Friday, March 6, 2020

Recap: A First Time for Everything

Today is the day that we have been waiting for Bringing Up Bates is back. Be sure to check out the preview from Tuesday to read what this episode was about. Now time for our recap:

Evan and Carlin just got married and are excited to celebrate their wedding. Michaella says that it was so much joy to see her sister so happy.

The couple set off for Charleston, SC for the first stop in their honeymoon. They take a carriage ride before heading a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view. The waitress bring mocktails where Carlin reveals that they are nonalcoholic. The couple heads to go crabbing with a little competion. Evan ends up winning that. The couple embark on a private sailboat where they take a photo like the movie Titanic.

Back home, Chaney arrives with her family to spend time with Trace and his family. (Not to confused the fans, Trace and Chaney have broken up since this episode was filmed. Chaney has six siblings. The Kahles family are also homeschoolers and fellow Christians. The two families play bocce ball. Lawson says that his brother is one of the more athletically talented Bates also Chaney is also athletic. Katie is excited that her brother has a girl since it's been a while.

Zach and Whitney head to the ultrasound to see baby Khloe. They bring Bradley and Kaci along. Zach says the baby is always moving and kicking.

Kelly heads over to Josie's to help pack the hospital bag. Kelly offers her daughter some advice not to feel bad if she gets an epiduarl. The girls head to have lunch with the Bates girls while Josie goes over her birth plan. She reveals that the birth team will be Kelton, Kelly and a doula. Erin's chat with her husband is priceless. Erin says that her husband has always been her doula but she thought that doulas are girls. Chad jokes that this one isn't. Erin adds that her husband is a good looking doula.
Kelton and Josie head over to meet with their doula, Renee, to talk about stages of labor and positions. Josie says that Kelton thought that it was only two or three hours but it could be an all day long or longer. Josie says that her mom made pregnancy and labor and delivery look easy and then she there and it's harder. Kelton is still a little terrified but ready. He is excited about it.

Josie has started the labor progess. The couple has choosen not to have the film crew or other family members besides Kelly there. After 36 hours, the medical providers urge Josie to have her water broken and get pitocin or have an epidural. Josie has picked to get an epidural which scariest parts for Kelton because it was one of the factors that the doctors could not be able to catch signs that cause his mother's  death.

Gil and Kelton's father were waiting in the hallway and in the waiting room. He knew that Kelton was nervous and so was Mr. Balka since the last labor was the time his wife passed to be with the lord.

Josie was able to close her eyes and relax and after two days in labor, she gives birth to Willow Kristy Balka. Gil says that it's amazing to see his child grow up and have a little baby.

Before they know it, the new family of three has return back home and adjusted to their new life. Gil and Kelly brings several of their kids to the apartment to say hi.

Zach holds baby Willow and Whitney falls in love with her husband all over again. She loves watching her husband with a newborn. She can't wait to have a newborn in their house.

The couple are about to close on their first house and they need all hands on deck to help them prepare it so they can move in.

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