Friday, August 14, 2015

Bates Family Blog - Life Has Changed As A Family Of Three... And We're Loving It!

Hi Bringing Up Bates Family!

There’s so much going on this week with our family because the day we’ve been counting down to is finally here! Our very own (and very much loved) Michael Bates is getting married Saturday! Honestly, if anyone deserves a ‘Happily Ever After,” it’s my sweet sister Michael. Her heart is so beautiful and she’s one of the sweetest, most giving people anyone could ever meet! I can’t wait for you all to see her wedding. Actually, I can’t wait to see it myself!

In other news, for those of you that watched tonight’s episode, you know that Chad and I got to bring our miracle baby home! You know, when you’re pregnant, you spend almost every waking moment daydreaming about what your baby will look like… more importantly, who will this baby look like? 😉 Will our boy have my smile and his daddy’s eyes? Or maybe he’ll act like his mama but look like his daddy? He’s gotta at least look like me a little after everything I’m doing to get him here right? And while this helps pass the time, us mamas just want happy and healthy babies right?!

Bringing Carson home and starting our new life as a family of three was one of the happiest turning points in my life! Thankfully, Chad’s mom was there to help us as we got used to life with a newborn! I don’t know what we would have done without her! I know you all must be thinking that help can’t be all that hard to come by with 19 siblings, but my parents (as much as they do for all of us) are still raising my little brothers and sisters and my older siblings. They help when they can, but they have very busy lives, too. All this to say, we loved having Carson’s grandma Paine take care of all of us!

Yes, life with a baby means on-demand feedings, sleepless nights, a newborn crying and countless diaper changes… and we couldn’t be more grateful for it all!

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