Thursday, June 29, 2017

Recap: he said, she shed

The family is having their bible time, Gil takes a moment to talk about cleaning out the shed. The family describes that the shed is nasty and filled with trash, junk and dirty stuff.

Carlin says that her father is good about going with the flow unless it's time to clean up some of the stuff.

Gil argues that he can see the value in things.

Trace has decided to put his Dixie Stampede on hold and working on college. He reveals that he wants to try for the basketball team at the college which makes the family very happy.

Nathan ends up finding some zip line and decides to put it up for the little kids. Gil decides that they need to wait to put it up until the shed is done.

Carlin is called over to help with the sweeping and the boys decide that it's time to scare her with a spider. Carlin ends up changing jobs to paint the lines on the basketball court to help her brother, Trace, practice for the trial run.

Trace is happy that his family is getting two things done, Basketball court and the shed. Normally the family starts one thing and doesn't finished it for a while.

Kelly is pleased with the outcome of the shed. She reveals that she could not believe that they finished the project.

After Carlin is done painting the court, Trace invites some of the team members over to play a game. Lawson decides to join in on the fun

Trace reveals that he and Lawson get along in every aspect expect for sports because Lawson wants to be a star and he (Trace)  just wants the ball.

Trace reveals that the college as helped him get out of his box. Nathan says that they now can't get him to be quiet any more. Trace is normally a shy guy and now going to college, he is doing better

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