Thursday, July 26, 2018

Recap: One week, Three Babies?!

Gil and Kelly are working to figure how they can be on hand to meet Everly Hope and Zoey Joy the moment they arrive. Kelly admits that this will be the biggest dilemma that the couple has ever face since their schedule is crazy and very busy.

Lawson and Trace are about to leave for the rodeo that they were invited leaving Carlin in charge of the youngest children. Kelly reveals that she is torn about leaving because she promised to be there at every game, recital and event that the kids had.

The boys head for a practice run so Trace can work through his practice. Zach reveals that any time that the family has something really cool going on, Lawson tags along since he is single, young and available.

Jackson has been working with Chad on construction projects as of right now they are working on a nobel metals job where Bobby has been working on. Jackson reveals that he has learned that Chad never quits at any time of the day. Jackson is learning in the morning.

Bobby admits that his brother-in-law is a very good teacher and is patient. Jackson is hard worker which equals to good team.

Zach and Whitney invites the family over to their home for dinner and fellowship. Bobby sneaks in a little announcement which is that he and Tori are expecting their first child. Everyone is happy about the special news. Zach jokes that two babies aren't enough that someone needed to add in a third.

During their family time, Tori is only six weeks along and is due around November 24th. Bobby is excited about the news but is nervous since he is going from school to husband and a father within eighteen months. He doesn't think that it's going to hit him until the baby arrives.

The family knows that the couple is moving to Nashville within the next few weeks. Luckily the drive is only about a few hours from home but they are still going to miss them terribly. Zach jokes with his sister and brother-in-law as it could be their last supper. He also jokes that they are going to write them off just like the other two girls that left. What's their names?

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