Friday, October 25, 2019

Recap: New Beginnings

There has been alot of talk of the Bates ladies starting their own boutique for quite some time, Carlin decides that it is a go. Erin and Whitney have been eager to join in.
Chad and Zach join the girls to discuss their new business adventure. They have applied for a business license and has been working on a website. The girls talk about a return policy and Erin admits that she wore a dress only to return it.
One of Erin's biggest things is to help other women find dresses that are affordable, comfortable and stylish. She believes that Carlin and Whitney are more stylish then she is. She is more about comfort.
Kelly takes her youngest daughters Addie, Ellie and Callie to Ijams Nature Center. Kelly has been busy with the wedding planning and just wants to spend time with her youngest daughters. She admits that she is not very adventurous but will do anything for her kids.
Lawson says that there a lot of things that could describe his mom but adventurous is not one of them.
The girls do amazing on the easy course. Kelly notices that Callie was getting nervous and the other girls encourage her to push through and enjoy. Kelly starts to freak out and the girls are patient with their mom.
All of the kids love their mom's can do attitude and says that it's fun when their mom takes them somewhere and doesn't sit back. Gil is proud of his wife of doing things with her kids.
Evan and Carlin are about to celebrate their wedding shower at the new building. The parents and grandparents are happy to give the couple advice about marriage. Kelly encourages them to continue to hold hands, hugs and kisses even when they are married.
One of the gifts are very thoughtful and it's from one of Carlin's piano students which is a picture from the lighthouse where Evan proposed. Carlin was thankful for everyone being there to invest in their lives.
There is a dedication service for the church and Kelly says that their hearts are overflowing with gratefulness. Evan's family is there and sings for the congregation before Gil begans to preach. Gil says having a building for his flock to call home is a dream for Gil.

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