Thursday, March 31, 2016

Recap: Love is in the Heir

Nathan returns home with Warden after visiting Ashley. The Bates revealed the new courtship. Nathan quickly gathers Gil and Kelly to go out for dinner.
Zach and Whitney head to Doctor Vic to check on baby #2. Whitney is currently ten weeks pregnant with baby #2. They love the fact that this baby is so active. Whitney can't wait to feel the baby kick. She managed to get the blood test to find out what they are having. They learned that it will be about ten days until they find out if they are having a boy or girl.
Nathan shares about the trip with Gil and Kelly. Nathan shares that he asked her father to start courting and both Gil and Kelly were happy about it. Nathan shares that they have been talking for about six months before they started to court.
Nathan shares that he plans to asked her before Christmas. Nathan wants to go big or go home while Kelly says to do it a little. Nathan wants to have a family meeting to talk about the courtship. They decided to have this meeting while they are decorating.
It is time to decorate the house for Christmas. Judson shares that the family celebrates it as Jesus's birthday rather be about Santa. The girls decided to go for a rustle feel. Nathan doesn't like this feel.
The tower almost hit Isaiah but he is okay. Kelly makes sure that the boys stay out of the way.  Nathan then turns to love it right after that. The house looks amazing.
The family gathers to call a meeting to reveal the talks about the courtship. The whole family is surprise about the courtship.
Lawson jokes about his brother's courtship. Nathan talks about where he wants to asked her about the courtship.
It's almost time to celebrate Gil and Kelly's wedding anniversary. The kids are making dinner for their parents and having the little ones serve it. Kelly ended up helping Tori make the dinner. The kids were super excited to serve the dinner.
Carlin sends the kids up one at the time. Gil and Kelly love seeing the kids each time as they ate their dinner.
Next week is the season finale of Bringing Up Bates!

Another new cover!

We ended up changing our new cover! 

Our new cover

We added Nathan and Ashley to our cover!

Name that Bates: Bates biopic

Nathan and Lawson sat down with their brother, Trace, to talk about if their life was movie, what kind of movie would it be.

Meet Ashley!

 In Case that you haven't heard that there was a courtship announcement.
Ashley comes from a family of 7. Her parents have four children of their own and also adopted three children.

Ashley's birthday is on May 2! If you know that she shares her birthday with Erin Paine! 

From what we have been told is that Ashley has a YouTube channel

All about Allie: 11 days

We have 11 days until Allie turns one! It is so hard to believe that she was born almost a year ago!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A courting announcement!

We have been waiting to make this announcement since October 2015! We are so excited that Nathan and Ashley are in a courtship. They have been in a courtship since Christmas time! 

We were told back in October that the courtship was not official in October and were asked to wait to reveal it. We are finally glad to be revealing the courtship! 

Be sure to check out our facebook page for new photos of the courtship!

Check out this video for the official announcement!

Most asked questions

Counting announcement?
One of our fans have been asking if there will be a courting announcement for Nathan and Ashley! We can say that the courtship won't be officially announce for a little bit longer.

Grandbaby #6?
Many of our fans have asked who is going to have the family 6th grandbaby. We can only give you our thoughts about who will reveal it. I am leaning towards Brandon and Michaella. It could also be John and Alyssa

Journey to parenthood: 5 months pregnant

Who would have thought that we were going to be doing another Journey to parenthood for Chad and Erin? 
From what Erin has revealed, that this pregnancy was a surprised to her and Chad. 
This past month, they have revealed that they are having a little girl, Brooklyn Elise, and they are due on August 30th.
Erin has revealed that they are doing the same shots that they did with Carson and that the baby will come early like her older brother.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Alyssa supports 3thirty Christian apparel

Alyssa shared this new photo on her Instagram and the shirt is beyond cute. The shirt came from 3thirtyApparel and they have a shop on

As of right now they are having an opening sale where they will take off 20% of everything in the store while you use the promo code: GRAND.
The offer ends 3/31!

Etsy shop:

Preview: Love is in the heir

Whitney’s expecting! She and Zach have their first ultrasound to check on the baby. Gil and Kelly Jo have shared 19 kids and 28 years together, so the happy couple celebrates their wedding anniversary with a romantic dinner and talk of new things to come. Nathan calls a family meeting to share some exciting news!

18 weeks pregnant

The Baby is a size of a Bell Pepper! Erin should be able to feel some movements from the baby. 
We will be posting a Journey to parenthood tomorrow! :)

All about Bradley: 17 months old

It's hard to believe that Bradley is now 17 months. We have about four months until Kaci is born.
He is starting to learn new things from his aunts and uncles.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Telling family and friends

Zach and Whitney chose to wait to tell the family until Bradley's first birthday. They had a cute way of revealing their second pregnancy! 
Zach and Whitney called the grandparents and great-grandparents up to reveal that they were expecting!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Bates celebrate Easter!

The family is celebrating Easter! Whitney is 27 weeks pregnant and Erin will be 18 weeks pregnant this Tuesday. 



We are hoping that you guys are enjoying your Easter with family and friends.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

27 weeks pregnant

Can you believe that we are just one week away from starting Whitney's final trimester being pregnant!

This week the baby is a cauliflower. She weights about 2 pounds. She is about 14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended.

Did you know that we started the pregnancy blogs with Bradley when Whitney was 28 weeks pregnant?

Fun blogs about baby #2
26 weeks pregnant
Baby #2 announcement
Gender and name reveal
Journey to parenthood: Three months to go

Friday, March 25, 2016

Journey to parenthood: three months to go!

We have actually attempted to write this about three times.
We only have 93 more days until Whitney's due date! Tomorrow, she will turn 27 weeks pregnant with baby Kaci.
This week, we have been debating the title for the new updates for Kaci!
We were thinking about All about Kaci or Facts about Kaci! We  will have to wait until she is born in June!

Fun blogs about baby #2
26 weeks pregnant
Baby #2 announcement
Gender and name reveal
Journey to parenthood: Four months to go!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Recap: Bringing Up Bradley

Carlin and Kelly head to Once upon a child to go shopping for Bradley's first birthday. All the kids wish that they were part of the grandchildren. Carlin and Kelly end up spending $176.97 by the time that they are finished shopping.

Carlin later goes with Lawson to the photo shoot with Taryn. Carlin thinks that her brother was a little stiff during the beginning. Lawson is a little tense at first as they start taking the photos. Lawson did great towards the end of the photo shoot.  Carlin and Lawson give Taryn a great praise and revealed that his new album should be out in Spring. Lawson reveals that the photo was prefect.

Whitney heads to set up for Bradley's first birthday. The family heads out to see the place and they are surprised by Whitney's decoration skills!

The kids start making Ice cream and kick the balls around. Lawson gets kicked hard by the ball and Gil wants it put up. Gil later changes his mind when he learns that it's ice cream. Zach did not know what to expect and the ice cream turned out really well!

The guest starts to show up for Bradley's first birthday! Bradley starts to open his gifts and there is a lot! Zach and Whitney are revealed that they are expecting baby #2 by giving presents to Gil, Kelly, Zach's grandparents and Whitney's parents. Everyone was surprised that she was pregnant with baby #2.

See Bradley's first Birthday

Bradley is turning one tonight on Bringing Up Bates! We are so excited for his first Birthday to be shown!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our new cover!

We finally updated the new cover for our blog! We hope that you like it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Most asked questions!

We have been these questions for a while about the mystery girl that was also on the show with Ashley. Her name is Courtney and she is just a family friend that loves to come and help out with the family.
Kelly and Courtney

Now, many of our fans have been asking about the age difference between Carson and Brooklyn along with Bradley and Kaci. Bradley and Kaci will be about twenty-one months apart depending on when Kaci is born. Brooklyn and Carson will be about fifteen months apart.

Another question has been brought up if we are going to be doing All about Kaci and All about Brooklyn like we do with Bradley, Allie and Carson. We are kinda thinking about doing Facts about Kaci and Brooklyn or doing all about Brooklyn and Kaci.

What do you like better "All about Kaci, All about Brooklyn" or "Facts about Kaci, facts about Brooklyn"

17 weeks pregnant

The baby is weighing in at 5 ounces now and 5 inches long. She is currently the size of turnip. Chad and Erin are so excited that they are almost half way though their pregnancy with baby Brooklyn.

Many of you have asked when the baby will be induced and we can say that it will happen within the final week of July/ Early August from what we were told by UP TV.

Next Wednesday, we will be posting our second Journey to parenthood for baby Brooklyn! 

Preview: Bringing Up Bradley

Bradley turns one; Kelly Jo and the girls look for gifts; Lawson's photo shoot for his new album; Whitney shares a big announcement.

Monday, March 21, 2016

All about Allie: 11 months old photo

The family is getting ready to celebrate Allie's first birthday in about three weeks. Alyssa shared a photo of her little girl and we can't help but share this little cutie! 

All about the children-in-love

1. Chad Paine- Married Erin Paine on November 2, 2013. They got pregnant the first time in February 2014 and ended up losing three babies. They became parents for the first time in May 2015 when Carson was born. They are currently expecting their daughter Brooklyn due August 2016.  He celebrates his birthday on April 18th
2. Whitney Bates- married to Zach on December 14, 2013. They became parents for the first time when Bradley was born. They are currently expecting their daughter Kaci due June 2016. She celebrates her birthday on September 21st

3. John Webster- married to Alyssa on May 24, 2014. They became parents for the first time when Allie was born. He celebrates his birthday on November 21st

4. Brandon Keilen- married to Michaella on August 15, 2015. He celebrates his birthday on September 15th

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Granddaughter's first Birthday cover photo

We are super excited to share Allie Jane's first birthday cover.


April birthday cover

We created our April Birthday cover a few days ago and forgot Chad so we ended up redoing it and then forgot Ellie so we had to make it again. This time I am sure that I did not forget anyone. 


Saturday, March 19, 2016

26 weeks pregnant

Kaci is the size of scallion. She is adding some baby fat on her body and currently weights about 1 2/3 pound.
The baby can now hear and working on her breathing for when the baby is born.

Whitney has one more week until she is in the third trimester.

Upcoming Blogs about Kaci:
* Journey to parenthood
* 27 weeks pregnant

Friday, March 18, 2016

Who is the mystery girl?

A lot of you have been asking about Nathan's friend, Ashley who appeared in last night's episode of Bringing Up Bates. Check out our recap: Time to redo-Bate

Ashley had been on the show before "Blessing and New Beginnings?". She had brought her sister up with her.

Nathan revealed that they are in getting to know each other stage. He had also been praying about the relationship.

Make sure that you tune in to our blog to find out more about this growing friendship.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Recap: Time to Reno-Bate!

Now that Erin, Michaella, and Alyssa are married, the girls decided to redo their bedroom. Michaella had decorated their room with pictures and love letters from Brandon and had taken them with her when she moved out.
Josie wants to add that there should be a rule about boyfriend's items on their wall. They should only be one picture by their bed.
Tori admits that there is only one problem coming up with a plan since there are so many opinions. Kelly sits down with the girls to talk about a plan.
Josie picks gray since it will match some of the decorations. Some of the girls like the color however Tori and Kelly are worried about the paint. Josie hopes that the decorations and curtains will help it out and it does. The girls loved it.
Lawson and Nathan return back from New York after visiting Ashley. Ashley comes with the boys to spend time with the family.
Trace thinks that there is something up with Nathan and Ashley since they have been getting to know each other for the past few months.
Zach and Whitney decided to do a redecorating project of their own. They have been doing a lot of projects around the house. Whitney figures that their couches do not match their white walls and black photo frames. Zach and Whit decided to go get a new couch which is black leather. The room is looking great.
Kelly, Tori, and Carlin are trying out a new recipe, honey mustard chicken. Since Tori is taking a break from college, she enjoys spending time cooking with her sister and mother.

All about the Grandbabies

Bradley is the oldest grandchild of Gil and Kelly. He is the son of Zach and Whitney. He is the older brother of Kaci. He was born on October 29, 2014.
Allie is the second grandchild of Gil and Kelly. She is the daughter of John and Alyssa Webster. She was born on April 11, 2015.
Carson is the third grandchild of Gil and Kelly. He is the son of Chad and Erin Paine. He is the older brother of Brooklyn. He was born on May 14, 2015.
Kaci will be the fourth grandchild of Gil and Kelly. She is the daughter of Zach and Whitney Bates. She is the younger sister of Bradley Bates. She is due on June 25, 2016
Kaci Lynn
Brooklyn will be the fivth grandchild of Gil and Kelly. She is the daughter of Chad and Erin Paine. She is the younger sister of Carson Paine. She is due on August 30, 2016. It has been said that she will be born a little early.
Brooklyn Paine
Babies in heaven

Chad and Erin revealed that they have had three babies that joined the Lord in heaven.

New episode tonight!

Don't forget to watch an brand new episode of Bringing Up Bates

We will be posting our recap tomorrow since we have family plans tonight.  

Check out our preview: 
Preview: Time to RenoBates 

 Check out our last recap: 
Recap: Back Seat Bates

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Meet Kaci Lynn

Bradley went to visit his baby sister Kaci Lynn who is due in about 14 weeks. Zach and Whitney are due on June 25th and can't wait to hold both kids in their arms.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Preview: Time to RenoBate!

The girls decide to redecorate their bedroom; Zach and Whitney shop for a new couch; the girls test out a new recipe for dinner.

16 weeks pregnant!

Brooklyn is a size of an avocado and is currently 4 1/2 inches long and weighs about 3 1/2 ounces.

This week happen to be a very big week with learning the gender and name reveal and then the due date!

Erin revealed that she is currently taking the shots that she was doing with Carson and she will be born early like her brother!

Brooklyn and Carson will be about 15 months apart in age! Erin also revealed that since their house is so small, Carson and Brooklyn will be sharing a room!

We can not wait to meet this little girl!

Our Journey to parenthood will not be updated until March 30th!

Seven months of marriage!

It has been seven months since, Brandon and Michaella got married! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bringing up Webster

Tori sat down with her older sister, Alyssa, and her husband, John, to find out where they would take their second honeymoon and how many more children they would love to have.


All about Carson: 10 months old!

It's hard to believe that Carson is ten months old! 
Chad and Erin announced just three weeks ago that Carson would get a little brother or little sister.
They also revealed that Carson has six teeth right now. 
We know that this is a month early but we are excited to share that we would love for you all to send in a first birthday cover to our email or our facebook fan page! The deadline is May 1st!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Full House

This past weekend, the family had Brandon and Michaella along with John and Alyssa with their daughter. Michaella shared a photo of everyone together along with Gil and Kelly sharing a photo of their granddaughter.


Saturday, March 12, 2016

25 weeks pregnant

Kaci is the size of rutabaga. She weighs about 1 1/2 pounds and is 13 1/2 inches long! It is hard to believe that she will be here in about 15 weeks!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Brooklyn's due date revealed

We are super excited to give a little pregnancy update for Chad and Erin!

Erin shared on her instagram that she is due on August 30th but will be induced early. Erin still has to do the shots with the pregnancy!

Erin is currently 15 weeks  pregnant with baby #2

Recap: Back Seat Bates

Chad and Erin are working on the design for Erin's Christmas album that she recorded in Nashville. Chad and Erin reveal that it's not the first cover that Chad was helping with. Chad actually helped with Erin's other CD Down home gospel. Erin revealed that she was just looking to spend time with him. Chad admitted that he never did that before so it was a learning experience.
Zach asked his instructors if he could bring the family to show them what he went through. Zach told them that they needed to get a helmet and piled into the old sheriffs cars.
Many of the family screams. Lawson figures that it better than any roller coaster since these guys can drive.
Callie is not happy about seeing her mom take part since she doesn't want anything to happen to her mom. Zach promises his little sister that he will be careful.
During the ride, Kelly reveals that she is worried that the family will get into a car wreck because the family has a list of bad drivers. Kelly says that there is certain kids that she won't be in the car with.
Kelly holds on to Whitney and wants Zach to let her out but he doesn't.
The family then heads over for some target shooting where the older kids gets lessons in gun safety.
Zach takes the boys on a obstacle course where Gil ends up trying to catch his breath.
At the end of the time, the family gets a new appreciative for the cops.
Lawson goes with Kelly, Carlin and Josie to visit the children's hospital when he has been with sick kids. AJ, a close friend, is really excited for Lawson to visit. Lawson ends up singing for the children and Kelly is very proud of her son.

All about Allie: 11 months old!

Allie Jane is now 11 months old! 
 It is hard to believe that she is just one month away from turning one! :)
 We are so excited to announce that we would love for you to send in a birthday cover for Allie Jane to our facebook fan page or our email The deadline is April 1, 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016