Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September Recap

The family celebrated three birthdays. John and Alyssa announced that they are expecting a baby girl and will name her Maci Jo.

Bringing Up Bates aired their season finale

All about Layla: Eight months old

Layla is eight months old.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Recap: A Day for Dads

aired September 24, 2020
Over at the Paine family home, Carson, Brooklyn and Everly are working on painting birdhouses for their dad. Brooklyn says that one of her favorite things that her father does is getting coyotes not getting her.
On Father's day, Erin and the kids pick fresh herbs from their garden so Erin can marinade chicken while Chad will grill it. Chad grew up growing chickens so he and Erin chose to buy organic chicken which is more expensive.
Erin says that Chad is a hands on dad so she doesn't think that they could have a better dad. Chad thinks that it's the best way that he could spend Father's day than sitting with his children and his wife.
Josie and Kelton have a picnic and Josie gives her husband his keychain gift which reveals that she is expecting their second child. Josie just found out that morning.
This time around the couple reveals that they are happy and terrified that they are expecting. They have been trying and praying and this is awesome.
Meanwhile at the big house, Gil and Kelly have a picnic with the kids living at home. Kelly takes a picture with Katie, Ellie, Addee, and Callie. The couple are shocked that there are only four daughters living at home and Katie adds this one is trying to leave home.
Kelly and the kids give Gil a basket of his favorite treats. Kelly jokes to Gil not to eat everything within a week. The kids give their dad some praises and Callie breaks down as she shares how great of a dad he is.
Gil says that the kids are the best and he has not been too good as a dad but he enjoys learning from his kids and they have blessed him
Jackson has been training for the bootcamp but since it has been postpone, he needs a way to stay in shape leaving Gil to make a makeshift boot camp. Judson and Jeb pretend to run inside to get drinks but get water balloons and throws them at the others. Everyone agrees that it felt good.
Kelly shares an update about her health. She has struggled with gastroesphagel reflux and already had her gallbladder removed. She found out that she has pre-cancer cells in her throat and needs another scope but first she has to get over the coughing from a recent episode.
Carlin and Evan have a video chat with Gil and Kelly where they reveal that they have tested positive. Layla tested negative and is currently staying with Evan's family until one of them come down with the illness. The doctors say that Layla can come home and nurse and hopefully get the antibodies.
Carlin says that the family should get tested and Gil prays for the family before the ending the call. Since the filming took place in August, a few of the Bates family members have tested positive as well.

Recap: Never Before Seen on TV

\Aired September 17, 2020
Kelly and Josie are packing her hospital bag. Kelly shares wise words for her daughter as she prepares her bag. Josie is very appreciative of her mom's tips.
Katie is going to cosmetology school and the other children weigh in if they trust her to cut their hair.
Isaiah says that she cut his hair once and it did not work out that great. Tori says that she waits until they are out of school since she has a lot of hair. Michaella trust her sister cutting her hair. The two siblings have a nice chat.
The other siblings say that the girls have complete opposite personalities.
Callie says that the two girls are different with their personalities and styles. Brandon says that Katie is sassy while Michaella is not. Carlin says that her sisters are messy. Erin says that they love to help others.
During the game night, one member dreaws and picture and say that Michaella, Erin and Carlin are the best artist in the family.
Gil reveals that they only have 12 kids living at home and it's a bit of empty nest around there since they are used to having a lot of noise. Gil says that he loves having them over to bring the noise around.

Recap: Giving Thanks

Aired September 3, 2020
At the house, Gil and Kelly are getting the house clean up outside with some of the kids still living at home. Things are starting to open up and the family is ready to have the whole family together again but know it's going to be a while before that can happen again.
Kelly says that she wants it to be safe. She knows that they need to be responsible so they don't pass it around.
Zach says that his mother tries to be a rule follower and wants to follow every rule and do it right. Zach says that they should all just stay home and eat all the time since that it's the only thing that they can do.
Evan and Carlin go for a walk to talk about Layla's health issues. Layla has been diagnosed with a small hole in her heart. She has had a few episodes where she has struggled to breate. Nothing matures you more than being parents.
Over at the Paine family home, the kids are enjoying time in the yard. Carlin and Erin want to do something special for Zach and Whitney for keeping up with the boutique. There has been a spike in sales with everyone staying at home.
Erin drops the basket off at the couples house and drives away. She texts Whitney to tell her about the basket that is full of snacks and other items. The card reveals that Erin and Carlin will provide free babysitting so the couple can get away.
Nathan, Lawson and Trace go horseback riding at the ranch. Before the lockdown, Nathan had been flying down to the Philippines every 45 days to do mission work. He also has been in Arkanas for training pilots. He is currently in Tennessee to visit the family.
The boys notice the ring on his finger and Nathan reveals that it's a promise ring. He reveals that there is someone in his life but is not ready to talk about it yet.
Nathan says that it's time for Nathan to leave the bachelor group and move on to bigger and better things.
Judson says that none of them are going to get married and he will be the first one. He jokes that he is still single.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Recap: Baby Boy Blessings & Basketball Mishaps

aired August 27, 2020
With COVID still going on, Kelly is keeping updated with all the kids. Tori has Addee come over to help with Kade while she goes to the hospital. Kelly says that it's hard since she has been at all of her grandchildren's birth but will not be able to go to Kolter's because of the virus.
Lawson is still in Arkanas to get his pilot's licenese. He says that he has a good instructor and he is pretty close to get ready for the check ride.
While Bobby is at work, he recives a call from Tori saying that her water is breaking. Katie arrives to help with Kade. Bobby and Tori head to the hospital. Tori has a hard time leaving Kade but knows that she must go.
Tori arrives to the hospital and recives an epidual. Tori sets up her facetime call with her mom and sisters. She goes from 3cm to ready for the baby really fast. Kolter is born around 4pm.
Trace has a basketball accident so Gil takes his son to the ER. Since Trace is over 18, Gil is not able to go in with him due to COVID. Trace is released and told to take it easy.
Tori and Bobby bring the baby home to meet his older brother.

Recap: The Show Must Go On

aired: August 20, 2020
Due to COVID: The camera crew is unable to come so the family is recording on their phones. When it comes to interviews, Isaiah is running the camera while the producer is asking questions via video conference.
Kelly says that you are always worried about your children but doesn't want to panic. She wants to have a healthy fear of safety for all the kids since it's serious.
Over at the Smith's apartement, Bobby and Chad are working on the boys room. The official shutdown has not happen so the Paines can still help. Michaella arrives with a homecook meal so the two couples can finish decorate for Kolter's birth.
Over at the Stewart family home, Layla is facetiming with Gil and Kelly. Kelly says that they should not intermingle while the virius since Evan is considered a essential worker as he does electorial.
Kelly says that not seeing the married children is hard since she wants to be there for her children. She has had a few tearful nights.
Knox County has required for nonessential companies to close for about fourteen days. Kelton and Bobby learn that their company is considered essential. Kelton says that if their business would have close that it would be it for them.
At the Webster family home, John and Alyssa shared that John is considered an essential worker because he works in the AC business.
Jackson is getting ready to leave for Bootcamp when he finds out that it has been canceled and rescheduled for the fall. He stops in Arkanas and joins his brothers at the rental house. Nathan is helping with flight training and trying to help his brother complete his pilot's license.
Just two weeks until her due date, Tori and Erin head for her OB appointment. Tori wanted her sister to come since she is a postive person. Bobby will be the only one to come to the hospital when Tori gives birth to baby Kolter.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Recap: I Love you to Piz-zas!

Aired: August 13, 2020
Katie and her parents are heading over to the Clark family home in New Jeresy to celebrate Travis's birthday. They go for ice cream because Travis knows that his girlfriend loves ice cream. Gil takes a few minutes to boast about Travis since he treats them with respect and gives him a A+ for character.
Later that night the family comes for dinner and a cookie cake. Katie is asked if she is planning to move to NJ if she marries Travis and responds that she will live anywhere and they will have to wait and see.
The two families go ax throwing. Travis and Katie score 14 while Mike and Carla get 33 and Gil and Kelly get 20 points. Travis and Katie head to a nice restaurant where they get a private table. Travis tells her that she is getting five gifts. The first gift is a photo collage, the second is a pizza and the third one is perfume. The fourth one is a song called Dream comes alive. He asks her to start a courtship and she says yes.
Michaella says that there is something special watching her siblings to find their special someone.
Meanwhile, Erin, Whitney and Carlin head to find a new place for their boutique since they have outgrown the warehouse that is located at Zach and Whitney's house. They are considering opening a storefront in Rocky Top.

Recap: Beauty and the Business

aired August 6, 2020
Gil is working on getting his range of motion back in his shoulder following his surgery. He wants to be able to work and play with the boys again.
Trace knows that the one-handed pushups are over for his dad but some of the siblings think that he will be back at it. Michaella says that he is aways quite good at it and it's impressive so she thinks that he will do it again.
Josie and Grace are doing a trail run for hair and make up for a bride that will be getting married in June. Kelton says that he is proud of his wife for doing something that she loves.
Kelton is working on his plumbing business. Since age 12, he had been working for his uncle. Meanwhile, Kelton is working to grow his new plumbing business. Starting at age 12, he began working with his uncle, who is also a plumber. At age 18 he became a licensed plumber and then earned a degree in finance. Now, Bobby is learning the trade. “My level of mechanical ability when it comes to tools and working on things is just about squat,” says Bobby.
To celebrate Jackson and Addallee’s birthdays, the family goes indoor skydiving. The activity is Jackson’s idea, and Addee is terrified. She ends up having a fun time though.
During lunch, Jackson reveals that he is attending Alert and then hopes to join the marine corp. The family shares birthday praises to both of the birthdays.
Gil says that he has never heard his daughter complain the whole time that she has been alive while Kelly says that Jackson has the brain to fix things.

All about Kolter: Six months old

Kolter is now six months old

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Recaps Catch up

We know that many have been asking about our recaps and we are planning to catch up with them soon as possible. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

baby girl's name reveal

We are so excited to share that John and Alyssa have shared baby girl's name.
Its Maci Jo Webster!
statement from John and Alyssa 
Picking a baby name is always challenging. We love the name to have a good meaning and we always want to include a family name if possible. We’ve finally settled on a name and we’re so happy to announce #babywebster4 name is......... MACI JO 🤍
Maci was a name we both fell in love with and have had on our name list for awhile now (we actually almost named Zoey “maci” but ultimately decided on Zoey). The name means “gift of God” and she is definitely that!!! 
Jo is my mother’s (Kelly Jo) middle name as well as my grandmothers (Betty Jo) middle name. When I told my mom the name she was overwhelmed with happiness and emotion. It was a very sweet moment and I’m so happy we are using such a special name! 🤍

Thursday, September 17, 2020

New photo of the Paine family

Tonight is a new episode of Bringing Up Bates and I know that I am behind on the recaps but I'm going to play catch up soon. 

Today's new post is for the Paine family.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Double Birthdays

 Happy birthday to Brandon and Judson.  

Brandon is turning 31 today while Judson is turning 10 today. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Baby #4 is a...

John and Alyssa have announce that they will have a baby girl! We are so excited for them! 

gender reveal TODAY

Today we are finding out if John and Alyssa are have a boy or girl at 10am (Est). We will be sharing it in a few hours
Be sure to stay tune for the big reveal later today!

Do you think that they will have a boy or a girl! 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Nathan's ring

 On last night's episode of Bringing Up,  Nathan shared that he is wearing a promise ring.  He is not ready to talk about his girlfriend but he does reveal that he is working to marriage. 

We will keep you updated on this growing relationship so stay tune. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Josie on miscarriage

Josie shared this message on her instagram.
Josie & Kelton, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

#Repost @josie_balka 
Sometimes you have to walk through experiences you never thought you would have to. This has been a very difficult time for our little family. Kelton and I were over the moon excited to be expecting a sweet baby in March, 2021! We were filled with anticipation as we began to dream of what it would be like as a family of four and for Willow to have a little playmate. We surprised our family and friends with the news at Willow's one year old birthday party! Already, my heart felt an unexplainable amount of excitement! Sadly, when I went for a recent ultrasound, we were heartbroken to hear our precious baby had gone to be with Jesus. Our hearts have been completely broken. I've never experienced the type of pain and loss that I've had these past weeks. There is an empty spot in our hearts and in our home. Even though we never got to see our baby face to face or hold its tiny hand, we know God has a purpose for its short life.  In spite of our grieving, we have peace in knowing that our little baby is in heaven with Kelton's sweet mom. I added a charm to my necklace, next to Willow's, to help us never forget the memories of how this little one made us feel and how much love and joy it brought to our family. We are grateful for the love and prayers from so many during this time.

Baby Balka #2

Kelton and Josie just shared some news and we know that they will always appreciate prayers.
The couple found out that they were expecting their second child due in March 2021 however the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. 
Kelton and Josie know that their baby is in heaven with Kelton's mom, Josie's four siblings, Chad and Erin's three little ones, and Zach and Whitney's little one

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Michaella graduation

Michaella graduate from nursing school! She is currently focusing on passing her NCLEX.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Gender Reveal coming soon

John and Alyssa posted on their YouTube channel that the gender reveal will be posted on September 12th. 
We will be sharing if its a boy or girl on that day.