Thursday, June 8, 2017

Recap: Road Trip Romance

Carlin and Katie are heading three hours to Nashville to visit Carlin's special friend, Evan Stewart. Carlin reveals that the reason that she chose Katie to come with her is because she wanted to hang since Carlin is always at school.

Evan takes the girls to his sister's house. Evan's sister is currently expecting her second child. Did you know that Evan has four sisters and one brother.

Daniel plays the piano as Carlin and Evan sang a duet together that Evan wrote. The song is about loving again when your heart has been broken. Carlin reveals that she can relate to the song but is nervous to sing in front of his family.  Evan's family sings as a family gospel group.

Evan takes the girls and two of his siblings to Rocketown, downtown Nasvhille, to learn about skateboarding. Katie chooses to sit out and be entertained. She is soon joined by Carlin after Carlin twists her ankle. Carlin thinks that it's the best sport ever if you get joy of seeing people fall.
Katie teases her sister that she should have listened to her sister.

Later, Carlin and Katie joined in on a birthday party for Evan's family at his other sister's house. Evan's parents decides that it's time to sit them down and find out about their relationship. Evan reveals that he cares about Carlin more than any other girl but is anxious to see what the Lord does.

Denese thinks that the relationship is going great. She knows that the couple is taking it slow and hope that it will keep growing. She thinks that they might marry one day but they will just see.
Back home, it's time for driving lesson for Jackson. Zach, Whitney and Warden are going with them since Jackson called Zach to see if they could go driving. Zach suggest that they take Lawson's car and just as they are about to go, Lawson runs out to join them.

Jackson has done some driving before around the family's property. He is pretty much a smooth driver. Zach says that he is proud of his brother.

From the Live show news:
* There are three drivers with their permits: Jackson, Josie and Katie
* The boys are getting ready for basketball camp
* Trace and Campbell are just friends and not dating

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