Sunday, September 29, 2019

Recap: A Blushing Bride to Be

Kelly brings Carlin, Erin and Everly to Tori's apartment in Nashville. Lawson is already there too. Carlin reveals that she found a dress online that she thinks that it could be the one is nervous to try it on. Gil reveals that his daughter has always dream that her dress would be a princess.
Tori is excited to catch up on the wedding details since she lives in Nashville and hasn't heard about the wedding planning.
Lawson and Tori explain everything that could go wrong with the outdoor wedding which brings out their sister's emotional side. Tori reveals that it made her feel a little bad. The group heads to Topgolf which Lawson is confident that he is going to win.
Erin ends up winning the first round and thinks that it's funny that her brother is bothered by it. Erin ends up winning 65 to 38 and loves to tease her brother.
The next day Kelly meets up with Evan who is concerned with travel scams. They have coffee where they start to plan the honeymoon. He is considering the Dominican Republic since one of his siblings went there. He is not planning to make this a surprise trip and plans to tell Carlin about where they are going.
Chad and Erin went to Ireland for their honeymoon and says that it was a dream trip and it took their money too.
Carlin and a few of the Bates and Stewart ladies head to the Bride room in Nashville so Carlin can try on dresses. Carlin is hoping that this dress is the one since she is lost and doesn't know where to start.
Whitney reveals that the dress is the most crucial thing because you plan the wedding around the dress.
Carlin comes out in the dress and everyone is swoon. The dress is blush and not white. Carlin reveals that she loves everything about the dress expect for the pinkish tint. Evan's mom says that Evan is not going to see pink but his bride.
Everyone says that the dress looks amazing on her and it's Carlin's personality and she picks the dress.

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