Friday, September 18, 2020

baby girl's name reveal

We are so excited to share that John and Alyssa have shared baby girl's name.
Its Maci Jo Webster!
statement from John and Alyssa 
Picking a baby name is always challenging. We love the name to have a good meaning and we always want to include a family name if possible. We’ve finally settled on a name and we’re so happy to announce #babywebster4 name is......... MACI JO 🤍
Maci was a name we both fell in love with and have had on our name list for awhile now (we actually almost named Zoey “maci” but ultimately decided on Zoey). The name means “gift of God” and she is definitely that!!! 
Jo is my mother’s (Kelly Jo) middle name as well as my grandmothers (Betty Jo) middle name. When I told my mom the name she was overwhelmed with happiness and emotion. It was a very sweet moment and I’m so happy we are using such a special name! 🤍

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