Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recap: Doctor's orders

Gil and Kelly call Michaella over to sit down to talk about the budget of the wedding. Gil and Kelly have set a budget for each of their girls. They are giving their oldest daughter the sum of the money. Brandon and Michaella know that if they go over it then they have to pay for it.
Kelly has two sisters, Kay and Kim, that run a baker and flower shop that will help keep the cost down.
Kelly and Michaella get Erin and Whitney to go find a church that will host about 800 people and available for the day that they had picked which is August 15th. The couple has chose pink and brown for their wedding colors and they need to look good inside the church.
The first church, that they look at, doesn't work with the colors. Michaella really likes the second church but Erin is not sure about the room. Kelly sends videos to Brandon so he can be part of the wedding planning.
Michaella reveals that her family is very opinionated and it is sometimes helpful but her list of important things are not the same as theirs.
Sadly, the second church can not be available for the date that the couple have picked. Michaella knows that they can't change their wedding date and so she is nervous about finding the right church.
The final church is Wallace Memorial and all the girls love it. The church has a youth locked in on the date that they need to the church but they said that they will figure out if they can work around it. The family knows that God will make it work if it's meant to be.
Aunt Kay comes over to have the little ones to decorate a cake. The kids enjoy eating the icing.
Before Kay knows it, the kids start a food fight. Her glasses are cover with pink icing and she can't see anymore.
    "This was a very successful thing," says Kay. "It was very messy, but messy can be fun. You need to teach kids how to have fun in the kitchen and not make it a chore."
Meanwhile at Chad and Erin's house, Erin wakes up with contractions and so they head to the hospital where the doctors give Erin medicine to stop it. They give the baby a shot so his lungs will be ready in case he has to be born early.
Erin's doctor decided that they need to make weekly appointments and ultrasounds to make sure that he is okay. Erin knows that it's scary and they want to make sure that he is okay.

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