Friday, September 25, 2020

Recap: I Love you to Piz-zas!

Aired: August 13, 2020
Katie and her parents are heading over to the Clark family home in New Jeresy to celebrate Travis's birthday. They go for ice cream because Travis knows that his girlfriend loves ice cream. Gil takes a few minutes to boast about Travis since he treats them with respect and gives him a A+ for character.
Later that night the family comes for dinner and a cookie cake. Katie is asked if she is planning to move to NJ if she marries Travis and responds that she will live anywhere and they will have to wait and see.
The two families go ax throwing. Travis and Katie score 14 while Mike and Carla get 33 and Gil and Kelly get 20 points. Travis and Katie head to a nice restaurant where they get a private table. Travis tells her that she is getting five gifts. The first gift is a photo collage, the second is a pizza and the third one is perfume. The fourth one is a song called Dream comes alive. He asks her to start a courtship and she says yes.
Michaella says that there is something special watching her siblings to find their special someone.
Meanwhile, Erin, Whitney and Carlin head to find a new place for their boutique since they have outgrown the warehouse that is located at Zach and Whitney's house. They are considering opening a storefront in Rocky Top.

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