Thursday, October 3, 2019

Recap: A Dance With Dad & A Wedding to Plan

The girls are looking for the prefect wedding venue for the couple. They are planning for 800 guests with a chance to have 1,000 guests. They head to Whitestone Inn which holds a special place for Erin. Carlin loves it and wants to book it. They later visit Castleton Farms and starts imagining her wedding there.
Back at the house, Gil has some of the kids set up the dog house for their new dog Johnny Jr. The project only takes 35 minutes to put together and the dog loves his new home.
Gil and Carlin head for their dance lesson. Erin says that she doesn't know how her sister convince her father to do dance lessons since the Bates family don't dance. Fun fact about Gil that he was the prom king in high school. Kelly reveals that they have avoided dancing however Carlin wants it to be wholesome dancing. Zach reveals that the family didn't do dancing while growing up.
Kelly comes with Gil and Carlin at Dance Tonight and she is picturing and calls it Ginger Rogers. Kelly ends up dancing with the instructor while Gil and Carlin dance. Gil says that he doesn't have a lot of rhythm but stays with it.
Brandon and Michaella are visiting a rental house with her parents. It's owned by a family friend and is located in Norris. The home is a lot smaller than their place in Chicago. Brandon says it's a downsize but cute. The couple wants to move in May and only has a few months to find a new place. Kelly is excited to have her daughter close by.

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