Friday, July 31, 2015

July in review!

The family celebrated Carson's second month of life, Allie's third month of life, and Bradley's nine month of life. They also celebrated Lawson's birthday! 

It's getting closer to Michaella's wedding! 

800 blogs and counting!

Can you believe that we have been blogging for a little over three years? We have reach 800 blogs and counting and looking forward to the next 800 blogs!

Chad and Erin's update

Chad and Erin have almost been married for two years and they just welcomed their first born baby boy in May.
Chad and Erin are enjoying parenthood and looking forward to seeing her older sister Michaella getting married here in about two weeks!

Life after baby!

Alyssa gave birth to Allie Jane on April 11th, and many people were surprised to see how Alyssa looked after baby. Alyssa recently dyed her hair brown and it looks good! 

Coming up on Bringing Up Bates!

There was no family blog this week so you get a sneak peak into the special one hour.

Recap: The Wedding to do list

Michaella calls Brandon to give him the good news that Wallace Memorial Baptist church has allowed them to use the church for the big day but there are conditions to it. They can only set up on the day of the wedding and the reception has to be done by the early evening.
The family has a fabulous oral surgeon that works on their budget. Zach, Michaella, Erin and Tori have gotten their wisdom teeth pulled and now it's time for Lawson to get his pull however the family says that he has a low pain tolerance and is very melodramatic when it come to the dentist.
On the morning of the surgery, Gil decides that he was going to bring a camera so he can record Lawson for his wife. She doesn't like it to see her children hurt at all and faints when it happens.
When the wisdom are pulled, Lawson starts to up his severity on the way home but he manages to take a selfie on the way home.
With the wedding a few weeks away, Brandon comes to town so they can meet with their wedding planner, shop for rings and chose brown tuxedos. Tori and Carlin come with them so they be chaperones.
Michaella's wedding will be smaller than the three other weddings. Lawson and Nathan say that anything under 1,000 people is small. Brandon says that anything that has less than 50 people is small.   
Brandon and Michaella are trying to make sure that they keep the cost of their wedding down. Gil is happy for that. Nathan thinks that his dad is either thinking about losing one of his kids or if he is seeing everything that he buying.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

hanging out with the boys

Both grandsons, Carson and Bradley, got to spend some bonding time together. Bradley is nine months old while Carson is almost three months.

Tonight on Bringing Up Bates

Brandon and Michaella get help from her sisters while planning their wedding. Lawson goes to get his wisdom teeth out!

Be sure to check out our blog for our recap!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Preparing for the Big Day (part 3)

Wow… less than three weeks away! It’s hard to believe that the day we (Brandon and Michaela) have been waiting for is almost here! Nerves and anticipation are all heightening as it’s begiM and Me 1nning to sink in that the actual wedding day is about to happen! We are SO EXCITED! As the last details and preparations for the ceremony are being finalized, it’s been good to step back from time to time and look at what is happening from the grand spectrum of things!
All growing up, when it came to the topic of relationships, it always seemed that a wedding was the height and pinnacle of all that a relationship could be… a wedding was the “ultimate” thing for a man and woman to experience. However, in recent years it’s really been impressed on both of us how false this view is. Yes, weIMG_3517 are so excited about our wedding… but we did not start our relationship just so we could have a wedding. We are having a wedding so that we can experience a deeper relationship with each other! It’s not just about the wedding, but about a new life shared together. And that new life, if it is to be blessed by God, takes place through the making of a covenant.
Covenant… that word always seemed to have such a boring air about it. But in recent years it has exploded with new meaning, and weIMG_3536 have found it to be one of the best things that has ever been! At its heart, a covenant is not about getting all that “I” want; it’s about giving all that I have and am. As we prepare for our wedding day, we are recognizing that it’s not about us getting satisfied by taking away from each other, but rather giving for each other. As we prepare to make our wedding covenant, we pray that God would fill us with the life of His Son, whose act of love sealed the greatest covenant that ever was and ever will be.
In fact, that is the very purpose Jesus came to this earth… to make a covenant. Yes, many people know that He died on a cross, and that our sins can be forgiven through His sacrifice. But that’s really not the ultimate purpose of why He came. Jesus came to make a covenant… so that He could be one with His “bride.” He is the ultimate example of what every husband should do for His wife… laying self aside, even to tIMG_2078he point of death, for her well-being. And now, in this present world, today, He calls humanity to respond in the way that a wife should to her husband… respecting Him in laying self aside, so that they can receive all that He is. Covenant is not about the man and woman trying to impress each other by “appearing” to look like what the other wants to see, but about laying “self” down and receiving each other. So it is with Jesus… we do not enter into covenant with Him by trying to impress Him with our good behavior, but in giving up our self-as-boss existence, and asking Him to be the Lord of our life. Jesus didn’t die on the cross just so we could be forgiven for the wrong things we did; He did it so that He could also share life with us, and we with Him! When we find our death to self and life to oneness with Jesus Christ, we hIMG_3061ave entered into the blessed covenant that will last beyond the limits of time!
We pray our wedding is a reflection of this awesome reality! Thank you for reading, and we hope to share some more posts soon! God bless! :)

Heading for a wedding photos

Photo credits: UP TV

All about Bradley: Nine months old

It's hard to believe that Bradley is now nine months old! 
 Whitney revealed that her son is crawling and getting a few teeth!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Preview: The Wedding To-Do List

Michael and Brandon meet with a wedding planner to go over all the details of their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Lawson learns he has to have his wisdom teeth removed and gets very nervous about the impending surgery.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Season 3 of Bringing Up Bates?!

Now that season two is underway and almost finished, we asked one of the producers if there is going to be another season of Bringing Up Bates. She said there is definally hope for another season and will let us know when the show is renewed for another season! 


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Returned home & What's New With the Bates?

On Thursday night, we revealed that Kelly and the boys were in the Bahamas. Well tonight, they are back home with their love ones.
Could there be another courtship announcement? Be sure to stay tune to our blog for new updates

Three weeks to go!

In just three weeks, Brandon and Michaella are getting ready to be husband and wife. They haven't revealed their honeymoon spot so we are thinking that it might be released in the show! 

August cover photo!

The family has a lot of birthdays and a wedding to attend! 
The family has three birthdays (Nathan, Josie and Callie)
 Brandon and Michaella are getting married! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

New blog series!

We are super excited for Brandon and Michaella's wedding in about three weeks and we are excited to announce our new series that we are starting up for them as they start this new journey!
Journey to one year of marriage will start on August 22nd!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Bahamas

Many of you have noticed that on the family blog of this past week, that Kelly revealed that she is in the Bahamas. 

Kelly went with her sons Nathan and Lawson! It's not known if Gil went them or how long they will be gone

Nathan learning to fly photos!

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Bates Family Blog - (Home)School Is In Session

Hello friends!
I hope everyone is having a great week! Currently, I’m sending you all greetings from The Bahamas!

In tonight’s episode, you saw how nervous this mama was watching one of her babies land a plane. I was such a nervous wreck that the thought of ever flying with Nathan wasn’t something I was up to volunteering for! Since the filming of the show though, let me tell you how far I’ve come! In order for Nathan to complete his pilot training, he needed quite a bit of additional flying time, so a long trip to somewhere in the world seemed inevitable. The boys started thinking (and dreaming) and since Lawson’s birthday is coming up, they got this grand idea to celebrate with a trip to The Bahamas. It all seemed like a win-win except Gil had a previously scheduled commitment preventing him from going, which of course, leaves only me. As scared as I was, I wasn’t about to send my boys off without their mama! I’m happy to say we made it safely and we’re having a wonderful time making memories that will last forever! Keep us in your prayers for the return flight home! :)

Tonight’s show gave everyone a look into our homeschool life. We get so many questions from family, friends and fans on the topic, I thought I’d try and expand on it a little…

For us, homeschooling is one of the most rewarding choices we have ever made. Gil and I both went to public school and to college and, through the opportunities we were given, we learned to highly value education. When we became parents, we started looking into all the options pertaining to the education of our kids. The more we explored, the clearer it became that homeschooling was the best choice for our family. For starters, homeschooling supports our family’s faith. Secondly, we liked the idea of having the freedom to personally evaluate the curriculum choices and make decisions based on each child’s individual learning style. For us, those benefits are enormous because our 19 children are so individually unique. I learned quickly that teaching methods that appealed to one’s learning style put another one to sleep! When that happened, I applied a different method and just like that, the sleepy child became miraculously attentive! As a homeschooling parent, I can watch, study, and diagnose my child’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, tendencies, attitudes, etc.. I can also observe what motivates them, what helps them succeed and adjust as needed.

There are many misconceptions about homeschooling. One huge misconception is that homeschoolers won’t be prepared for life, but the truth is that it has just the opposite effect. It has absolutely helped us prepare our children to face the world. Let me explain… if you take a tender, young plant and put it in the harsh winter environment, it will likely die. If you put the tender, young plant in a greenhouse and nurture it until it becomes strong, you can then transplant it outside, and even amidst the winter storms, it will be strong enough to survive. As our children began to mature, we saw this metaphor come to life and we encouraged them to pursue opportunities to serve their community because they had the sturdy roots to thrive! Homeschooling is not the best option for every family but it certainly was (and still is) for the Bates!

It’s fun to see that we’re already getting comments from tonight’s show! Thank you all so much for watching. Ya’ll are truly the best. Our heart’s prayer is that each episode encourages those who watch. Send us your comments, your questions or even your prayer requests here!


Kelly Jo

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Recap: Life Lessons

The family had a school room build in when they remodel their home on TLC's 19 kids and counting. However most of the kids still do their schoolwork on the couches.
    "I describe our school like a three-ring circus, because I've got all the way from kindergarten to senior high school," says Kelly.
Kelly says that she and her husband went to college. Kelly went through human service. Kelly and Gil want all of their kids so it will help them in the future. When the family has eight children, Gil lost his job and had to learn to keep his family afloat.
Kelly loves being able to figure out each child's curriculum and wants her oldest children to be part of it. Kelly would love the older kids to help the little kids and Tori has taken that up. Tori is currently going to school to get her teaching degree. Tori loves her classes and have met new friends.
During the first semester, family members have watched her grades at school and has managed to get all A!!! Gil knows that she has her mother's brains.
Nathan is leaving to go down to Mississippi for the month where he will learn to be a pilot's license. He wants to use this license to be a mission work and is wanting to do it full time. The parents are super excited but are sad to see him leave.
Nathan heads back to Tennessee with his instructor. The family arrives to meet him. Kelly finds that she concerned for her son's safety since it's raining. Nathan did amazing job at landing.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Preview: Life Lessons

How do the Bates educate 19 kids? Kelly Jo takes us inside her schoolroom and shows us the tricks to homeschooling so many children at different grade levels. Meanwhile, Tori continues her eduction at Crown College and Nathan takes to the skies in flight school

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bradley's first birthday cover ideas

We are starting to think about Bradley's first birthday which is in a little over three months. We are know that it's early to start thinking about it but his birthday is coming up! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brandon and Michaella's wedding cover photo ideas

We are thinking for Brandon and Michaella's wedding photo cover idea is to put their last four photos together before their wedding.

Let me know what you think.

See you in the next blog! 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Four weeks to go

Just four weeks until Brandon and Michaella will be husband and wife. They're super excited for their big day.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Brandon and Michaella's blog: preparing for the big day part 2

Ever since our engagemIMG_3194ent began on April 13th, life has taken on a new challenge and thrill as we make preparations for the wedding while being in two different states. Since Tennessee and Illinois aren’t very close, much of our planning has involved texting information and pictures, emailing design ideas and music clips, and cell phone brainstorming sessions.
Having this distance between us – especially at this stage – hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world… but the Lord has been so gracious in providingGetting Ready 2 several opportunities for us to be together. Having to deal with the distance has also allowed us to see more clearly that our relationship will be lacking if it doesn’t have the second thing that was mentioned in the last post… the “revelation of a mystery.”
The Bible talks about this mystery in the book of Ephesians, where it talks about Jesus and His bride becoming one (see Eph. 5:31-32). The “bride” that is mentioned is the group of people that have covenanted themselves to Jesus through commitment and belief. This covenant actually makes them “one” with Him, which is stated to be a “great mystery.” AndGetting Ready 1 for good reason! If you think about it, how could anybody, whether in the past or present, actually become “one” with Jesus? The answer is found through the covenant He offers to all humanity. This covenant is the only thing that can produce this oneness.
As we (Brandon and Michaela) anticipate entering into covenant with one another, where the two of us will “become one,” we realize that our uniting is only a picture and reflection of something God has established since the beginning of time, which is that the creation of God would be brought into true oneness IMG_3180with Jesus Christ. We see that our marriage is only a representation of the ultimate marriage of Jesus Christ to His bride, and as we walk in the revelation of what that is, it is then that we can receive, not just the deepest kind of love for each other, but also the vibrant life and love that lasts forever.
But we also realize that these things can only be experienced through the commitment of a covenant.
(To be continued – Anticipating the making of our covenant.)   

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bates Family Blog - A Strong Support System

Hi y’all!

Considering my sister Michael is head over her heels in wedding plans, I thought I’d blog on behalf of the family tonight. Hope that’s okay! I have to say, while seeing yourself on TV never gets comfortable, it’s amazing to see how much God has brought us through and it gives me hope and comfort that whatever I may be going through, it’s temporary and this too shall pass.

In tonight’s episode, I was 34 weeks pregnant and early one morning, started having contractions. It’s fairly common for pregnant women to experience contractions weeks before labor but with a high-risk pregnancy, you just can’t take any chances so I woke Chad up, he called Dr. Vick and we headed to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, I was given medicine and then more medicine to try and stop the contractions and they gave baby Carson a steroid shot to help his lung development. It was a long day but our baby was safe and that was all that mattered to me.

Right after our trip to the hospital, Dr. Vick decided weekly visits were in order so Monday’s became days we anticipated and quite honestly, days we feared. My heart and mind just couldn’t help but wonder if today would be a day when something wouldn’t be okay. Thankfully, I’m married to the man God meant for me and his love and support carried me through. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your baby on the ultrasound and each time we got to see our baby boy moving inside me, our fears froze. Perfect love casts out all fear.

Thank you all for your prayers, your support and your love and keep watching, things are just about to get really good!

Photos: Doctor's orders!