Friday, June 16, 2017

News from the live chat!

Every week the network does a live stream on Bringing Up Bates facebook page. This week, we have some news to share.

1. Judson and Jeb are currently spending the week with Brandon and Michaella

2. The boys are currently at Basketball camp

3.Meema and Tom are still acting like newlyweds. They are currently house shopping to move into together.

4. Lawson is currently recording more songs for good stuff coming soon.

5. Jackson is doing good while learning how to learn. Jackson has about 30 more hours before going to get his drivers licenese.

6. Katie and Josie passed their driving test.

7. Lexi is rolling around everywhere but is not crawling jut yet.

8. Gil loves hanging out with grandbabies but wishes that they would stay.

9. The Bates celebrated Kaci's 1st birthday last week.


  1. When is Kaci's actually birth date? Is it the 20th? I was just curious.

    1. You are correct that her birthday is on the 20th.

  2. Was there any news about Tori & Bobby?


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