Monday, September 28, 2020

Recap: A Day for Dads

aired September 24, 2020
Over at the Paine family home, Carson, Brooklyn and Everly are working on painting birdhouses for their dad. Brooklyn says that one of her favorite things that her father does is getting coyotes not getting her.
On Father's day, Erin and the kids pick fresh herbs from their garden so Erin can marinade chicken while Chad will grill it. Chad grew up growing chickens so he and Erin chose to buy organic chicken which is more expensive.
Erin says that Chad is a hands on dad so she doesn't think that they could have a better dad. Chad thinks that it's the best way that he could spend Father's day than sitting with his children and his wife.
Josie and Kelton have a picnic and Josie gives her husband his keychain gift which reveals that she is expecting their second child. Josie just found out that morning.
This time around the couple reveals that they are happy and terrified that they are expecting. They have been trying and praying and this is awesome.
Meanwhile at the big house, Gil and Kelly have a picnic with the kids living at home. Kelly takes a picture with Katie, Ellie, Addee, and Callie. The couple are shocked that there are only four daughters living at home and Katie adds this one is trying to leave home.
Kelly and the kids give Gil a basket of his favorite treats. Kelly jokes to Gil not to eat everything within a week. The kids give their dad some praises and Callie breaks down as she shares how great of a dad he is.
Gil says that the kids are the best and he has not been too good as a dad but he enjoys learning from his kids and they have blessed him
Jackson has been training for the bootcamp but since it has been postpone, he needs a way to stay in shape leaving Gil to make a makeshift boot camp. Judson and Jeb pretend to run inside to get drinks but get water balloons and throws them at the others. Everyone agrees that it felt good.
Kelly shares an update about her health. She has struggled with gastroesphagel reflux and already had her gallbladder removed. She found out that she has pre-cancer cells in her throat and needs another scope but first she has to get over the coughing from a recent episode.
Carlin and Evan have a video chat with Gil and Kelly where they reveal that they have tested positive. Layla tested negative and is currently staying with Evan's family until one of them come down with the illness. The doctors say that Layla can come home and nurse and hopefully get the antibodies.
Carlin says that the family should get tested and Gil prays for the family before the ending the call. Since the filming took place in August, a few of the Bates family members have tested positive as well.

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