Friday, February 15, 2019

Recap: A bride, a groom, and a love that’s true

With only three days before Josie and Kelton’s big day, the family has a lot to do. Renee arrives at the home with Josie’s dress for the final fitting. Callie reveals that she is excited to see the dress however it comes with mixed emotions since her sister is about to get married.
Josie thinks that her hips are too big however Kelly tells her that they don’t and guys enjoy them big.
The younger girls head outside to spray paint the lanterns that were left over from Tori’s wedding. They are happy to be able to help with the wedding preparations.
Josie wanted a metal hoop for her wedding. It will be backdrop for the ceremony. Gil and Lawson head over to pick it up. Lawson ends up sitting in the back to make sure that it stays up. Gil refuses to do it with Lawson driving. Gil jokes that if his son falls out then to make sure that the thing stays in so Josie can get married with it.
It’s the day before the wedding and Kelton’s family is setting up for the rehearsal dinner. The Bates had offered to help but Kelton’s dad assures them that he has enough assistance from the ladies in his family. Kelly reveals that their hearts went out to Kelton’s father because his wife is in heaven. He was left to planning the entire event without her.
The family and friends gather together to fellowship and celebrate Josie and Kelton. Alyssa was Josie’s partner growing up and kicks off the speeches.
Kelton chose Bobby to say a few words and talks about when Gil and Kelly told Kelton and Josie that it was time to stop talking a few years ago. Kelton told Bobby about how crushed and in tears he was. Kelton claims that God made him get close to Josie so Bobby could meet Tori and that was okay with him.
Later that evening, Kelton joins his groomsemen to hang out at Frank’s Barbershop. Evan decides to get his nose nails and Evan claims that it did not hurt as bad as he thought that it would. Kelly and the girls have their nails done.
It’s the morning of the wedding, the girls head to the rental house to get their hair and makeup done. Kelton and the boys are getting ready at the apartment.
Kelton receives a call from Kelly saying that there is some bad traffic on the interstate due to a wreck and most of the guests are going to be late. They make the decision to postpone the wedding by an hour to give the guests time to arrive.
The wedding is finally able to start, and Kelton begins to cry the minute that his father walks up. He says that his emotions have been building up all day. He starts bawling when Josie comes walking up to him.

Gil leads the ceremony as Josie says that it was so sweet that her dad could do this. Lawson performs an original song that he wrote for the happy couple. The ceremony is about to be over and it is time for the first kiss. Josie reveals that it was a lot of pressure and made it a little scary. Kelton wanted it to look sweet and it was not long that he was fussed at by both side of the family. Kelly reveals that she could see the joy in both faces and the picture will be in her mind forever.
It’s time to take photos while everyone goes inside to cool down. Even through it’s October, it was very hot. Josie decides to smash the cake in her new husband’s face. They load up in their getaway car and head to the Bahamas.

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