Friday, June 30, 2017

June recap

  • Bringing Up Bates returned on June 1st
  • The Boys celebrated their Father's Day
  • Kaci turned one

Recap from the live chat

Many have asked if Whitney and Carlin are okay from last week's episode and both girls are okay. Whitney was a little sore and Carlin had a few bruises from the wall.

1. Does Bobby Sing?
Yes he does

2. More concerts for Lawson?
He is currently working on the schedule

3. When is Bobby and Tori getting engaged?
We will have to wait and see.

4. How many left handled?
There are five along with Bradley likes to do things left handed

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Recap: he said, she shed

The family is having their bible time, Gil takes a moment to talk about cleaning out the shed. The family describes that the shed is nasty and filled with trash, junk and dirty stuff.

Carlin says that her father is good about going with the flow unless it's time to clean up some of the stuff.

Gil argues that he can see the value in things.

Trace has decided to put his Dixie Stampede on hold and working on college. He reveals that he wants to try for the basketball team at the college which makes the family very happy.

Nathan ends up finding some zip line and decides to put it up for the little kids. Gil decides that they need to wait to put it up until the shed is done.

Carlin is called over to help with the sweeping and the boys decide that it's time to scare her with a spider. Carlin ends up changing jobs to paint the lines on the basketball court to help her brother, Trace, practice for the trial run.

Trace is happy that his family is getting two things done, Basketball court and the shed. Normally the family starts one thing and doesn't finished it for a while.

Kelly is pleased with the outcome of the shed. She reveals that she could not believe that they finished the project.

After Carlin is done painting the court, Trace invites some of the team members over to play a game. Lawson decides to join in on the fun

Trace reveals that he and Lawson get along in every aspect expect for sports because Lawson wants to be a star and he (Trace)  just wants the ball.

Trace reveals that the college as helped him get out of his box. Nathan says that they now can't get him to be quiet any more. Trace is normally a shy guy and now going to college, he is doing better

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June/July episode preview

He Said, She Shed
June 29, 2017
Kelly Jo cashes in on her 'I Love you Day' gift from Gil and wants him to clean up the shed; Nathan makes an impromptu zip line; Carlin paints lines on the new Bates Basketball court; Trace plays a pickup basketball game with a few College players.

Name That Bates Special: Newlywed Edition
July 6, 2017
On this special 'Newlywed' Episode of 'Bringing Up Bates,' we'll see how well the younger Bates couples know their partners! Can they guess their spouse's favorite meal? How about their dream vacation destination? Let's hope they've been paying attention to each other over the years, otherwise things could get awkward!

Don't Worry, We've Goat This!
July 13, 2017
Erin and Chad have expanded their family with twin pygmy goats, but having extra kids means more household chores; Gil and the younger kids stop by to help paint the goats' new shed; Gil and the kids reconfigure a safer design for the zip line.

Stop, Drop and Wash
July 20, 2017
The Bates family organizes a car-washing fundraiser to give back to the heroic volunteer firefighters who responded to their emergency situation; Zach gives a tutorial on the do's and don'ts of properly washing a car.

Bates Bloopers Special
July 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The little Bates fam vacation!

Zach and Whitney loaded up their small family and headed to South Carolina. They are currently enjoying their time with each other.
It's hard to believe that Bradley will celebrate his third birthday in October while Kaci just celebrated her first birthday just a few days ago. 


Kelly Jo cashes in on her ‘I Love you Day’ gift from Gil and wants him to clean up the shed. Can Gil complete the project in a timely fashion and without any complaints? As the boys help Gil organize the shed, Nathan gets sidetracked and uses scrap items to make an impromptu zip line. Meanwhile, Carlin escapes clean up duty and opts to paint lines on the new Bates Basketball court! Later, Trace plays a pickup basketball game with a few College players. Will he be able to keep up and secure a spot on the team or will Lawson sabotage the game?

Monday, June 26, 2017

All about Lexi: five months old

Lexi is five months old!

It's hard to believe that it's been five months since her birth. She celebrated her first father's day with her father, mother and sister.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

All about Kaci: 12 months old

Last Tuesday, Zach and Whitney celebrated their daughter's 1st Birthday. There is not much to update on the little girl.

Whitney just shared about two days before her daughter's 1st birthday that she had been walking for three days

This past year, Whitney has shared that her daughter has her father and brother wrapped around her finger.

We also have share Kaci's newborn photos, Easter photo shoot with her family and friends, and her 1st birthday photos.

We will see you for her 13th month update!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Recap from the new live chat!

Lawson is back to the live chat.

 Nathan arrives later in the show.

 Carlin says that she did not get hurt.

Nathan has a special friend along with Josie.

The Bates love card games and board games inside and love outside time.

Lawson says that he has some music news to come.

Lawson says that they all talk at the same time.

Lawson says that the crew has become their family.

Chad's sister was holding the camera before Trace took out.

Carlin hopes that they hope to be in the church building within the month.

Trace hasn't got the job at the Dixie stampede

Someone asked if Chad and Erin are pregnant with baby #3 and they don't know if they are pregnant.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Recap: Sibling Reverly

Gil gathers all the new drivers to teach them a few lessons. Gil teaches the new drivers how to open the hood. Carlin says that she knows how to check the oil but on the van, she picks the wrong and finally figures that. Carlin says there is a lot of fuels in cars which is more than what she thinks it. Carlin reveals that Gil likes to kick the tire to make sure that it's fuel which Gil deny but many of the kids that he does. Carlin says that the girls are still planning how to call Gil if their car breaks down.

Erin and Whitney brings the girls to the same class that Judson and Jeb. They were taking self-defense class. He surprises the girls that they need to do push ups.  Carlin reveals that she can't do push ups. He says that you should always be first. He then has the girls run across the mat and Carlin and Whitney take a trip to the floor. Carlin leaves a few holes in the wall. They were happy that Carlin was okay before the fall. Carlin and Tori are paired up along with Whitney and Erin. Whitney takes down the guy. The guy plays a joke on Carlin when he "passes" out. The girls all agree that they learned a lot. The kids think that Tori is the strongest person besides Jeb. He thinks that Carlin is.
Zach and Whitney meet up with Chad and Erin. They love spending time with their kids but love being able to spend some time with their friends and themselves. They head to take a class about cooking. Zach says that Erin loves cooking for two people instead of 22 people. They are making a few dishes. Zach thinks that they are in a different country since they are making different kind of food. Zach says that he doesn't know the terms but says it was good. The food turns out really good. They sit do and enjoy their food.

Whitney talks about what they learn about this weeks and is so thankful for a chance to hang out with their family.

Brand New episode tonight

In Tonight's brand new episode, Zach and Whitney head for a double date with Chad and Erin. Be sure to check out our blIn Tonight's brand new episode, Zach and Whitney head for a double date with Chad and Erin. Be sure to check out our blog later tonight for the recap.og later tonight for the recap.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New cover photo

We are so excited to be sharing our new blog cover! As you can tell that we updated each photo.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kaci Lynn celebrates first birthday

The family gather for Kaci's 1st birthday party before The family heads to their Basketball camp. Zach and Whitney shared a bunch of birthday party photos that we would love to share with you all. 


Preview: Sibling Revelry

It's Sister bonding time! Erin, Tori, Carlin, Whitney, Josie and Katie join together for a self defense class and engage in a little friendly competition! Meanwhile, Gil has many young Bates drivers behind the wheel, he gathers the kiddos for a 'Car 101' lesson. Later, it's double date night for the married couples! Since Erin and Zach have a serious appreciation for cooking, they convince Whitney and Chad to join them for a cooking class!

Kaci Lynn turns 1!

Happy 1st Birthday Kaci Lynn! 

We will be sharing her 12 month update later this week! Can you believe that she is one? 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lexi Mae- Four months old photo

John and Alyssa just shared a new monthly photo of Lexi Mae.

News from the live chat!

Every week the network does a live stream on Bringing Up Bates facebook page. This week, we have some news to share.

1. Judson and Jeb are currently spending the week with Brandon and Michaella

2. The boys are currently at Basketball camp

3.Meema and Tom are still acting like newlyweds. They are currently house shopping to move into together.

4. Lawson is currently recording more songs for good stuff coming soon.

5. Jackson is doing good while learning how to learn. Jackson has about 30 more hours before going to get his drivers licenese.

6. Katie and Josie passed their driving test.

7. Lexi is rolling around everywhere but is not crawling jut yet.

8. Gil loves hanging out with grandbabies but wishes that they would stay.

9. The Bates celebrated Kaci's 1st birthday last week.

Southern Speak: A Hissy Fit

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Recap: Bobby's movin' in

Tori and Bobby's spring breaks ended up working good. Tori's was the week before Bobby's so she and Josie headed to Florida. Bobby ended up driving back up with the girls from Florida to spend time with Tori and make some plans.

Gil and Kelly are very eager to help Bobby since they hope that Tori will be able to stay in Tennessee like Erin and Zach.

Zach knows that his parents are hoping for a chance that they can keep their daughter here and bring their suitor to Tennessee. He knows that they will make this area sound like heaven.

Kelly and Katie gather Judson and Jeb to go to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class so they can learn how to rough-house a lot safer. Gil and Kelly reveal that the boys have been play fighting a lot and know to use fake fist but sometimes forget to do so.

Judson thinks that he and his brother were nervous about the fighting but Jeb disagrees on it. Judson quickly jumps in and says that his brother doesn't know what nervous means.

Gil and Bobby head to the church building which the family is remodeling the building. Gil reveals that they were never anticipating to do a church plant. Gil offers Bobby a position at the church hoping that he can bring in some organization into it. Bobby is around two months from graduating with a ministry degree.

Gil also takes time to sit down Bobby to find out what his plans are for the relationship. They both agree that the next step talk will happen soon. Gil jokes that he just clean his shotgun real nice.

The boys head back to the house to pick up Kelly and Tori for a double date. Kelly says that she can picture her daughter and Bobby as a happily married couple one day even through that it's hard for Gil because he doesn't like the parting thing.

Tori reveals that her father's jokes make him intimidating because he is just corny.

Bobby reveals that one of the ladies from the fire department has offered their camper for a place for him. He just has to pay for the utilities at it. Kelly jumps to line up a meeting.

The camper ends up to be beautiful and the family are thrilled at the chance that Bobby could be living in Tennessee soon.

Updated 1st Birthday cover

We also updated her birthday cover! 

More 1st Birthday pictures

We are so excited to be sharing more 1st Birthday pictures of Kaci Lynn. Her 1st birthday is in less than a week away.

 Photo credit: Taryn Yager Photography

TBT: First Birthday photos

This upcoming Tuesday, Kaci Lynn will celebrate her 1st birthday so Zach and Whitney shared many of her 1st birthday photo shoot with Taryn Yager. We decided to share Bradley, Allie, and Carson's 1st Birthday photo shoots.
Allie Webster

Bradley Bates

Carson Paine

Kaci Bates
Photo Credits: Zach & Whitney Bates, John & Alyssa Webster, Chad & Erin Paine, Taryn Yager Photography

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fun at the pool!

Zach and Whitney loaded up their two children to go play at the pool to escape the heat. After swimming,  they headed home to play in the sand and wash the car.

Zach and Bradley


Kaci and Bradley

Bradley helping Zach wash the car

Kaci Lynn

Whitney and Kaci



Kaci Lynn's 1st Birthday photos

Zach and Whitney shared new photos of their daughter right before she turns 1. It's hard to believe that she will turn one.

Special Thank you to Taryn Yager on the Beautiful photography! She is truly amazing!