Thursday, June 22, 2017

Recap: Sibling Reverly

Gil gathers all the new drivers to teach them a few lessons. Gil teaches the new drivers how to open the hood. Carlin says that she knows how to check the oil but on the van, she picks the wrong and finally figures that. Carlin says there is a lot of fuels in cars which is more than what she thinks it. Carlin reveals that Gil likes to kick the tire to make sure that it's fuel which Gil deny but many of the kids that he does. Carlin says that the girls are still planning how to call Gil if their car breaks down.

Erin and Whitney brings the girls to the same class that Judson and Jeb. They were taking self-defense class. He surprises the girls that they need to do push ups.  Carlin reveals that she can't do push ups. He says that you should always be first. He then has the girls run across the mat and Carlin and Whitney take a trip to the floor. Carlin leaves a few holes in the wall. They were happy that Carlin was okay before the fall. Carlin and Tori are paired up along with Whitney and Erin. Whitney takes down the guy. The guy plays a joke on Carlin when he "passes" out. The girls all agree that they learned a lot. The kids think that Tori is the strongest person besides Jeb. He thinks that Carlin is.
Zach and Whitney meet up with Chad and Erin. They love spending time with their kids but love being able to spend some time with their friends and themselves. They head to take a class about cooking. Zach says that Erin loves cooking for two people instead of 22 people. They are making a few dishes. Zach thinks that they are in a different country since they are making different kind of food. Zach says that he doesn't know the terms but says it was good. The food turns out really good. They sit do and enjoy their food.

Whitney talks about what they learn about this weeks and is so thankful for a chance to hang out with their family.

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