Friday, July 10, 2015

Recaps: Brandon Pops the Question

Brandon decides that it's time to plan the big proposal and calls Gil to tell him his plans. The family all love Brandon and it's time for him to pop the question.
Brandon wants her to have something special and brings sketches to Harrington's Fine Jewelry in Chicago to design.
The engagement ring has a big stone to represent that God is the center of their relationship and has their initials.
 Brandon decides that it's time to text her to tell her that he is heading up to DC and will be with his sister. Michaella heads to her parents to find out if she can go. Gil suggest that she surprises and she makes arrangements to stay with Angie but not tell Brandon. Michaella doesn't know that he is planning something big.
Gil and Kelly decide that they want to go to DC so that way they are there. The day before they are schedule to leave, they get a text from John saying that Alyssa went into labor. They rush to leave for Florida.
Alyssa gives birth and released on the same day. Gil and Kelly get to meet their new grandbaby, Allie Jane, the next day. Kelly is surprised on how good Alyssa looks after giving birth.
    Gil and Kelly head over to DC for the big event. Michaella arrives to find Brandon not there since his sister sent him on an errand.
Since Michaella arrived on Sunday, Brandon spent the whole day sightseeing with his sisters and Michaella. Brandon is getting nervous but knows that she will say yes. He makes the final plans for the proposal.
    Meanwhile, the kids figure out that their parents are not in Florida and put together what is going on and are thrilled that their sister is getting engaged.
Brandon and Michaella head to the Cherry blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial at sun rises. Brandon said that he has to leave for a few hours to some work and hands her the first clue.
Michaella says that he is thoughtful and is touched that her boyfriend planned something for her while he is gone to work.
Michaella has Brandon's sister to take her around the city while Angie and Christy are helping behind the scenes. Michaella gets a video from Brandon at each spot that they are at.
Finally Brandon is waiting at the last spot with the flowers and ring.
Brandon has three things to tell her "The first thing is: I love you. The second is: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And the third is a question: Will you marry me?
Michaella says yes to the proposal and the couple shares a few hugs before the parents come out of hiding.
Brandon and Michaella are planning their wedding for August 15th

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