingsuts.

The shower is attended by many family and friends and one of the games are drawing the cutest baby. The winner is Carlin. Bobby and Tori are challagned to guess what goes into a diaper bag. Zach reveals that there are two kinds of diaper bags. One is when you have your first kid and the second one is the one that you have with your second kid. It turns out to be an Erin bag when she claims that you need lotion that you can rub on your baby after they spit up.

Tori reveals that the baby shower was amazing and adorable. She was happy to see everyone and that they work their tails off.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

All about Zoey and Everly: 11 months old

It’s hard to believe that the next month Everly and Zoey will celebrate their first birthday. It feels like yesterday they were born. This past month, they celebrated their first Valentine’s Day. The girls got to be part of their first I love you day party and learn if they are going to have a boy or girl cousin for Kelton and Josie Balka.

Everly went down to Nashville to see her mother record her newest piano’s cd. We will be able to release that soon.