Sunday, September 27, 2020

Recap: The Show Must Go On

aired: August 20, 2020
Due to COVID: The camera crew is unable to come so the family is recording on their phones. When it comes to interviews, Isaiah is running the camera while the producer is asking questions via video conference.
Kelly says that you are always worried about your children but doesn't want to panic. She wants to have a healthy fear of safety for all the kids since it's serious.
Over at the Smith's apartement, Bobby and Chad are working on the boys room. The official shutdown has not happen so the Paines can still help. Michaella arrives with a homecook meal so the two couples can finish decorate for Kolter's birth.
Over at the Stewart family home, Layla is facetiming with Gil and Kelly. Kelly says that they should not intermingle while the virius since Evan is considered a essential worker as he does electorial.
Kelly says that not seeing the married children is hard since she wants to be there for her children. She has had a few tearful nights.
Knox County has required for nonessential companies to close for about fourteen days. Kelton and Bobby learn that their company is considered essential. Kelton says that if their business would have close that it would be it for them.
At the Webster family home, John and Alyssa shared that John is considered an essential worker because he works in the AC business.
Jackson is getting ready to leave for Bootcamp when he finds out that it has been canceled and rescheduled for the fall. He stops in Arkanas and joins his brothers at the rental house. Nathan is helping with flight training and trying to help his brother complete his pilot's license.
Just two weeks until her due date, Tori and Erin head for her OB appointment. Tori wanted her sister to come since she is a postive person. Bobby will be the only one to come to the hospital when Tori gives birth to baby Kolter.

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