Thursday, July 19, 2018

Recap: Just a Little Off the Top, Please...

Josie is in love with her new job at Ross the boss and co. salon. She reveals that the family has been helping her which is amazing since the salon requires the newbies to have some models. Trace doesn't want her touching his hair. Trace finally gives in and gets his haircut. After he is done, he loves the outcome and has a special announcement. Trace has been invited in a weekend rodeo with Lawson.
Bobby and Tori are having dinner with Gil and Kelly to share about their plans on moving to Nashville. Tori reveals that she hates moving but Gil hates even more since that means that his baby girl is moving away. Tori will be the third child to move away. Gil reveals that he is happy that his daughter and Bobby are following God's call for them.
The reason Bobby and Tori are moving to Nashvile is that Bobby has a new job as a youth pastor in Henersonville. He plans to serve as a chaplain at a local Christian school. Tori plans to use her teaching degree at the school as well.
Bobby and Tori are excited to share some more news with Gil and Kelly. Tori reveals that they are going to need a babysitter after their move and Kelly is confused. Bobby and Tori are going to share the exciting news next week to the rest of family.
One night, Chad arrives home early and reads a bible story to Brooklyn and Carson. Gil reveals that the children are like a big sponge and are always learning things. The four of them pray over Erin's delivery and for baby Everly's arrival.
Gil and Kelly gather the children to make their own shuffleboard game on their basketball court. The younger ones lose interest so Trace has them play a game of waffle ball while Gil and Zach finish the project.
Now the family needs discs and sticks so Gil grabs push brooms and small tree tucks to improvise. The game goes pretty well and Zach and Trace beats Gil and Warden by a few points.

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