Monday, September 28, 2020

Recap: Never Before Seen on TV

\Aired September 17, 2020
Kelly and Josie are packing her hospital bag. Kelly shares wise words for her daughter as she prepares her bag. Josie is very appreciative of her mom's tips.
Katie is going to cosmetology school and the other children weigh in if they trust her to cut their hair.
Isaiah says that she cut his hair once and it did not work out that great. Tori says that she waits until they are out of school since she has a lot of hair. Michaella trust her sister cutting her hair. The two siblings have a nice chat.
The other siblings say that the girls have complete opposite personalities.
Callie says that the two girls are different with their personalities and styles. Brandon says that Katie is sassy while Michaella is not. Carlin says that her sisters are messy. Erin says that they love to help others.
During the game night, one member dreaws and picture and say that Michaella, Erin and Carlin are the best artist in the family.
Gil reveals that they only have 12 kids living at home and it's a bit of empty nest around there since they are used to having a lot of noise. Gil says that he loves having them over to bring the noise around.

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