Thursday, July 2, 2015

Recap: Blessing and New beginning?

Ashely and Anastasia come over for a visit. They had met Lawson and Nathan at a conference. The boys had visited the girls in New York City and learn what life has to offer in Tennessee. Nathan reveals that they wanted to give them a taste of what the real world is like.
Nathan and Lawson take the girls horseback riding and the girls have a hard time at first. Gil and Kelly take the boys and the girls along with Chad and Erin to a nice restaurant with a view of the mountains.
Lawson jokes that the girls will come back for another visit soon.
Kelsey throws Erin a baby shower. The family normally invites both boys and girls to the baby shower but Erin decides that she just wants one with the ladies.
The girls start to arrive but Kelly is worried when the girls are a little later than expected since there was a lack of communication on which daughter, Carlin or Tori, is supposed to drive.
Kelsey decided that she wanted to pay tribute to the babies that Erin had miscarried before Carson by releasing a balloon in the sky.
    “It was very, very touching,” says Kelly. “It was a very loving gesture, a thoughtful gesture that I would not have thought of doing.”

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