Sunday, September 27, 2020

Recap: Baby Boy Blessings & Basketball Mishaps

aired August 27, 2020
With COVID still going on, Kelly is keeping updated with all the kids. Tori has Addee come over to help with Kade while she goes to the hospital. Kelly says that it's hard since she has been at all of her grandchildren's birth but will not be able to go to Kolter's because of the virus.
Lawson is still in Arkanas to get his pilot's licenese. He says that he has a good instructor and he is pretty close to get ready for the check ride.
While Bobby is at work, he recives a call from Tori saying that her water is breaking. Katie arrives to help with Kade. Bobby and Tori head to the hospital. Tori has a hard time leaving Kade but knows that she must go.
Tori arrives to the hospital and recives an epidual. Tori sets up her facetime call with her mom and sisters. She goes from 3cm to ready for the baby really fast. Kolter is born around 4pm.
Trace has a basketball accident so Gil takes his son to the ER. Since Trace is over 18, Gil is not able to go in with him due to COVID. Trace is released and told to take it easy.
Tori and Bobby bring the baby home to meet his older brother.

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