Thursday, March 12, 2020

Recap: A Busy Business and a Baby Bombshell

Chad and Erin head to have an ultrasound for their little one on the way. They have chosen the name Holland Grace. With all of their children, Erin has chosen the first name while Chad had chosen the middle name. Erin is currently at 22 weeks and five days pregnant. Chad reveals with each pregnancy there is still a fear since they lost their first three babies to miscarriage. He also says that hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby is a peace of mind every time. Erin says that she loves her life and their family. She is excited about the change when they get another baby. Chad thinks that they are crazy and every time he thinks about the baby he gets as excited as the one before.
Michaella heads to the cosmetology school where Katie puts caramel highlights in the back section. She wanted to look fancy when she puts her hair up at school. Katie is currently in her last sememster and is studying for the state boards. Katie reveals that she wanted to go into nursing but changed it to cosmetology. She reveals that she wants to still do nursing.
Michaella will earn her LPN in about 11 months and will continue to pursue her RN depending on the circumstances. She also reveals that she and Brandon do not plan on moving back to Chicago but there is a chance that they will move somewhere else.
Katie reveals that there is a special someone that she has been talking to for about two months. They are both currently 18 and she knows that she needs to do some adult mind maturing. They are currently taking it slow since they don't want to rush it right now. Katie is working on finishing school and getting it together. Katie reveals that they met through a mutual friend and that he is the sweetest human ever.
Katie ends up making a small mistake and gets some toner in her sister's eye. Michaella is happy with her hair and so is her husband.
Brandon and Michaella head over to help the girls unpack the new shipment of dresses. The boxes are over taking Whitney's house and they are working on building a small warehouse for the business. Zach says that they should have name the company Bates and Company because they have everyone in the family helping them.
The family gathers for a grill and hanging out. Zach is the new grill master and tries to help Gil with some pointer. Gil thinks that every time that the boys get married they think that they know everything. Zach is trying to tell him how to cook. The family agrees that Gil is not the best at grilling.
Evan brings out the pinata to celebrate the August birthdays but forgets the bat and a string. The kids take turns at kicking it while Nathan holds it. When it finally breaks open, candy and baby figures come out. Carlin and Evan found out that they were expecting right around father's day.

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