Thursday, March 19, 2020

Recap: First Home and Strict Chaperones

Before we start tonight's recap, we do want to remind our readers that Trace and Chaney did break up in early February. You may click here to read the update.

Tori has Bradley, Kaci, Carson and Brooklyn over at their apartment. She has been working on homeschooling the four little ones. She enjoys it along with Kade since he gets so excited when they arrive. Tori says that it's a little kind of crazy but it's fine. Tori knows that she has to be one step ahead of them.

Kelton and Josie are working on their new house. They managed to close on the house just ten days after they welcome baby Willow. They have the help of Kelton's father, Lawson, Chad, Warden and Kelton's brothers. They managed to put up the load-bearing beam. Kelton knows that it's a blessing to have family that help.
The next day, Evan and Carlin arrive to help with the electrical and painting. Josie says that it's so much fun to have a sibling going through the came thing.
The girls head for a photoshoot at the Boutique but have found a issue. The girls are short and people want to know what a tall person would look like in a dress. They invited Chaney to help them out. Chaney says that the girls have made her feel so comfortable and special.
Later, Trace and Chaney go on a bowling date with his little brothers, Jeb and Judson, as chaperones. Chaney manages to win as Jeb puts himself between them. She says that Gil and Kelly would be very proud of how strong Jeb was today since he really held up the chaperone rule.

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