Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March Recap

The Bates celebrated Everly and Zoey's birthdays. They also welcomed their newest grandson, Kolter Gray on March 25.

Bringing Up Bates returned on March 5th with brand new episodes.

Preview: Texas or Bust?

Trace, Gil, and Kelly Jo are Texas bound where Trace is planning to ask Chaney to be his girlfriend, and the pressure is on to make it a memorable moment; they spend quality time in the Lone Star State with Chaney's family enjoying Tex-Mex.

All about Layla: Two months old

Layla is now two months old. On Bringing Up Bates, Layla's parents just announced that they were just expecting her.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Katie meets Kolter

Kolter is home from the hospital.  He was born on Wednesday. We have a new photo of him meeting Katie.
If you havent seen his birth announcement, you can click here.

If you haven't seen Katie's courtship announcement,  you can click here.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020

First photos of Baby Kolter

Last night, we announced the birth of Kolter Gray and today we sharing new photos of the little man with his parents. Unlike the other births, His brother and the rest of the Bates family will not be able to see the baby until he is out of the hospital.

Recap: Happy News and Health Concerns

It's to check up on baby Stewart so Evan and Carlin are heading to the doctors. Carlin reveals that she is still shocked that she's pregnant. Lawson says that the couple are ready to be parents. Dr. Vick meets with them and reveals that Carlin has the same blood clotting disorder like her older sister. She will need to take blood thinners to prevent the baby getting a blood clot. As many of you know that Erin suffered three miscarriage before learning about the disorder. Evan admits that he is nervous but know that her side is worst than his. He will be giving his wife a shot twice a day along with Carlin taking pills. Kelly reveals that no one wants to hear that there is a health risk but knows that it's life saving for the baby and Carlin.
The girls head over to show off the warehouse now that Chad is almost finished with it. The warehouse is housed in Zach and Whitney's backyard and recently a carport.
Kelton and Bobby are working together at The Plumbing Authority. Bobby is a apprentice and has been working in the office. He reveals that he loves learning about this stuff from Kelton.
Gil and Kelly head to Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic to talk about Gil's shoulder pain. Gil's shoulder snapped at 80 pushups because he challenges the kids to do as many of pushups and he will do double but with one arm. The surgeon reveals that he could settle for rehab but he will never have strength to lift out in front of his body which causes an issue with the family business. The recovery time for the surgey will be four and half months and Gil and Kelly get on board with the surgery.
Kelly says that her husband is tough as nails but no guy likes to go through pain. Gil reveals that he is a big crybaby.
Tori and Josie take their babies for a walk and Tori reveals that she is pregnant to her sister since she can't keep a secret.
Josie was so happy to know that her sister is expecting however she knows that she has to keep it a secret expect for the fact that no one is good at keeping a secret.

Updated March and April birthdays

Now that the family has welcomed their newest grandson into the world. We are so excited to share an updated March and April birthdays.



Thursday, March 26, 2020

Meet Kolter Gray

We are so excited to share that Bonby and Tori have welcomed their second child on March 25th!

All about Holland: Four months old

Holland is celebrating her fourth month of life. We recently shared a new photo of Holland and a new photo of her with her siblings.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ten months of marriage

It's been ten months since Evan and Carlin said I do. They are coming closer to their one year anniversary.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Preview: Happy News and Health Concerns

Carlin and Evan head to the doctor for their first ultrasound; Carlin has the same blood disorder as Erin and she begins to worry about the pregnancy; Carlin joins Erin and Whitney at their new boutique.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

April Monthly Birthdays

The Bates family has Chad, Carlin, Ellie and Allie's birthdays this month. They are currently expecting Bobby and Tori's baby boy, Kolter who is due on April 15th.
We will of course be updating the cover as soon as the baby is here.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Recap: First Home and Strict Chaperones

Before we start tonight's recap, we do want to remind our readers that Trace and Chaney did break up in early February. You may click here to read the update.

Tori has Bradley, Kaci, Carson and Brooklyn over at their apartment. She has been working on homeschooling the four little ones. She enjoys it along with Kade since he gets so excited when they arrive. Tori says that it's a little kind of crazy but it's fine. Tori knows that she has to be one step ahead of them.

Kelton and Josie are working on their new house. They managed to close on the house just ten days after they welcome baby Willow. They have the help of Kelton's father, Lawson, Chad, Warden and Kelton's brothers. They managed to put up the load-bearing beam. Kelton knows that it's a blessing to have family that help.
The next day, Evan and Carlin arrive to help with the electrical and painting. Josie says that it's so much fun to have a sibling going through the came thing.
The girls head for a photoshoot at the Boutique but have found a issue. The girls are short and people want to know what a tall person would look like in a dress. They invited Chaney to help them out. Chaney says that the girls have made her feel so comfortable and special.
Later, Trace and Chaney go on a bowling date with his little brothers, Jeb and Judson, as chaperones. Chaney manages to win as Jeb puts himself between them. She says that Gil and Kelly would be very proud of how strong Jeb was today since he really held up the chaperone rule.

All about Willow: Eight months old

Willow is now eight months old. In just four months, she will celebrate her first birthday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Preview: First Home and Strict Chaperones!

New parents Josie and Kelton are bringing home baby and the first time homeowners call in family favors to complete renovations on their fixer-upper; Carlin, Erin and Whitney recruit Trace's friend Chaney to model for their online dress boutique.

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Four Paine Children

Chad and Erin shared an updated photo of their four children. Carson is about to turn 5 in May. Brooklyn will turn 4 in August. Everly is going to turn 2 on March 30th while Holland is about turn four months on March 26.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Kolter Smith Coming soon

As many of you know that Tori's second pregnancy is coming to end very soon. She is due to welcome her second child in one month! We can't wait to meet Kolter so be sure to stay tune for his birth announcement.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

New photo of the Balka family

We have a new family photo of the Balka family now that Bringing Up Bates has welcomed Willow Kristy into the world.

New photos of Katie, Carlin and Whitney

It's been over a year since Carlin, whitney and erin open their Bates sisters clothing business and it's been building so nice. We have new photos of Carlin, whitney and katie.

Friday, March 13, 2020

New photo of Kade

We have a new photo of Kade Smith to share with you all.

New photo of Holland Grace

Holland Grace is approaching her third month milestone and Erin shared a new photo of her and her siblings (which we will be sharing soon)

Tori's baby bump

We have a new photo of Tori and her baby bump.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Recap: A Busy Business and a Baby Bombshell

Chad and Erin head to have an ultrasound for their little one on the way. They have chosen the name Holland Grace. With all of their children, Erin has chosen the first name while Chad had chosen the middle name. Erin is currently at 22 weeks and five days pregnant. Chad reveals with each pregnancy there is still a fear since they lost their first three babies to miscarriage. He also says that hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby is a peace of mind every time. Erin says that she loves her life and their family. She is excited about the change when they get another baby. Chad thinks that they are crazy and every time he thinks about the baby he gets as excited as the one before.
Michaella heads to the cosmetology school where Katie puts caramel highlights in the back section. She wanted to look fancy when she puts her hair up at school. Katie is currently in her last sememster and is studying for the state boards. Katie reveals that she wanted to go into nursing but changed it to cosmetology. She reveals that she wants to still do nursing.
Michaella will earn her LPN in about 11 months and will continue to pursue her RN depending on the circumstances. She also reveals that she and Brandon do not plan on moving back to Chicago but there is a chance that they will move somewhere else.
Katie reveals that there is a special someone that she has been talking to for about two months. They are both currently 18 and she knows that she needs to do some adult mind maturing. They are currently taking it slow since they don't want to rush it right now. Katie is working on finishing school and getting it together. Katie reveals that they met through a mutual friend and that he is the sweetest human ever.
Katie ends up making a small mistake and gets some toner in her sister's eye. Michaella is happy with her hair and so is her husband.
Brandon and Michaella head over to help the girls unpack the new shipment of dresses. The boxes are over taking Whitney's house and they are working on building a small warehouse for the business. Zach says that they should have name the company Bates and Company because they have everyone in the family helping them.
The family gathers for a grill and hanging out. Zach is the new grill master and tries to help Gil with some pointer. Gil thinks that every time that the boys get married they think that they know everything. Zach is trying to tell him how to cook. The family agrees that Gil is not the best at grilling.
Evan brings out the pinata to celebrate the August birthdays but forgets the bat and a string. The kids take turns at kicking it while Nathan holds it. When it finally breaks open, candy and baby figures come out. Carlin and Evan found out that they were expecting right around father's day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

New photo of Stewart family family

Evan and Carlin have been settling in their new life with their sweet baby girl. We have a new photo of the family of three to share with you all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A new courtship

We have exciting news to share with you all.

Katie and Travis are officially courting. The couple recently celebrated Travis's birthday on Monday!

Preview: A Busy Business and a Baby Bombshell

Ever since Whitney, Carlin and Erin have started their online dress business, they've been selling out of dresses and staying up all hours to ship out packages; given their rapid expansion, the ladies are working on moving into a new work space.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Travis turns 19

Katie's special friend is celebrating his 19th birthday. Neither Katie nor Travis have updated saying that they are officially courting as of yet. We hope Travis has a special birthday.

Katie and her mom are heading to see Travis for his special birthday.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Tori's due date

As many of you know that Bobby and Tori are expecting their second child in April 2020. Gil recently shared Tori's due date. Its April 15th!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Friday, March 6, 2020

Recap: A First Time for Everything

Today is the day that we have been waiting for Bringing Up Bates is back. Be sure to check out the preview from Tuesday to read what this episode was about. Now time for our recap:

Evan and Carlin just got married and are excited to celebrate their wedding. Michaella says that it was so much joy to see her sister so happy.

The couple set off for Charleston, SC for the first stop in their honeymoon. They take a carriage ride before heading a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view. The waitress bring mocktails where Carlin reveals that they are nonalcoholic. The couple heads to go crabbing with a little competion. Evan ends up winning that. The couple embark on a private sailboat where they take a photo like the movie Titanic.

Back home, Chaney arrives with her family to spend time with Trace and his family. (Not to confused the fans, Trace and Chaney have broken up since this episode was filmed. Chaney has six siblings. The Kahles family are also homeschoolers and fellow Christians. The two families play bocce ball. Lawson says that his brother is one of the more athletically talented Bates also Chaney is also athletic. Katie is excited that her brother has a girl since it's been a while.

Zach and Whitney head to the ultrasound to see baby Khloe. They bring Bradley and Kaci along. Zach says the baby is always moving and kicking.

Kelly heads over to Josie's to help pack the hospital bag. Kelly offers her daughter some advice not to feel bad if she gets an epiduarl. The girls head to have lunch with the Bates girls while Josie goes over her birth plan. She reveals that the birth team will be Kelton, Kelly and a doula. Erin's chat with her husband is priceless. Erin says that her husband has always been her doula but she thought that doulas are girls. Chad jokes that this one isn't. Erin adds that her husband is a good looking doula.
Kelton and Josie head over to meet with their doula, Renee, to talk about stages of labor and positions. Josie says that Kelton thought that it was only two or three hours but it could be an all day long or longer. Josie says that her mom made pregnancy and labor and delivery look easy and then she there and it's harder. Kelton is still a little terrified but ready. He is excited about it.

Josie has started the labor progess. The couple has choosen not to have the film crew or other family members besides Kelly there. After 36 hours, the medical providers urge Josie to have her water broken and get pitocin or have an epidural. Josie has picked to get an epidural which scariest parts for Kelton because it was one of the factors that the doctors could not be able to catch signs that cause his mother's  death.

Gil and Kelton's father were waiting in the hallway and in the waiting room. He knew that Kelton was nervous and so was Mr. Balka since the last labor was the time his wife passed to be with the lord.

Josie was able to close her eyes and relax and after two days in labor, she gives birth to Willow Kristy Balka. Gil says that it's amazing to see his child grow up and have a little baby.

Before they know it, the new family of three has return back home and adjusted to their new life. Gil and Kelly brings several of their kids to the apartment to say hi.

Zach holds baby Willow and Whitney falls in love with her husband all over again. She loves watching her husband with a newborn. She can't wait to have a newborn in their house.

The couple are about to close on their first house and they need all hands on deck to help them prepare it so they can move in.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Preview: A First Time for Everything!

After their fairytale wedding, Carlin and Evan head off on their honeymoon with a stop in romantic Charleston, S.C.; the newlyweds experience the romance of the city and try their hand at crabbing; Carlin show her claws.

Sunday, March 1, 2020