Friday, March 11, 2016

Recap: Back Seat Bates

Chad and Erin are working on the design for Erin's Christmas album that she recorded in Nashville. Chad and Erin reveal that it's not the first cover that Chad was helping with. Chad actually helped with Erin's other CD Down home gospel. Erin revealed that she was just looking to spend time with him. Chad admitted that he never did that before so it was a learning experience.
Zach asked his instructors if he could bring the family to show them what he went through. Zach told them that they needed to get a helmet and piled into the old sheriffs cars.
Many of the family screams. Lawson figures that it better than any roller coaster since these guys can drive.
Callie is not happy about seeing her mom take part since she doesn't want anything to happen to her mom. Zach promises his little sister that he will be careful.
During the ride, Kelly reveals that she is worried that the family will get into a car wreck because the family has a list of bad drivers. Kelly says that there is certain kids that she won't be in the car with.
Kelly holds on to Whitney and wants Zach to let her out but he doesn't.
The family then heads over for some target shooting where the older kids gets lessons in gun safety.
Zach takes the boys on a obstacle course where Gil ends up trying to catch his breath.
At the end of the time, the family gets a new appreciative for the cops.
Lawson goes with Kelly, Carlin and Josie to visit the children's hospital when he has been with sick kids. AJ, a close friend, is really excited for Lawson to visit. Lawson ends up singing for the children and Kelly is very proud of her son.

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