Saturday, August 22, 2015

First week of marriage!

I can’t believe that Brandon and Michaella have been married for a week. Brandon and Michaella are currently at their honeymoon right now. Brandon and Michaella will be heading to their home in Chicago.
Many of people have asked where Brandon grew up at. Brandon grew up in Michigan with his parents but moved to Chicago for his job. Michaella is moving to Chicago to be with her husband.
We will see you for the next weekly blog!


  1. Oops, she is moving to Chicago with him. right?
    Do they have a house or an apartment?
    Best wishes to them as they start their marriage together!

  2. I think you mean Michaella will be moving to Chicago to be with her husband. Keep up the good work with your blog. God Bless

    1. Yes...makes a difference "will be moving." ;)

  3. Is the home they 'll be living in been decorated by Michael, with her personal touches.

  4. You were such a beautiful bride Michaella!! And Brandon looked very handsome too. God bless you both


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