Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bates Family Blog - Searching For A Wedding Dress An Amazing Yet Trying Experience

I believe in love at first sight. It’s true, I do. The day I met Brandon, I knew he was the one I wanted to marry. I’ll admit that it took a little more convincing on his part, but he eventually came around and here we are today — right where I always believed we would be. In tonight’s episode we were just two months away from the day I had waited for my entire life and yet, the dress was still to be found.

To me, finding a dress meant I was one step closer to forever. By this time, I had put in about a month of online browsing, searching thousands upon thousands of dresses so I had a pretty good idea of what I liked and more so of what I didn’t like! This was going to be a piece of cake (preferably white cake with fresh strawberry frosting).

Trying on a wedding dress for the first time was overwhelming in the best way. It was surreal and felt almost like a dress rehearsal for my “big” day. Honestly, I don’t know how many dresses I tried on, but I can tell you after the first dress, things got less romantic and I was beginning to lose hope.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to bear the burden alone because my Mom and sisters came along with me. Did I mention how “refreshingly” honest they are? Thankfully my sweet sister-in-law Whitney came too — and bless-her-heart — she worked hard at softening the blows!

While the show tonight left everyone on a bit of a cliffhanger wondering if I’d ever find the dress of my dreams… those of you who keep up with Brandon and me on Instagram know that I did indeed find the dress of my dreams (after a few alterations of course)!

While I really don’t believe searching for a wedding dress is a “real” problem, watching tonight’s episode made me think of a song my brother Lawson wrote called “Problems.” You can hear it here.

Everyone has problems. Sometimes our problems are small and manageable and sometimes they’re unbearably painful. I just want to remind us to not give up and to not lose hope. Remember, God causes all things to work together for good. The Bates family — and now the Keilens — are praying for you all!

God bless!


Michael — a.k.a Mrs. Michael Keilen

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