Thursday, February 7, 2019

Recap: Bates & Switch

It’s time for Katie’s 18th birthday and the family want to throw her a surprise birthday party. Katie is not a fan of being center of attention and is very hard to surprise. The family starts planning Isaiah’s birthday in celebrating him, Kelly reveals that it’s time to give birthday praises and he stands up. Kelly announces it’s the wrong birthday and they are really celebrating Katie!
Isaiah is happy to do something for his sister. He and Kelly had gone birthday shopping the other day. The family plans to celebrate his birthday on another day. Katie is shocked and doesn’t understand why she did not catch on sooner. She starts tearing up when the family starts giving birthday praise. The family reveals that she is the funniest, thoughtful, and never asks for anything for herself and full of personality.
Katie has decided to go cosmetology school like Josie and is currently learning how to fly with Nathan.
Kelton and Josie are preparing to move in together as soon as they are husband and wife. The couple wants to have a one-bedroom apartment since it’s pretty. She feels that they might have too many people wanting to spend the night if they have a two-bedroom apartment.
Kelly reveals that there is going to be a big void when Josie gets married. She knows that the wedding gets closer and Josie is trying to work more hours so she can save more money. She really has been out of the house a lot. Josie reveals that moving out is going to be a big change since she is going from 25 people to just one person. She’s excited about it being quiet and clean.  The second apartment that they see is very beautiful however is expensive. The plus side is it’s right by Josie’s work.
Meanwhile, Gil and Nathan are helping Jackson to fix up his 1993 Ford pickup. Callie reveals that her brother loves his new truck and that’s he crazy about it. Jackson has been working with Chad for about a year and has been saving money. Jackson reveals that he thinks the truck is going to cost $1,500 to get up and ready to drive.
The boys end up finding another problem that is going to take time to fix. Gil reveals that it’s going to be a project.
Kelly and Josie take Whitney, Carlin and Courtney to drive Mt. Sterling to alter the dress that Josie bought in NYC. The other two bridesmaids are Alyssa (Josie’s sister) and Ariana (Kelton’s sister). The seam needs to be let out however it has no seam allowance which means that Renee needs to cut the seam, so Josie has more room. Josie reveals that she is closing her eyes since she can’t handle it.
The girls try on their dress and they are all floor length and the same color but not identical. Katie’s dress is a different color and makes her look like a potato. She says not let your mom order the bridesmaid dress online from China.
Josie reveals that her sister is beautiful in anything but it’s probably not her 100 perfect best looks.

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