Thursday, June 15, 2017

Recap: Bobby's movin' in

Tori and Bobby's spring breaks ended up working good. Tori's was the week before Bobby's so she and Josie headed to Florida. Bobby ended up driving back up with the girls from Florida to spend time with Tori and make some plans.

Gil and Kelly are very eager to help Bobby since they hope that Tori will be able to stay in Tennessee like Erin and Zach.

Zach knows that his parents are hoping for a chance that they can keep their daughter here and bring their suitor to Tennessee. He knows that they will make this area sound like heaven.

Kelly and Katie gather Judson and Jeb to go to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class so they can learn how to rough-house a lot safer. Gil and Kelly reveal that the boys have been play fighting a lot and know to use fake fist but sometimes forget to do so.

Judson thinks that he and his brother were nervous about the fighting but Jeb disagrees on it. Judson quickly jumps in and says that his brother doesn't know what nervous means.

Gil and Bobby head to the church building which the family is remodeling the building. Gil reveals that they were never anticipating to do a church plant. Gil offers Bobby a position at the church hoping that he can bring in some organization into it. Bobby is around two months from graduating with a ministry degree.

Gil also takes time to sit down Bobby to find out what his plans are for the relationship. They both agree that the next step talk will happen soon. Gil jokes that he just clean his shotgun real nice.

The boys head back to the house to pick up Kelly and Tori for a double date. Kelly says that she can picture her daughter and Bobby as a happily married couple one day even through that it's hard for Gil because he doesn't like the parting thing.

Tori reveals that her father's jokes make him intimidating because he is just corny.

Bobby reveals that one of the ladies from the fire department has offered their camper for a place for him. He just has to pay for the utilities at it. Kelly jumps to line up a meeting.

The camper ends up to be beautiful and the family are thrilled at the chance that Bobby could be living in Tennessee soon.

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