Friday, September 25, 2020

Recap: Beauty and the Business

aired August 6, 2020
Gil is working on getting his range of motion back in his shoulder following his surgery. He wants to be able to work and play with the boys again.
Trace knows that the one-handed pushups are over for his dad but some of the siblings think that he will be back at it. Michaella says that he is aways quite good at it and it's impressive so she thinks that he will do it again.
Josie and Grace are doing a trail run for hair and make up for a bride that will be getting married in June. Kelton says that he is proud of his wife for doing something that she loves.
Kelton is working on his plumbing business. Since age 12, he had been working for his uncle. Meanwhile, Kelton is working to grow his new plumbing business. Starting at age 12, he began working with his uncle, who is also a plumber. At age 18 he became a licensed plumber and then earned a degree in finance. Now, Bobby is learning the trade. “My level of mechanical ability when it comes to tools and working on things is just about squat,” says Bobby.
To celebrate Jackson and Addallee’s birthdays, the family goes indoor skydiving. The activity is Jackson’s idea, and Addee is terrified. She ends up having a fun time though.
During lunch, Jackson reveals that he is attending Alert and then hopes to join the marine corp. The family shares birthday praises to both of the birthdays.
Gil says that he has never heard his daughter complain the whole time that she has been alive while Kelly says that Jackson has the brain to fix things.

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