Friday, August 28, 2015

Recap: Addee and Ellie's Pool party

Both Gil and Kelly try to spend one on one time with each other of their children. Gil is taking Josie for a private tennis lesson while Kelly takes Trace clothes shopping. Gil grew up playing tennis ad is happy that his daughter is wanting to learn a new skill.
Kelly reveals that the kids are picky about what clothes they were. Kelly feels like an old lady while shopping with her kids. Trace is graduating from high school in the winter and Kelly wants to know if he wants to work with Gil but he says that he is not really big for tree business. Kelly would love for her son to take a few classes at the college where Tori attends. Gil and Kelly have agreed that they would pay for the first semester but she assures him that it's his choice what he wants to do.
Trace thanks his mom for taking him shopping and he had amazing time with his mom.
Addee and Ellie are getting ready to celebrate their birthdays since they wanted to have a pool party. Addee and Ellie's birthdays are in February and April. Gil and Kelly decided to wait for summer to fulfill their wish about having a pool party. Whit's mom has a pool and invited the family over for a swim.
Lawson reveals that his parents have always tried to make every birthday special especially for the little ones. Gil and Kelly take the birthday kid out to a restaurant and then let them have a party with the family and friends.
The family is enjoying the pool and Zach wants to know where the cake is. Gil was supposed to getting the food on Kelly's list. He chose to buy two boxes of cake mix and brought them to the party.
Lawson jokes with his father about who is going to make the cake however Kelly assures her husband that he did good with the things that he got right.
Michaella shows up with a store brought cake and the family shares praises of the birthday girls. The family has made sharing the good of the birthday girls.
“If you’ve ever heard of constructive criticism, it doesn’t feel too constructive if you’re the one getting it,” says Gil. “But praise, or encouragement…is a powerful, powerful thing.”
“Affirmation from other people, when it’s real, means so much,” shares Nathan.

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