Monday, September 30, 2019

September Recap

The family celebrated Judson, Brandon, Chaney and Whitney's birthdays. 

Bringing Up Bates returned from their season break just over two weeks ago.

All about Everly: 18 months old

Everly is now 18 months old and is getting bigger everyday. As many of you know that she will become a big sister in December.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Recap: A Blushing Bride to Be

Kelly brings Carlin, Erin and Everly to Tori's apartment in Nashville. Lawson is already there too. Carlin reveals that she found a dress online that she thinks that it could be the one is nervous to try it on. Gil reveals that his daughter has always dream that her dress would be a princess.
Tori is excited to catch up on the wedding details since she lives in Nashville and hasn't heard about the wedding planning.
Lawson and Tori explain everything that could go wrong with the outdoor wedding which brings out their sister's emotional side. Tori reveals that it made her feel a little bad. The group heads to Topgolf which Lawson is confident that he is going to win.
Erin ends up winning the first round and thinks that it's funny that her brother is bothered by it. Erin ends up winning 65 to 38 and loves to tease her brother.
The next day Kelly meets up with Evan who is concerned with travel scams. They have coffee where they start to plan the honeymoon. He is considering the Dominican Republic since one of his siblings went there. He is not planning to make this a surprise trip and plans to tell Carlin about where they are going.
Chad and Erin went to Ireland for their honeymoon and says that it was a dream trip and it took their money too.
Carlin and a few of the Bates and Stewart ladies head to the Bride room in Nashville so Carlin can try on dresses. Carlin is hoping that this dress is the one since she is lost and doesn't know where to start.
Whitney reveals that the dress is the most crucial thing because you plan the wedding around the dress.
Carlin comes out in the dress and everyone is swoon. The dress is blush and not white. Carlin reveals that she loves everything about the dress expect for the pinkish tint. Evan's mom says that Evan is not going to see pink but his bride.
Everyone says that the dress looks amazing on her and it's Carlin's personality and she picks the dress.

Recap: A Very Medieval I Love You Day

As the Bates women get ready for the family's I love you day celebration, Kelly has picked the theme of chivalry. Nathan says that Chivalry carries the idea of treating a lady with class.
Kelly reveals that Valentine's day is one of her favorite times of the year because she can count of all the time since the whole family comes into town.
Brandon and Michaella are visiting a duplex while they are in town since they are moving back to Tennesse so Michaella can attend school. The family are excited to have the couple in town. Click here to see their moving announcement.
The girls are preparing dinner and talk about Trace and a possible female friend that he has. Whitney reveals that her brother-in-law is a quiet guy and you don't know much about him unless you asked him.
The Balkas are at their ultrasound and can't wait find out the gender of their little one at their gender reval party. Kelton doesn't want to guess what the baby is but Josie thinks that it's a boy.
Gil and some of the kids went skiing in North Carolina. Nathan is a skier while the brothers try to convince him that boarding is better. Nathan challenges Lawson to a race and Nathan wins the race. Ellie agrees with her brother about skiing.
John says that he is a little more careful since he has three girls counting on them. He decides to hang out with Judson who passes him.
Kelly and the older kids cook different recipes. Zach makes a pot of chicken with pre-diced meat. The girls give Kelly an easy job of opening packages and putting them in the oven.
Evan and Carlin make an artichoke dip on the stove but when it starts clumping together, Zach saves the day. He reveals that his family is picky and only eats two kinds of meat which are beef and chicken.
The couples start to arrive and so does Gil's extended family. Zach wonders if Trace, Lawson, and Nathan will bring a girl? He also wonders if Nathan will dress up like a girl.
The food is delicious and Keilens are the last to arrive when they come in from Chicago. Gil jokes that they all will feel like little chickens when they come home to the roost.
None of the boys show up with dates and Kelly says that she is going to surprise them next year by inviting someone for them.
It's day two of the I love you day and it's time for the costume party. Lawson reveals that everyone's version is different and it had a lot of great costumes from different eras. Zach wanted to wear a Robin hood costume but it didn't fit.
Trace ended up showing up with a girl which not one of the family expected. Trace and Chaney arrived without wearing a costume. They met on a ski trip in Colorado and have kept in touch via phone. The couple is still getting to know each other.
Kelly had picked Taryn Yager and Chaney to be the judges. Trace reveals that it's not a good thing to do just in case you don't pick the right people and get upset.
Michaella reveals that she doesn't win and the competition is so steep. Some of the couples have stories that go along with the costumes. Chad introduces Erin as a princess bootyfull. The judges pick Papa Bill in third place, Zach and Whitney win second while Brandon and Michaella win first place.
Michaella was so happy to win something and Brandon reveals that she couldn't stop saying that they won over and over again
The party games are jousting, cookie on your face without using your hands and also trying to shoot apples with a bow and arrow.
Later that weekend, Kelton and Josie are hosting a party at their complex where they will learn the gender of their baby. Josie holds the balloon as Kelton pokes it and comes with pink confetti. Jackson says that he made a statement with wearing the pink suit coat.
Erin reveals that she was happy to vote for a girl and she voted it was a girl for all of her children. She gets extra candy bars. Chad calls her a stinker while laughing.
During the party the family receives bags of letters with the name and has one minute to guess it.
Kelton reveals that her first name will be Willow which is graceful. Josie feel in love with the name. Kristy is after Kelton's mother which causes tears to shed by the Balka family when they hear the middle name.
Carlin's wedding is in 100 days and she's feeling the planning pressure. Carlin is planning to get married at a venue instead of the church like her siblings did.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Preview: A Very Medieval I love you day

For I Love You Day, the Bates crew gathers for an elaborate chivalry themed party with food, games and costumes; Kelly Jo and the girls decorate for the party and get caught up on all the family news, such as Carlin and Evan's wedding plans.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Double birthdays!

September 15th marks a special day for the Bates family as they celebrate both Brandon and Judson's birthdays! 
Judson is turning 9 while Brandon is celebrating his 30th birthday today!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Trace and Chaney offical announcement

We are so excited to share that Trace and Chaney just announced their relationship via In Touch. The couple has been in a relationship for eight months.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Carlin's 16th week of pregnancy

Just a few days after announcing their pregnancy, Carlin shared her first bump date. She is currently 16 weeks pregnant and is due in late February! 
In just four weeks, Carlin will be 20 weeks pregnant.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Update on Alyssa's health

We are so excited for Alyssa as she got good news today at her doctor appointment.
This is what she said: Today is a GOOD DAY!
We all went to my first doctor appointment since surgery. After an EKG (electrocardiogram) and ECHO (echocardiogram) my doctor said everything looks great. As far as he can see my arrhythmia is gone. I am SOOOO HAPPY for such an excellent report!
I will go back in 6 months just to make sure I’m not having any issues but as far as things stand right now I AM HEALED!
There is a chance the arrhythmia could return but there’s no way to know that for sure. I guess time will tell but I am obviously hoping for the best and that this is alllllllll behind me.  So many tears shed and prayers prayed that this day would come. God is merciful and I am eternally grateful.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Carlin's pregnancy journey

Have you heard the big news that Evan and Carlin just shared? Along with the fact that Bringing Up Bates will return on September 19th?!
Carlin recently shared that she shares the same blood issue that her sister Erin has. She will be taking two shots for the rest of her pregnancy and any future pregnancies to come.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Monday, September 2, 2019

Erin at 23 weeks pregnant

Happy Labor Day everyone! 

23 weeks pregnant with baby #4
Today we have a new photo of Erin and her growing bump. She is currently 23 weeks pregnant which means baby girl is due in late December. 

We also have some news to share from her clothing shop, they are currently doing a labor day sale which ends tonight at midnight. Please go to and type in the code laborday.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

September 2019

* Chaney Kahle 
* Judson Bates
* Brandon Keilen
* Whitney (Perkins) Bates

Monthly anniversaries:
* Kelton and Josie (Bates) Balka
* Evan and Carlin (Bates) Stewart
Pregnancy updates:
* Whitney (Perkins) Bates
* Erin (Bates) Paine

All about Grandchildren:
* Kade Smith (Ten months old)
* Willow Balka (Two months old)
* Zoey Webster (eighteen months old)
* Everly Paine (eighteen months old) 

Other Updates:  
* Labor Day
* October birthdays and anniversary cover
* Bringing Up Bates