Thursday, July 23, 2015

Recap: Life Lessons

The family had a school room build in when they remodel their home on TLC's 19 kids and counting. However most of the kids still do their schoolwork on the couches.
    "I describe our school like a three-ring circus, because I've got all the way from kindergarten to senior high school," says Kelly.
Kelly says that she and her husband went to college. Kelly went through human service. Kelly and Gil want all of their kids so it will help them in the future. When the family has eight children, Gil lost his job and had to learn to keep his family afloat.
Kelly loves being able to figure out each child's curriculum and wants her oldest children to be part of it. Kelly would love the older kids to help the little kids and Tori has taken that up. Tori is currently going to school to get her teaching degree. Tori loves her classes and have met new friends.
During the first semester, family members have watched her grades at school and has managed to get all A!!! Gil knows that she has her mother's brains.
Nathan is leaving to go down to Mississippi for the month where he will learn to be a pilot's license. He wants to use this license to be a mission work and is wanting to do it full time. The parents are super excited but are sad to see him leave.
Nathan heads back to Tennessee with his instructor. The family arrives to meet him. Kelly finds that she concerned for her son's safety since it's raining. Nathan did amazing job at landing.
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