Sunday, June 25, 2017

All about Kaci: 12 months old

Last Tuesday, Zach and Whitney celebrated their daughter's 1st Birthday. There is not much to update on the little girl.

Whitney just shared about two days before her daughter's 1st birthday that she had been walking for three days

This past year, Whitney has shared that her daughter has her father and brother wrapped around her finger.

We also have share Kaci's newborn photos, Easter photo shoot with her family and friends, and her 1st birthday photos.

We will see you for her 13th month update!


  1. What part of Tennessee do Zach & Whitney and Chad & Erin live? I know the Websters live in Clermont, Florida and the Keilens live in Chicago, Illinois.

  2. Will you be doing her updates until her 2 year old milestone, also? We would love that!!


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