Friday, August 14, 2015

One day until Wedding!

By this time tomorrow Brandon and Michaella will be walking down the aisle as husband and wife.


  1. We the fans would love to see it live tv

    1. You mean you would like it to be on live tv.Lol. I can wait. I don't mind if it is a taped program. In some ways it works out better. In case something comes up and can't sit and watch on the night it will be shown, I can easily turn to On Demand and see it. And Then again, I can watch it again and again on Demand. Love it. Don't want to miss it. Love the Bates.

  2. Love ur family and congratulations to all babies and on marriage tomorrow!Been so excited for y'all and love ur show...of course have seen y'all over the the years on the Duggars and certainly been praying for them!Love Elizabeth

  3. what an exciting time for the family. Two of my children have gotten married this year. Congratulations and Gods Blessings to Brandon and Michaella

  4. You must be so happy for her Kelly. I know I would be. She is such a beautiful girl who patiently waited for the man she loved. How beautiful !! Wish you all the best.


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